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Sports team nicknames come in all shapes, sizes and strange meanings.  Most of the major professional leagues have names that make immediate sense.  Vikings, Bruins, Rangers and Yankees.  But there are some that are a little hard to understand.  Maple Leafs, Browns, Dodgers (what the hell is a dodger?), Thrashers and Blue Bombers.  Blue Bombers has to be one of the greatest ambiguous team nicknames of all time.

But once you get to the college ranks and minor pro leagues in North America, almost any name goes.  Check below to see some of the weirdest.

Mary Baldwin College Fighting Squirrels

 Syracuse Salty Dogs

 North Carolina Tar Heels


 Ohio Weslayan Battling Bishops


 Webster College Gorlock

 Macon Whoope

 Whittier College Poets

 Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

 Everett Aqua Sox

 Cal-Irvine Anteaters

Regina Pats


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  1. IronPigs from the term Pig Iron (crude iron). The Lehigh Valley area has historically put out much of the US steel supply and therefore used this play on words for their team name.

    A Salty Dog is an adjective for someone who is rough and seasoned. Especially for sailors etc.

    Pats, short for Patriots.

    Anteaters and poets not any weirder than Tigers or lumberjacks for mascots.

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