Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Winnipeg connection.   Leave a comment

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner airliner has the dubious distinction of being the most back ordered aircraft in history.  Delays have led to more than 875 airplanes on back order.  Over 40 airlines are waiting for their planes.

Winnipeg is a major centre of production for wing to body fairings for the 787.  Sub-contractors from around the world could not procure the needed parts, perform the subassembly on schedule, or both.  This lead to major delays.  But the problems seem to be ironed out and the assembly lines in Winnipeg are humming.

Boeing Winnipeg is a Tier I partner to the 787 Dreamliner program and is responsible for the Wing-to-Body Fairing, Main Landing Gear Doors and the Vertical Fin Fairing for the lifecycle of the program. Boeing Winnipeg also supplies the Engine Strut Forward and Aft Pylons for the 787 as a Tier II Partner.

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