Old Farts waste man hours.   1 comment

Waiting in the line-up at the grocery store and a little old lady is at the front going through her change purse looking for the exact amount of money to pay her bill.  She unwittingly holds up the line for four minutes.  What is it with humans that when they turn 75 years old they have to pay for everything with the exact change?

The countless man hours lost to this old age affliction is enormous.  Society loses thousands of man hours as we wait for the old goats to dig through their purses and find that $2.87 exactly.  Are they scared that when they die there will be hundreds of dollars of unused change in their bedrooms?

Get on with it you old frail senior citizens and pass the clerk a ten-dollar bill!

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One response to “Old Farts waste man hours.

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  1. hahaha funny picture, better story.

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