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In Ufology, conspiracy theory, science fiction, and comic book stories, claims or stories have circulated linking UFOs to Nazi Germany. The German UFO theories describe supposedly successful attempts to develop advanced aircraft or spacecraft prior to and during World War II, and further assert the post-war survival of these craft in secret underground bases in Antarctica, South America, the United States or the Moon, along with their creators. According to these theories and fictional stories, various potential code-names or sub-classifications of Nazi UFO craft such as Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerät, V7, Vril, Kugelblitz (not related to the self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of the same name), Andromeda-Gerät, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffe, and Reichsflugscheibe have all been referenced.

Some UFO sightings during World War II, particularly those known as foo fighters, were thought by the Allies to be prototype enemy aircraft designed to harass Allied aircraft through electromagnetic disruption; a technology similar to today’s electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon.






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American fans P.O.’d as Grey Cup commercials are blocked in the States   Leave a comment

A few thousand American football fans PVR the Grey Cup championship game up in Canada so they can watch it on Tuesday night when there are no NFL, College or high school games.  However these die-hard football fanatics are complaining because the Canadian TV commercials are blocked by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC wants Americans to watch American commercials.  So the nifty Canadian commercials get bumped.

As Leerod Cowhoon said from his Birmingham, Alabama trailer park, “damn feds are taking away our human rights and freedom of choice. What’s next? A total ban on porn, greased hog wrestling and fully automatic machine guns?”

Leroy at his residence.



Leroy wants to see the commercials, they make him laugh so hard he almost splits his gut. He isn’t crazy about the game itself. “With that three down bullshit and twelve players on that giant gulldarn field a guy could get confused.”  But I need my football fix, and it beats Japanese football.

Some samples of the Canadian commercials that were blocked by the FCC:

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Hinterland Who’s Who: the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Humanoid Beastie (more commonly known as the Green Gill-man)   Leave a comment

Today’s featured creature on Hinterland Who’s Who is the Manitoba Green Gill-man.  The creature is seen by many witnesses and has been observed by paranormal nature biologists working for Hinterland Who’s Who.  The biologists estimate the creature to stand at least 8 feet tall and weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 350- 500 pounds. The beasts’ diet seems to consist of tree leaves and other riverine plants, small mammals such as squirrels and cats, the odd dog and periodically a cow.  Farmers along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers have reported lost cows, only to find the skeleton of the cow a few days later.  The cows have been eaten completely, no flesh is found. Some think it could be space aliens, but Hinterland Who’s Who is sure the culprits are the Green Gill-man.

Main-stream science doesn’t touch the subject of the Green Gill-man, they want a body, as the main-streamers profess they need actual physical evidence.  The sightings, photos, video and webbed footprints just aren’t enough for these obstinate skeptics. Maybe a body will surface one of these days, but lets not hold our breath.

The sightings and reports go back hundreds of years to pre European contact in Manitoba.  The Cree Indian tribes had a name for the Gill-man, “Shushtanuckawucktoodeepwa,” which literally translates into “big green varmint that swims like fish but walks on the land and will attack our women.”  The Shushtanuckawucktoodeepwa is deeply ingrained in Native legend and stories.  One story is about the Gill-man having a major tussle with a Sasquatch.  The battle was observed near Pukatawagan in the 1920’s.  The beasts were laying heavy punches on each other until they all of a sudden stopped, shook hands and walked off in different directions.

Recent photos of the creature in the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg



It appears obvious that this thing doesn’t hibernate. How it survives Manitoba’s winter is anybody’s guess.

Another brute enjoying a dip near the Midtown Bridge..



Damn that must be cold!

The creature’s habitat seems to go beyond the river systems. Sightings have been reported on the big lakes north of Winnipeg.  Gill-man has also been sighted deep inland, miles from any water.  They are usually sighted near cow pastures.  And immediately after the pasture sightings, a farmer reports a missing cow.  Dinner time for the green water goblin?

Here is a sighting at Patricia Beach on the south end of Lake Winnipeg.



The photo was taken very close to the section of the beach that is reserved for nude beachgoers. The Green gill-man seems to have an interest in female humans.  Not sure why.

The famous Grand Beach Photo.  Taken 2 years ago by ghost hunter Mel Ryan. Mel was quoted as saying: “No ghosts this time, but sovanabitch this big green thing was even better than a ghost.  I wonder, when the gill-man dies, does it manifest into a gill-man ghost? Now that would be 2 birds with one stone my man.”



It appears to be stalking something.  Female human?


If anybody out there has reports, photos or video of the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Human Beastie please forward them to Hinterland Who’s Who, PO Box 2300, Ottawa, Ontario, Q4J 1X9. Email:

For the record: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that he will be increasing the HWW budget ten-fold over the next few months. Yaha!

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Too Much Stuff   Leave a comment



Peoples addiction to Stuff was very evident with the shopping insanity that happened on Black Friday.  Many people live to shop.  The instant self-gratification that arises from buying new stuff is palpable. 

It makes people feel good to have new stuff.  The new stuff happiness wears off in a few days, so new, new stuff has to be bought.  Even new old stuff will do.  Thrift stores are filled with Stuff happiness hunting people these days.  Anything, a $2 T-shirt, second-hand sandals, a radio that has to be cranked to work, or a pair of scratched up roller blades.  Whatever it takes to get the stuff happiness happening in our ventral tegmental area (pleasure part of the brain).  But new, new stuff is better, especially the discounts on Black Friday.

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Calgary Stampeders Mascot Horse “Tuffy” gets into Grey Cup Spirit by getting Plastered in Downtown Winnipeg   Leave a comment

Game Day has arrived. The 103rd Grey Cup game will be played at IGF stadium in Winnipeg today to crown the new champion of the Canadian Football League.  The Ottawa Redblacks will take on the Edmonton Eskimos. Grey Cup weekend is always a ‘Party Hardy’ time.  Booze flows like a river and hang-overs are experienced by many participants.

Mascots are often part of the festivities.  The Calgary Stampeders brought their mascot “Tuffy” the horse to The Peg and the galloper plunged face first into the party action. Tuffy did a bar crawl, or should we say a bar trot, in the downtown area on Saturday.

Tuffy socializing in the lobby of a downtown hotel




Everybody was buying beers for the brown horse.  Tuffy didn’t refuse any free drinks.  The horse can drink a pitcher of the golden ale in 20 seconds!






Tuffy would drink 4-5 pitchers at each watering hole and then trot off to the next one.  After hitting 10 different drinking establishments, that’s about 45 pitchers, Tuffy met it’s match at the infamous Windsor Hotel.  Tuffy downed 10 shooters, then washed it down with 6 pitchers of high test Extra Old Stock.  As the local barflies were cheering Tuffy on, the extremely intoxicated pony keeled over and passed out in the middle of the bar. 

The paramedics were called in and Tuffy was wheeled over to the ambulance.  Tuffy was taken to the Winnipeg Humane Society where she will undergo 3 days of detox.  Tuffy will then be trucked back to Calgary to recuperate.




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Archie Bunker: The King of Political Incorrectness   Leave a comment

The sixties were a very liberal decade. This Archie Bunker stuff could never been done today.  There would be camp-outs and demonstrations to stop this meanness.  An ignorant blue-collar guy today must be confused.


Archibald “ArchieBunker is a fictional character from the 1970s American television sitcom All in the Family and its spin-off Archie Bunker’s Place, played to acclaim by Carroll O’Connor. Bunker, a principal character of the series, is a veteran of World War II, reactionary conservative, blue-collar worker and family man. Described as a “lovable bigot”, he was first seen by the American public when All in the Family premiered on January 12, 1971, where he was depicted as the head of a family. In 1979, the show was retooled and renamed Archie Bunker’s Place, finally going off the air in 1983. Bunker lived at the fictional address of 704 Hauser Street in the borough of Queens in New York City.


Archie quotes:


No bum that can’t speak poifect English oughta stay in this country…oughta be de-exported the hell outta here!

Don’t talk like an ignarosis.

All kids are trouble, Edith. And I don’t wanna spend my reclining years trying to raise another one.

Yankin’ out the tonsils and the adenoods.

We hold these semi-animal meetings.

It passes outta you through your lower intestubes.

After once or twice a thing like this gets vulgarious.




More quotes:

U.S. history….that’s part of your whole American heresy.

You don’t hear me gettin’ historical (hysterical).

President Ford tells us all to bite the bullet and Betsy Ford goes on TV and shoots off her mouth.

I’m readin’ in the paper where the CIA is dopin’ people up. Maybe somebody injected some of that LSD in the lady’s cottage cheese.

Infernal Revenue


That’s what Columbus said to the Indians just before he gypped ’em out of Manhattan.





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Most National Hockey League teams have a third jersey.  So far the Winnipeg Jets only have their regular home and away. However, the rumour is the Jets will unveil a third jersey next year just prior to the Heritage Classic outdoor game at IGF stadium, the home of the Blue Bombers.

A few ideas below:














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