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Mind blowing thrill rides   Leave a comment


Below are a few totally extreme thrill rides that allow the brave at heart to push it to the limit.  These rides are extremely high up.  These are not for people who suffer from a fear of heights.

The first three are situated on the top of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tower is 1,149 feet tall.  It is part of a complex that includes a hotel and various casinos. 

The first ride is a free fall contraption called The “Big Shot,” a thing that shoots you up about 10 stories above the top of the tower and then drops you in a sickening bouncy movement (sort of a reverse bungee-jump).

The next is a completely crazy heart stopper called Insanity, a thing that hangs you out over the edge of the tower and spins you around at 40 miles and hour (See Below).  This is a ride where you really hope the maintenance people are doing their jobs correctly.  If this ride screws up you will have a thousand foot free fall that will last seconds.  You will have a bit of time to reflect on your transgressions in life before you splatter into a thousand pieces.

This next one is for only the bravest fool idiot thrill riders.  If this thing malfunctions it is a thousand foot head first dive into the pavement of the Las Vegas Strip.  The “X-Scream,” an open-air car that launches you on a teeter-totter style track over the side of the building.  The cart goes back as the track teeters with the front up.  As the track teeters with the front going downward the cart rolls rapidly right to the front before stopping abruptly.  You have got to be out of your mind to do this without a parachute.

The next mind bender is the tallest roller coaster in the world.  Kingda Ka is a roller coaster located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, USA. It is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. The train is launched by a hydraulic launch mechanism to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds.   At the end of the launch track, the train climbs the main top hat tower, reaching a height of 456 feet (139 meters).

Now if this thing doesn’t make you wet or crap yourself nothing will.

There is no way I would even attempt to go on any of these rides unless I was highly medicated on fear reducing substances.  The people that go on these rides are brave.  No two ways around that.  They also have to be a bit crazy.  These thrill riders must also be people that don’t contemplate the what ifs.  What if a bolt slips off, what if a goose shits on the track causing a slippage of a wheel, what if a maintenance guy was drunk and forgot to grease the undercarriage.  Too many what ifs for me.

The most extreme thrill ride thing I ever did was a Zipper ride at a country fair in rural Manitoba a few years ago.  My friend and I got on the ride in the middle of the afternoon.  There was nobody else on the ride at that time of day.  So the ride operator asked us if we had strong stomachs, feeling macho we both said hell yes.  As soon as we were airborne the operator gunned the machine for all it was worth and kept it pumped for 12 minutes.  I think he was testing the ride to see what its limits were. 

I was convinced that our cage was going to break off and we were going to fly 500 meters into the air and land in a farmer’s field.  When I got off the ride I was ghost white, my stomach was in my upper shoulder area, my ass was where my stomach used to be and my head felt like it was coming off a  Extra Old Stock twelve beer hang over.  I took a deep breath as I walked away from that Zipper and deeply appreciated my second chance at life.


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Dancing Dog is perfecting her technique   Leave a comment

The mambo dancing hound is getting better every time out.  It dances on two legs like a human.  It makes me wonder if there is a midget in a dog suit actually doing the dancing.

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Canada buying 65 F-35 fighter jets   1 comment

The first thing to mention about the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is that it is very expensive.  That said, the aircraft is cutting edge state-of-the art 21st century technology, including the most advanced stealth technology.  The 65 jets are going to cost Canada $9 billion.  But with that hefty price tag the Canadian Air Force (Air Command) is getting a jet that can defeat virtually anything currently out there, or that will be out there for the forseeable future.

The U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor which is the most comparable aircraft to the F-35 has proved to be a deadly opponent in air to air combat exercises.  In combat exercises with the F-15 Eagle,  the F-22 had a kill ratio of 100 to 1. The Raptor lost one plane for every 100 F-15’s it shot down.  And the F-15 is regarded as one of the most lethal fighter jets in the world.  Its stealth capability was credited for giving the F-22 a major advantage over the F-15.

The F-35  has very similar stealth qualities as the F-22, some experts argue better capability.  Therefore wandering Russian bombers that probe arctic Canadian airspace will be intercepted by the Canadian F-35’s before they know they are even there.

Cockpit of F-35.  Real life light-speed video game.  Little looped rope is to engage the ejection seat.

Rather than maneuvering with thrust vectoring, or canards to line up the target directly ahead of the aircraft, like previous generation of fighters, the F-35 does not need to point at the target to hit it. It uses combined radio frequency and infra red (SAIRST) “situational awareness” to continually track all nearby aircraft, the pilot’s helmet-mounted display system (HMDS) for displaying and selecting targets, and High Off-Boresight (HOBS) weapons. The helmet system replaces the display suite-mounted head-up display used in earlier fighters. Because of this, Northrop Grumman claims that “maneuvering is irrelevant”.

Here is a Canadian CF-18 shadowing a Russian bomber over the arctic.

There were not many alternatives to the Lockheed Martin F-35 that Canada could have considered buying to replace its ageing CF-18 fleet.  Like the CF-18 the F-35 is a all-purpose combat jet, used both for air to air combat and ground attack.  The F-18 Super Hornet was one possibility, the F-16 Falcon another.  But the F-16 has limited long range capability.  And those aircraft are fourth generation aircraft with 1970’s and 1980’s technology.  The F-35 Lightning is a fifth generation aircraft with the newest and most advanced technology in the world.  If you are going to buy a new fighter jet that will have to last at least 30-35 years, you may as well buy something that will still be viable and extremely capable well into the future.

Price comparisons.

F-35 Lightning II

Unit cost US$191.9 million (flyaway cost for FY 2010)

F-18 Super Hornet

Unit cost US$60.3 million (2010 flyaway cost)


General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 51.4 ft (15.67 m)
  • Wingspan: 35 ft (10.7 m)
  • Height: 14.2 ft (4.33 m)
  • Wing area: 460 ft² (42.7 m²)
  • Empty weight: 29,300 lb (13,300 kg)
  • Loaded weight: 49,540 lb (22,470 kg)
  • Max takeoff weight: 70,000 lb (31,800 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1× Pratt & Whitney F135 afterburning turbofan
    • Dry thrust: 28,000 lbf (125 kN)
    • Thrust with afterburner: 43,000 lbf (191 kN)
  • Internal fuel: 18,480 lb (8,382 kg)


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Ain’t war hell?   Leave a comment

Full Metal Jacket is a 1987 Vietnam war film directed by Stanley Kubrick.  It follows the training of raw recruits at the U.S. Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina.   The training involves the mental and physical abuse of the recruits by their drill instructor Sargent Hartmen.  This is done to harden the recruits into non-emotional killers.  The young marines are pushed to the limit, some fall over the edge, but the ones who make it have become tough mean soldiers.

The marines are then sent to Vietnam in 1968 just as the communist Tet offensive is about to begin.  They get involved in one of the toughest battles of that war,  the battle for the City of Hue (pronounced way).  The marines fought door to door and house to house to clear the city of North Vietnamese commie soldiers.

One of the most infamous scenes from the film is the “crazy door gunner scene.”   VC stands for Vietcong, red commie guerillas.  Gunner says he has killed 157 people, and 50 water buffalos to!

 A very powerful song from the period. 

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Chinese news animation of American Islamophobia   Leave a comment

Found a strange Chinese animated news video reporting on anti-Islamic sentiment in the U.S.

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Polar bears and Husky dogs together   Leave a comment

This is a supplemental to blog entry Polar Ice Love In (still pictures) in category Furry Friends.

The dogs are chained up and therefore totally at the mercy of these big fair tempered bears.  This happened at Churchill, Manitoba.



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9/11 Truthers are somnambulists   1 comment

Somnambulism:  characterized by sleep walking, or in a deep trance.

Noun: Somnambulist

The 9/11 Truthers are a very large group of strange people who believe the U.S. government was behind the 2001 9/11 attacks.  They contend that a super secret group of U.S. intelligence and military agents were behind the event with the blessing of George W. Bush and his cadre of war hawks.  They believe that the U.S. government wanted a big catastrophe on American soil which would be blamed on Mideast radical Muslims.  This way the U.S had an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan.

  Believing that 9/11 was an “inside job” has become the mantra for many people who on the surface appear to be intelligent and not at all deranged.  But once you hear them speak and start to get their drift, it becomes crystal clear these people are sleepwalking and in a very deep trance.

 For anyone who looks at the actual events of 9/11 in an objective, logical and common sense way it becomes apparent that the empirical evidence  supports the official explanation.  Nineteen Al Qaeda operatives hijacked four U.S. airliners and flew 3 of them into the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  The hijackers were about to be over powered by passengers in the third plane (Flight 77) and corkscrewed the 757 into the ground.


Al-Qaeda had declared war on the United States 3 years prior to 9/11. 

 ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — A never-before-seen al Qaeda video obtained by CNN shows Osama bin Laden declaring war against the United States and the West.

 The tape of a May 26, 1998, news conference is among 64 obtained in Afghanistan from a source, who said the tapes were found in an Afghan house where bin Laden had stayed. Experts say the collection of tapes sheds new light on al Qaeda’s training, capabilities and mindset.

 “By God’s grace,” bin Laden says on the tape, “we have formed with many other Islamic groups and organizations in the Islamic world a front called the International Islamic Front to do jihad against the crusaders and Jews.”

  “And by God’s grace,” he says at another point in the tape, “the men … are going to have a successful result in killing Americans and getting rid of them.”

 They had attacked U.S. embassies in Africa and almost sunk a U.S. Navy frigate in Yemen with a suicide attack.  They were at war with America.  And many experts were predicting a big attack on the U.S. homeland just months prior to 9/11.

  But this doesn’t compute in the tangled minds of the Truthers.  It was an Inside Job.  The Truthers are conspiracy theorists to the bone.  Almost all of them believe the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour was an American controlled conspiracy.  And no way did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone when Kennedy was murdered.  Oh no, it was a team job involving the C.I.A., Soviet K.G.B, Cuban intelligence, the American mob and the World Wrestling Federation.

 After watching many interviews with the younger Truthers and even having an email tit for tat with the Truthers president Janice Matthews  (she was not very impressive with her counter arguments), most of these people come across as avid science fiction fans and comic book readers who believe the world is ruled by the Bilderbergs, Freemasons and Trilateral Commission.  They also appear to be very nerdy and geek-like.

 Two massive studies were conducted by the U.S. federal government.  The 9/11 Commission and the National Institute of Standards and Technology N.I.S.T report.  As well as many third party media outlets and organizations. All groups agreed that the terrorists were responsible.  But not good enough for the Truthers.

  The Truthers believe that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were brought down by a controlled demolition using a very rare high-tech explosive called super thermite.  Even though no security guards, cleaners or other staff ever reported that demolition crews were working in the buildings in the middle of the night.

 Demolition experts unanimously agree it couldn’t have been done.  Firemen at the scene said WTC 7, which collapsed hours after the first 2 towers, had an uncontrollable fire raging and many giant beams from WTC Tower 1 had fallen into it severely damaging the buildings integrity.  The water mains were cut therefore sprinkler systems were out of order and the fire crews had no water.

 There is a really clear and concise article done by Popular Mechanics Magazine that conclusively argues that no controlled demolition was involved.

 Debunking the 9/11 Myths: Special Report

  Turning our attention to the Pentagon attack.  Despite hundreds of witnesses who saw the 757 airliner fly in low at extremely high-speed and hit the Pentagon, despite dozens of airliner parts strewn around the impact area, the Truthers still believe it was a cruise missile or remote-controlled fighter jet that hit the Pentagon. 

  Even though the Truthers have no evidence, or no government officials who were in the know who have come forward, they still believe some super spy agency was behind everything.  If you factor in all the people that would have been involved in a conspiracy to concoct 9/11 it runs into the thousands, maybe tens of thousands.  The following people would have had to be in the know: building management and engineers, building security, demolition teams, the hijackers, many elements within the military, New York City police, city officials and firemen, federal and state officials, airport personnel, C.I.A., F.B.I, N.S.A. officials, journalists and many in the media that were part of the cover-up.  Thousands of people and nobody has spilled the beans.  Nobody has signed a 20 million dollar book contract to finally divulge the REAL truth.  Impossible!

Linguist Noam Chomsky stated that, regarding US government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, “the evidence that has been produced is essentially worthless” and while the American government stood to benefit from the incident, “every authoritarian system in the world gained from September 11th.” He argues that the enormous risk of an information leak, “it is a very porous system and secrets are very hard to keep”, and consequences of exposure for the Republican party would have made such a conspiracy foolish to attempt.

  The Truthers do not doubt their own sincerity, but they doubt the sincerity of anyone who opposes their views.  Anyone in government, the media, the field of demolition or any other 9/11 related area that opposes the conspiracy story,  is part of the conspiracy.

 As the younger Truthers gain life experience it may occur to them at some point in their lives that they were sniffing up the wrong dog behind.  Many people need big complex explanations for big events.  One lone irrational misfit could not have assassinated the President of the United States, it had to be a convoluted highly organized operation with many players.  Same with 9/11.  Americans were stunned that they were hated so much by certain foreigners that they would undertake such an attack.  It is somewhat soothing to think that the attack was a very professional inside job pulled off by those big bad sneaky Feds.

 9/11 did give Bush a reason to invade Iraq.  Something he was foaming at the mouth to do for various reasons.  Faking the capture and execution of a couple downed American pilots in Iraq would have been more than enough reason to invade.  They didn’t need to destroy skyscrapers, obliterate a few city blocks in their own country and kill 3,200 fellow Americans.

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Strange Winnipeg movie sensation: Phantom of the Paradise   Leave a comment

A movie was released in 1974 titled Phantom of the Paradise that received little fanfare in theatres worldwide.  However there was one little burg on the Canadian prairies that went crazy over the film.  This phenomenon was utterly incredible.  The movie ran continuously in Winnipeg during the winter of 1974-1975 and into the spring.  The Garrick theatre was the centre of Phantom mania with thousands going to the Garry street movie house.♦

Phantom of the Paradise is a 1974 American musical film written and directed by Brian De Palma. The story is a loosely adapted mixture of The Phantom of the Opera, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Faust and also briefly references Frankenstein and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Initially, it was a box office failure and was panned by some critics, but it was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe and has since acquired a cult following.

Curiously, the film’s major market during its theatrical release was in Winnipeg, Canada where it stayed in local cinemas over four months continuously and over one year non-continuously until 1976. The soundtrack sold 20,000 copies in Winnipeg alone, and it got Gold status in Canada.

Why this phenomena occurred in Winnipeg is a mystery that nobody can really explain.  Although some have tried.  The best effort at cracking the mystery and giving a detailed examination of Winnipeg Phantom mania is in a great article by a diligent local researcher and Phantom fan.  The site is:

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Winnipeg’s Waterfront Drive impressive   Leave a comment

 The new condos that have been built just north of CanWest Global Park on Waterfront Drive add a very positive ambience to the area.  Just 6-7 years ago that area was a dusty street with parking lots on all sides.  It was on the fringe of the Exchange district and besides the amazing turn of the century architecture there was only bars and office buildings. 

  But these new condos provide an astonishing transformation of the area.  The riverbank side of the street is meticulously well-kept with bicycle and walking paths, flower gardens and lots of open grass areas among the huge trees. 


  The Strand has been completed for 2 years now and The Excelsior for about one year.  The newest condo building is The Sky which is a big building that is very eye-catching as it curves making a big V shape.

And while I was in the area I took a few pictures of the Exchange district and the river area.

The Union Bank Tower that was built in 1904.  The first “skyscraper” on the Canadian Prairies.  It is currently under renovations as Red River College‘s Culinary Arts program, as well as student residences and a restaurant.

The River Rouge going down river.  Trying to make up for lost revenue when it was stuck down river about a month ago.


  The Gandhi statue at The Forks.  Many people must wonder who is that guy.


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Suicide camels being recuited by Muslim terrorists   1 comment

According to a report of the Sunday Telegraph,  Taliban terrorists are planning to use “camels of mass destruction” as a weapon against invading western occupation forces, reported Ynet.

The camels, the reports said, would be fitted with explosives devices to attack unsuspecting enemy forces. A detailed 37-page document revealed that shortly before the American surge in Afghanistan in the spring of 2010  the Taliban planned the explosive camel project in preparation for the American build-up.

The memo, which was reportedly discovered at the beginning of the American surge, was only recently revealed to the public.

This camel  (below) got cold hooves and chickened out, discarded its explosives belt and ran back to the herd trying to blend in, hoping nobody would identify it as a suicide camel.

The document was reportedly published recently by the US Pentagon on its website in handwritten Afghan, in the hopes of finding translators who spoke the native Pashtun dialect in which it was written.

Only camels that are indoctrinated in the segments of the Koran that stress martyrdom against the infidels will be recruited.

The camels may also be used to pull heavy loads of explosives near military compounds and ignite the devices.  Once blown to smithereens the camels will immediately go to camel Islam heaven where there will be 20 virgin camel mares waiting for the martyr.

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