Jet Aerobatic Teams from around the World   3 comments

Here is a list of some of the top Aerobatic Jet Teams in the world.  Most of these teams are military jet teams, but there are also a few civilian teams.

These teams perform high-speed intricate manoeuvres often involving extremely close precision formations.  It is very dangerous stuff.  The pilots have to know exactly what the other members are doing and where they are at all times.  Accidents have happened with loss of life, but it is very rare.

I have included 10 military teams and 3 civilian teams.  There is no rating as the criteria would not be uniform throughout all the teams.  Some teams, especially the Russian and United States teams, fly top of the line high performance fighters.  While other teams use advanced trainers. 

Lets get this list airborne.

Blue Impulse.  Japan.

Aircraft:  9 Kawasaki T-4’s, Trainer

Turkish Stars.  Turkey.

Aircraft: 10 NF-5A Freedom Fighters.  Fighter.

Patrouille de France

Aircraft:  8 Alpha Jets.  Trainer.

August 1 (aerobatic team).  China.

Aircraft:  6 Chengdu J-10.  Fighter.

Russian Knights

Aircraft:  6 SU-27’s.  Fighter.

Royal Air Force Red Arrows.  United Kingdom.

Aircraft:  9 Hawk T1A’s.  Trainer.

Snowbirds.  Canada.

Aircraft:  11 CT-114 Tutors.  Trainer.

Blue Angels.  United States.

Aircraft:  10 F/A-18 Hornets.  Fighter.

Russian Swifts

Aircraft:  6 Mig-29’s.  Fighter.

Thunderbirds.  United States.

Aircraft:  8 F-16 Fighting Falcons.  Fighter.

Jet aerobatic teams are not exclusive to militaries.  They are several civilian teams from around the world.  Below are the three most prominent.

U.S. Jet Team.  United States.

Aircraft:  4 Fouga CM-170 Magisters.

Team Breitling.  France.

Aircraft:  5 L-39 Albatross.


Patriots Jet Team.  United States.

Aircraft:  4 L-39 Albatross.

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3 responses to “Jet Aerobatic Teams from around the World

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  1. No Frecce Tricolori? The acrobatic team considered the best in the world? Ridiculous.

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  3. GREAT job

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