What is going on between Peter Mansbridge and Claire Martin?   107 comments


Update February 2014

Peeta can stop taking his saltpeter before his newscasts. His lustful imaginings for Claire will only be dreams now that Claire is high-tailing it to the west coast. All strange things must come to an end. The flirtatious juvenile bantering between the senior newsreader and the bubbly climatologist will now have to be carried out privately via Skype.

Claire stated on air she is moving back to Vancouver to run a TV production company.  3,500 kilometres will separate the two puppy lovers.  Good snoops out there should check Peter’s travel records over the next few months. He may become a frequent flyer to Vancouver. Or maybe they will meet at a discreet motel in Winnipeg, which is halfway between Vancouver and Toronto.

Depending on Peeta’s libido level (he will have the final say on who is hired) it is possible that the next weather reporter on the National could be another 35-45 year old cutie pie.  And Peeta could start to make playfully romantic overtures once again. 



November 2012

In September 2012, the CBC senior management consolidated weather services, and moved Martin to CBC Toronto to work on the local supper-time and 10 PM national newscasts.

Now Claire is in the same studio as Peeta.  It looks like they may get off their shifts at the same time.  Maybe a nightcap in a hotel room down the street from CBC world headquarters. Or possibly Peeta has a private, fully furnished suite at world headquarters, with a wet bar?  Oh, the possibilities are endless!

The constant on air flirtation between CBC news reader Peter Mansbridge and CBC meteorologist Claire Martin is annoying.  Why don’t they just get a motel room?  They could meet in Winnipeg as Claire is in Vancouver and Peter is in Toronto.  2500 miles apart.  Winnipeg is dab smack in the middle of those two cities.

When weather time comes on during The National newscast Peter lights up like a horny schoolboy.  Then Claire comes on and is all bubbly as she acknowledges PETA.  Their eyes glow and the wide smiles are hilarious. 

Peter is married to actress Cynthia Dale ( a former hottie in her own right) but I’m sure he would jump on Claire at the drop of a hat.  If only it wasn’t for that 2500 miles.  There is no information on Claire’s marital status.  When Claire comes on it likely isn’t only Peter that is drooling,  Chantal Hebert likely has dreams of Claire as well.

This flirtatious television relationship gets in the way of Claire’s weather forecasts.  The juvenile banter is exasperating.  Just let us know that it is raining in Vancouver and snowing in Calgary Claire.  And Peter should think about his wedding vows when the feed from Vancouver approaches.

Peter likely goes home and watches clips of Claire.  And I don’t want to imagine what he does to himself when he watches those clips.  I think the Super 8 motel on Fermor by the East Perimeter would be the perfect thing for these two lovey doveys.




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107 responses to “What is going on between Peter Mansbridge and Claire Martin?

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  1. i so agree, i find that watching Peter and miss british claire very lame and really not what i need to see when watching the weather or what ever. maybe peter and wife need to have some discussion about this or better yet maybe cbc news need to get involved. i like peter, but really feel claire needs to go back to britian, maybe she will get more laughs,
    enough already…time for one of them to go….

  2. pfffft I love those two in action. They’re adorable. I”d much rather watch them than two emotionless news spewing robots.

    • I agree! It is great fun and I enjoy the banter.
      It has it all over Lloyd Robertson’s simplistic commentary!
      Keep up the chatter, Claire & Peter!
      We love seeing real conversation, not scripted dialogue

    • right on,it gives life to a boring subject

  3. I also find it entertaining. Harmless fun, and ends the newscast on a lighter note. Also, I’d rather see this than Lloyd Robertson hitting on Danielle Hamamjian over on CTV News.

  4. I thought I was the only one who noticed this flirtation…..oh well, not our business, is it???
    He is a Senior Citizen for goodness sake!!

  5. I really like the banter between Claire and Peter, people GET A LIFE, seniors are allowed to have fun someday you will be a senior!!!!!

  6. I noticed the flirting a few yeats ago, but I thought it was all in my mind. Now that I see that others have the same feeling, then yes they should go for it and be done with already.

  7. Where has Claire gone? Peter has no one to flirt with.

  8. Claire’s weather forecast: ” Rain in Vancouver moving into the prairies late Sunday. A cold front moving east will bring rain to the maritimes for the week end. Back to you Peter.”. (Clasp hands. Smile.) Not long to flirt!.

  9. You don’t like the flirtation?
    This is the spice of life, hetro or
    gay. This is the human interaction
    that may produce more humans.
    This is humanity 101.
    Before TV, this is what people
    used to enjoy watching and listening

  10. It is not that I don’t like flirtation. I used to watch General Hospital and All My Children. But these two act like high school juveniles. Peter is 62 years old, Claire maybe late thirties. It just doesn’t have chemistry, Peter is too old for Claire. But obviously Peter’s libido doesn’t act like it is 62 years old.

  11. last night she referenced ‘weather and porn’ (!)when commenting on common google searches.. i was appalled. if we can’t expect dignity in a newscast, we’ll find it nowhere in tv wasteland

  12. Oh please! Get a life!!! Peter and Claire are fun to watch and we all need to chill a little. I remember watching the news with my grandfather when I was little (in the 50s and 60s) and I can’t imagine anything more boring! No one ever cracked a smile. This is sooooo much better and human. Can’t we just let people be people?

    • Chris, Your comments say it all. Those that cannot handle the banter need to change the channel and or get a life. About time there were some bubbles amongst the carnage.

  13. I think it’s GREAT to see Peter & Claire have fun while bringing us the news & weather! Both appear to be very bubbly & so what’s wrong with that?? Honestly, is life so boring that viewers have to start making up stories just because 2 people have fun! Peter is a very intelligent & distinguished man & Claire is very beautiful! What’s the BIG DEAL???

    BS in Ontario

  14. I too get disgusted everytime I see their behavior,,,knowing Peter is married,,,and Claire as a woman should also respect that fact,,,I agree that cbc should put a stop to this revolting behavior,,,and Peter should respect his wife,,,Ive always enjoyed Peter bringing us the news and just get so angry when the weather comes on with Claire;”(

  15. Good grief people–let’s stop the rumour mill right here please. Peter is not ‘flirting’ with the very shy and at times tongue-tied Claire. Sorry to disappoint, but there is no grist for the mill here–no budding romance. I agree the dialogue between the two tends to grate; in fact, I find myself feeling embarassed for Ms. Martin at times. His behaviour appears to be nothing more than an innocent ‘teasing’ because as a professional Peter astutely ackowledges her obvious shyness and angst in dealing with such a well known and highly respected personality such as himself. He’s only trying to put her at ease–I thought that was a blinding flash of the obvious. I guess not.

    • Absolutely agree with your observation Ann. I enjoy their banter, Claire’s respectfulness, Peter’s humaness and indeed respect and helping her to be at ease, manner.

  16. I truly laugh at the commentary between the two, it is so funny to listen too, and it is so obivious that Claire loves Petaaaaa, she acts like a little girl with a school age crush and he seems to love to flirt with her, I feel embarassed for them both!!!

  17. I have never read this blog before, but I this it is too funny about Claire and Peter because I have said that for years that he must like her as he does light up like a puppy dog, but all good clean fun and it doesn’t bother me I just find it funny! what I would like to know about is Peter’s children. He said on the Queen’s celebration show today (on the Thames) that his daughters liked Duran Duran, now in his bio it states two spouses Wendy Mesley andCynthia Dale whom he has one child with, who is the mother of his two daughters that he talked about?

  18. Mansbridge has been married three times. His previous marriage to CBC colleague Wendy Mesley (January 6, 1989–1992) became regular tabloid fodder in Frank Magazine as their marriage ended.[5] He has been married to Canadian actress Cynthia Dale since November 14, 1998,[6] and they have a son, William, born in 1999.[7] Mansbridge has two daughters from a first marriage which ended in 1975. He lives in Stratford, Ontario with his family.


  20. …and I thought it was just me… I use to watch CBC news…now I just change the channel when the weather comes on. What is CBC doing about it? Doesn’t Cynthia see this too!

  21. Now Claire’s piece has been cut short to give space to a sports announcer. Neither is effective in the short time available. Give us back Claire’s analysis based on review of recent data and forecasts for the morrow. Enough on the speculation about a “relationship” with Peter

    • I agree. Let Claire give an analysis with the forecast and cut the sport clip at that time. Do we not get enough sport. I also love the banter between the two of them All those people whining and making up stories as they go.

  22. Love the banter. Makes for a refreshing change.

  23. I would love to see more of Clair. Her credentials as well as on air presence speak volumes. CBC should have her front and centre, speaking on weather and environmental issues. Stand alone she is well spoken. As for Peter and her, harmless.

  24. I like watching these two, it’s so nice to see people being themselves and I think Peter enjoys getting a rise out of Claire – there’s nothing going on people just good chemistry.

  25. I also think it’s all good, clean fun, and I loved watching the two of them banter. There’s something almost joyous about it. It was one of the reasons I loved watching the news.

    • I totally agree with your view. Half the “show” is missing without Claire’s and Peter’s little interludes. I am so sorry that this will no longer be the case!

  26. I think Claire is absolutley cute as nails. I’d like to get her weather forecast delivered in person.

  27. Well she has left the west coast now. It seemed like she used to “flirt” with Ian H.

  28. I thought, like the rest of Vancouver’s GLTG community, that CM was playing for the “other” team. She’s great so let’s leave her alone.

  29. I think their on-air flirtation is one of the best bits of schtick on TV. I wonder if she returned to Toronto to be closer to him…

  30. Although I saw some flirtation in the past, I certainly haven’t seen any lately. I found their banter charming and so what if Peter seems to like Claire. I don’t see why being married should mean that he never finds another woman attractive.

  31. Where is our perky little weather girl gone??????????
    See Johanna Wagstaff is now in Vancouver
    Maybe Claire will be doing the “Back to you, Peter”, with the outstreached arm here in Toronto, side by side !!!!!!!!!

  32. cbc get with and send that dame into nenver land once and for all enough is enough already

    • Miss seeing Claire. Have enjoyed her over the years and know my father would be still following her to the next forecast and wondering which blazer she was wearing…this was the highlight of the nightly CBC news. 🙂 He is gone now…and sad, so is Claire. The new gal is definitely not intriguing or interesting. Too bad. Claire, where are you now? In Toronto…but why?

    • You seem to have a real problem realizing media personell are humans just like anyone else. Many homosapiens are gifted with a little humor. Where were you, when that “potion” was handed out?

    • Get a life and get your mind out of the pit. My goodness, a little banter does not make for anything else but. Its enjoyable to have a smile to go with all the other bad stuff we hear on the news all the time.

  33. I am quite sad to learn that Claire Martin will no longer be part of the national news nation wide. I liked her accent, her sense of humor as well as her interactions with the newscast.

    • Where has she gone????

      • Likely to an anonymous apartment in Toronto and the rent is paid by Peter Mansbridge.

      • Yes rent paid by Peter Mansbridge or more likely CBC thats us guys (Canadians). Why can’t they find a Canadian who would love to have this job. It use to be that the british got way more than their fair share of plum Canadian jobs(even over Canadians born here – and that went on right into the 20th century) and were also able to jump the que at immigration. Well they can’t jump immigration ques anymore, but somehow they are still sneaking into a disproprionate share of plum Canadian jobs. Sometime doesn’t smell right, and Peter right up there at the top of CBC right in the position to pull strings.

  34. Where is Claire? I miss her!!

  35. It probably was CBC budget-cuts, courtesy of “The Harper Government(tm)” that caused the CBC to move Claire from Vancouver to Toronto. She’s back on the CBC National news.

  36. My husband and I we just commenting tonight that we miss Peter and Claire bantering back and forth…. used to be a fun way to end the news….. always made us smile….. Susan

  37. I can’t believe I was naive enough to think I was the only one who picked up on the chemistry between Peter & Claire. I love both their personalities and adore they can so naturally pique and amuse each other…..all I can say is (are you listening Peter?) they better have their act together at home or else! I love Wendy Mesley too by the way.

  38. I am pleased to see Claire back in action at the “National” kind of missed her as well…

  39. In my opinion, Peter Mansbridge is a likeable tease. Claire Martin easily becomes embarrassed. A natural banter evolved between the two of them and finally there was something light and happy on the news, at least for a moment or two. Why do some people look for the evil even in innocence? JCB


  41. Let’s have Peter do One on One with Claire and maybe we’ll find out what’s really going on between these two!

  42. Claire and Peter make my day, every day. Just leave them alone. If they have an on air relationship, let them be. Like it was said, 2500 miles is a long way between them. They make me smile every time they comment to each other. My husband and my day ends with Claire and Peter (when they are on the National together). Why don’t people just mind their own business and let others live.

  43. I love watching the two of them they make it very interesting, I watch every night they are on. Keep it up Claire and Peter you make my day. Anne B.

  44. I hate that fucked up stupid British cunt. Taking fingers on the chalkboard to a whole new level. Get the fuck out of our country you stupid fucked up british cunt.

  45. But like doesn’t Claire bat for the other team?

  46. How sad that today our minds are so in the gutter that we have to become part of the mudslingers who feed on people as the National Enquirer does. It is very hard these days to keep one’s life private. With the internet you can dig up the dirt on anyone and everyone. Those of you who think you are untouchable so can write anything, should perhaps think before you print, for as we have learnt from experience, even our identity is not safe.

  47. You really constructed a number of wonderful tips within ur post, “What is going on between Peter Mansbridge and Claire Martin?
    Markosun’s Blog”. I will you should be coming back again to ur web-site shortly. Thanks -Lydia

  48. One thing is for sure is that they were both born in Brit Land and are both getting extremely well paid with Canadian Tax dollars. I guess that could account for the brazen inside ta te da that goes on between them. I have always noticed a pompous superior attitude that comes from Peter Mansbridge but now it seems to be getting worse. He is coming across as a petty man. He has gotten way too many awards for someone whose career as a correspondent has been (probably by intentional design) very safe. No Andy Rooney, or Peter Jenkins background in this guys past. Very homogenized and yet all these outstanding awards, and honouries etc. When he was asked how much he was paid by the CBC he refused to say. I would be willing to bet he makes at least 500,000 a year. When Canadian tax payers are footing the bill they should have a right to know how much they are paying. CBC should have to come up with their own money, then we can truly judge if they are worth their weight. Right now they seem to coast alot compared to others in the same industry.

  49. I have long enjoyed the two’s banter myself… and always wondered if something was going on between them! Peter’s too old for Claire, I think he’s revisiting his youthful days… as am I!

  50. Three years later and these two are still at it… knock it off already!!!

  51. Claire, You really are presentable and a joy to watch compared to other forecasters on the other Channels. I sincerely appreciate the light banter between You and Peter which really does lighten the mode and load of all the inane garbage which we are subjected to at news time. Nice accent too.

  52. My husband and I look forward to the harmless banter between Peter and Claire and we think it is the perfect way to end the doom and gloom of the news. They certainly put a smile on our face and anyone who thinks there is more to it than what it is…….should get a life!

  53. I thought Claire was – you know – “alternate lifestyle”.
    So I always look at the banter as Peter’s way of either (a) showing how liberal he is. – or – (b) trying to achieve “The Impossible Conquest”.

  54. Got so tired of seeing the flirtation that I googled this site. . . . Low and behold. . . . . Others noticed too. . . .go figure. . .these two have it for each other and I find it rather “in your face” I think, that they think, no one knows. . . .well. . . Not true.. . . this blog proves otherwise.

  55. I just love Clair and Peter. Only boring and with no sense of humor people criticize Clair and Petaaa.

  56. claire, i can’t stand it anymore- “in through bc, in through next week . in through toronto . in through in through in through!!!!!”

    this is not proper english, peter loverboy has NEVER uttered the phrase in 1000’s of reports

    claire can usually go 3-5 seconds into the weather before proving her blonde bubblehead stupidity with her pet phrase and then repeats it 10-15 times in 45 seconds

    other bubblehead weather gals in bc follow her lead more closely as their iq drops

    michael kuse at ctv EXCELLENT and uses real english prepositions,many different ones, claire only knows her painfully annoying made up garbage one.

    ship her out now!

  57. Did any of you see the link someone posted here to the news story that states Peter actually did a mock proposal to Claire on air? Even Claire herself thought this was out of place, stating that Cynthia would not appreciate it, and left the broadcast because of it. Its NOT harmless for those who do not understand respect in a relationship. No, one does not have to be “dead” or “blind” when married, but certainly respectful. How many would appreciate your partner’s constant ongoing, open flirtation with another? Relationships are challenging enough to keep healthy – why add challenge to that? And when will people learn…. How many affairs started with “harmless” flirting? We don’t have to do overt flirtation behaviors by any means…. We don’t lose anything by not doing them…. And I think we show our partners & relationships more honor & respect that way. Remember, I said one is not blind, or able to appreciate another attractive person… It is all in our respectful expression or even non outward expression of it….

  58. lately Claire has been wearing a ring on her ring finger…..is she married?

  59. Leave Claire alone. She is a beautiful lady, smart and entertaining. At least she gives savvy news. Most of the news are depressing to watch. They both make TV program interesting.and exciting. Keep it up.
    Okanagan, BC

  60. Mansbridge has George Clooney syndrome. He can only communicate through anal sex. Claire knows this – that is why she always has a grimace on her face.

  61. just two people who are doing there job in a” I like you” way why does it always have to be more.when it’s not can we not be nice to each other any more ?

    irma van der leeuw
  62. Claire is a reliable responsible educated person to be respected.
    Mansbridge is a person at his time had things fall in his lap.
    Luck is the luxury of life.

  63. What next will she suck his
    on live TV and jiggle her tits at him?

  64. Oh oh oh oh Peeeeeeeeeeeeetah…………………oh oh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrClaire splishy splashy reeeeeeker reeeeker uggggggggggggggg


  66. I think her snout (nose) is probably longer than his dick! Pinnochio is jealous and wants his snout back Claire

  67. Maybe they should get her a stripper pole so she can pole dance for her Peeeeee-tah as she does the weather report.

    Mrs. Edna Lickamaid
  68. Mrs Edna Lickamaid …..do you handle the staffing for Premier Wynne’s residence?

  69. Question: What is common between Mayor Ford and Premier Wynn
    .Answer: They both have more then enough to eat at home

  70. Tonight Pee-tah said to Claire dressed in a little black dress for her Master. “You bettah put on a sweatah Claire” (with a drunken grimace on his horny face) and she giggled, blushed, whipped her cropped hair-do back with a flick of her neck and said “ooooo kay I’ll put on a sweat-ah Pee-tah!” giggly giggly poo poozzzzzzzze. Sickening!

  71. What nonsense!!!! Grow up. Please audience . Get a life.

  72. Peetah did a mock marriage proposal to Claire on air. What a jerk! It is disgusting for his wife and her family! I thought he was professional……

  73. Claire looks like that lady on the Dempster’s bread commercial where she is suppose to be a security guard dressed as a security guard and her fellow guard lectures her for not wearing her security uniform because since she has been eating Dempster’s bread she has lost weight and she keep singing that song “I’m too sexy..I’m a model”………LOL anyway Claire looks like her. Does Peetah think so too?

  74. It’s good to see that Peter and Claire have been reading the comments on this site and are starting to clean up their on TV sexual deviant flirtations by behaving less slutty than usual. Lately I have watched on they refrain from all that schmooze bullshit they’ve been slathering on us over the years. I think they’re finally getting the message that their disgusting behavior is not appreciated by the taxpayers of Canada that employ them.

  75. Marg-Atwood GET A LIFE !!!!

  76. What a bunch of small minded people your are … have you ever thought that they are friends and just having some fun? does everything have to have sexual undertones for you? small and petty is what you are … whoever started this page …

  77. The CBC is quite the scandalous swinger’s club and taxpayers are paying for their high flyin’ limo-5 star resto lifestyles. It’s quite the ensemble of elitists the type of the 3-dash-name persuasion in their ivory tower that they should rename “the wonderful world of taxpayer disneyland”!

  78. I was saying to my wife last night , I wonder where Claire has gone, she said I’ll google and find out. And this this is what I’m reading. Too bad Claire, I love you too.


  79. How high school…get a political concern.
    Friendship is amusing…

  80. I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my difficulty. You are wonderful! Thanks! gadgkegcecdk

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  82. Who would want the old man–he should keep his hands in his pockets while on air!!

  83. Well my God with all the sleazy shit from Jian Ghomeshi the little CBC Muslim mascot ..turning out the CBC really is a slutty swinger’s club paid by taxpayers. It’s more kinky than a high school staff room! They should probably build a STD screening clinic next to the place! ROTFLMAO When are they going to get rid of Mansbridge? Is it true that he makes a million dollars a year…hidden of course with little sneaky bonuses and the whatnot..wink wink!???! shhhhhhh

  84. Claire is a super foxy lady – I miss her.

  85. Don’t mind the playfulness & glad others noticed too . . . Just felt for Mansbridge’s wife. :/

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