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The Winnipeg suburb of Charleswood has a few eccentric features about it.  It is known for a very big deer population which causes many problems with drivers.  It is also known for having hardly any sidewalks on its streets.  I guess deer don’t use sidewalks.  But for pedestrians it must be somewhat dangerous.

I have also discovered a bizarre housing development while I was searching Google street view.  It is called Westboine Park Housing Co-op.  Some cursory research shows that it is some type of collective housing organization that has no landlords or leases.  That is as much as I can figure out.

What it does have is some of the most interesting urban architecture I have ever come across.  The housing units look like something that should be at Falcon Lake or in Thompson, Manitoba.  The siding is wood like, but it is the shape that is incongruous.  The roofs are as steep as a ski-jump.  They are located north of Roblin off of Shelmardine Drive.  The pictures speak for themselves.

The first picture shows the non-existant sidewalks.

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