The Mighty Assiniboine   Leave a comment


Usually we refer to the Red River as the Mighty river. But this year it is the smaller Assiniboine River that is the power river.







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Tommy Ramone, a co-founder of the seminal punk band the Ramones and the last surviving member of the original group, has died, a business associate said Saturday.

Dave Frey, who works for Ramones Productions and Silent Partner Management, confirmed that he died on Friday. Frey didn’t have additional details. Ramone was 65 and had reportedly been battling cancer.

Tommy Ramone, a drummer, co-founded the Ramones in 1974 in New York along with singer Joey Ramone, bassist DeeDee Ramone and guitarist Johnny Ramone. All four band members had different last names, but took the common name Ramone.



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Can the Blue Bombers go 18-0?   Leave a comment


The Bombers are off to a sizzling start this season. Last night the Blue Crew beat Montreal 34-33 in a last minute comeback. This leaves the Blue & Gold at 3-0. The team’s best start since 2003. New coach Mike O’Shea and new quarterback Drew Willy seem unstoppable. Will the Bombers lose a game this year? The last time the Bombers had an undefeated season was in 1921 when they only played 6 games. Could they repeat the 1921 glory season? Only time will tell. The curse seems to have been exorcised from the team. Maybe they brought in holy men to initiate incantations. The Dali Lama is a known fan.



Nick Moore, Jamaan Webb-


Drew Willy has a knack for getting out of tight spots. Is he the second coming?





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Hot on the Real Estate Market: Buyers Dying to Live in Haunted Houses   Leave a comment

ABC News


Susan Garcia and her husband bought this 1888 colonial revival mansion in Pleasanton, California, that they say is haunted.


If you think haunted houses are impossible to sell, then you’re in for the fright of your life.

“There are buyers out there that think it’s cool to own a home that may have ghosts,” real estate agent Cindi Hagley told ABC News’ “20/20.”

Based in California, Hagley runs Past Life Homes, specializing in the selling of so-called “stigmatized properties,” and that includes haunted houses.

“Right now we are in a seller’s market in almost all of northern California,” Hagley said. “You can have a dead body swinging from the chandelier, and I’m still going to have ten offers on the phone.”

Hagley said plenty of houses for sale come with supposed tenants of the supernatural type, who have allegedly lived there for hundreds of years. In some states including California, realtors are required by law to tell buyers if a home purportedly has ghostly inhabitants.

Even after telling potential buyers that the house is haunted, Hagley said many are still interested.

“Some don’t care. Some expect a huge discount,” said Hagley.

A survey found that 62 percent of Americans would consider buying a haunted house, while 35 percent think they’ve lived in a haunted house.

John Gochá told “20/20” that his home is haunted.

“I know it’s haunted,” Gochá said. “I see ghosts here on a pretty much weekly basis.”

His Los Angeles house, which was featured in the Emmy-winning TV show, “American Horror Story,” is currently for sale.

“Every time I go by the laundry room with the washing machine on I hear conversations, people having conversations clear as day,” said Gochá.

While Gochá finds the ghosts in his home friendly, Hagley said she has a team of paranormal investigators for when a house she is selling is haunted.

“It’s not like on TV where you see, you know, these alleged Ghostbusters calling these ghosts out,” Hagley said. “We’re gentle in our approach.”

When the home buyers want the spirits to leave, Hagley has her medium, Mark Christopher Nelson, ask the paranormal presence to go elsewhere.

“We’re not evicting them. We’re helping them,” said Hagley.

While most people shy away from buying haunted homes, Hagley said there are those who are excited about the prospect.

“I usually call a security guard to protect me because they’re usually nuts,” said Hagley.

demon 2-

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Food Truck Frenzy on Broadway in Winnipeg   Leave a comment


Ten years ago there was maybe 3-4 food trucks that pulled up along Broadway around 10:30 am looking to get some business as the office workers came out for air on a nice day. There was also maybe 10-15 food carts. But in last couple years the area has exploded with the mobile fast food outlets. And they come in very bright colours. On any given weekday around the noon hour there are at least 10-15 trucks, not to mention the carts.

The prices are a bit steep, but not too bad. And the food must be okay because the people line up to order the hotdogs, fries and other comfort food offerings. It has turned Broadway into quite the food truck experience on a warm sunny day.




140626- food 03.jpg-

The carts are still in the battle for customers.




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Row of Behemoths   Leave a comment


Frankfurt International Airport new terminal building. This side is reserved for the very big boys. Four 747’s and three A380’s from the Lufthansa stable.



Airbus A380: Number built 145 as of June 2014

Boeing 747: Number built 1,500, currently in use approximately 1,000.

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Soccer field discrepancies in Brazil   1 comment


One of the World Cup stadiums in Brazil. By the way the grass in all the stadiums used for the tournament came from Manitoba ryegrass seed.


A soccer field in a lower socio-economic area in the country


This pitch could use some Manitoba ryegrass. Might be a problem with funding.

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