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Many people who do not have English as their first language struggle to speak the language.  But most newfangled speakers of English seem to master the language over a few years.  Except for one group. 

The French seem to have a hard time with certain pronunciation nuances of English.  A university professor from Montreal who rarely speaks English can sound like a back bush billy when trying to speak the language.  Third turns into turd, over there turns into hover dare, hockey becomes auckey and cows can become cowses.  I’m not quite sure why this is. 

Actually, I think it is because hard-core French people never think in anything but French.  Even though they understand and can speak English, they never think in English.  Even when they do speak English they are thinking in French and interpreting their thoughts into English words.  It gets very complicated.  m

Gilles Duceppe provides a brief yet concise illustration of this phenomenon.



Stop fighting heach odder.


And this joke also clarifies this occurrence.

  In Quebec , the French do not pronounce the letter ‘H’. For example Hot Dog is pronounced Ot Dog and Hudson Hardware is pronounced Udson Ardware.  

They also insert an ‘H’ where there is none, by saying Hany (instead Of Any) and Hall (instead of All). This explanation is for non-Canadians.  
One day in a French Immersion Class for 1st graders, the teacher was asking her class to describe the use of Ozonol. 
Little Mary got up and explained that she had fallen while roller skating and scratched her knee. She went home and her Mother cleaned the cut and 
 put a bandage with Ozonol on her knee and it was all better. 
The teacher was so proud and then asked other children if they had any explanation of the word. 
Little Pierre raised his hand and started to explain. ‘Well Teacher, da udder nite, me an my fodder are watching da Montreal and Tampa Ockey Game. 
An den my mudder start to do da vaccum.  Den, my fodder, yell at my mudder, ai, ai, ai, ai, Tabarnack Louise, put dat dam ting haway now or I’ll stick it up your hass …..Ose an all’.


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