Super long-range sniper rifles.   Leave a comment

Since the early 1980’s a few American arms companies have come up with ultra-long distance 50 calibre sniper rifles.  Fifty cal is a really big bullet.  And as the Americans take guns extremely seriously, they have developed sniper guns that can take down a really big camel at 3000 meters.

These rifles split Jihadists in half.  Fifty cals can knock out vehicles by ripping into the engines or snapping axles.  Helicopters can be knocked out of the air.  When a terrorist gets hit by one of these slugs, his split remains make his buddies think twice.  The Mexican drug cartels have used them.  So they are spreading.

The US companies that make them — Barret, McMillan and Cheytac corporations — sell them to private individuals.  So basically anybody can buy one.  I’m sure the authorities in the States usually know where the guns are going, but it is just a matter of time before the terrorists get their hands on one.  One of these things could knock Obama’s chopper out of the sky.  And we don’t want Joe Biden running the USA, do we?

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