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Throughout the history of aerial warfare camouflage has been an integral part of the fight.  From WW I to the present air commanders have conceived ways to make their aircraft less visible.

A French SPAD XVI from World War I shows its ground camouflage on the top surfaces and a neutral gray on the bottom.

In recent years new advanced camo schemes have started appearing on fighter jets.  One of the more intriguing is the Splinter camouflage.  The rationale behind this camo is that it confuses an observer as to the distance of the aircraft, depth deception.  It can also confuse the observer as to the direction the aircraft is moving.

Here is an example. A U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet.


A German Luftwaffe Tornado fighter.


Two more U.S. navy examples.



A Ukrainian SU-27 Flanker with splinter camo.


And innovations in aircraft camouflage continue.  New digital schemes are becoming more prevalent, including this fractal camo on a Jordanian F-16J.  m

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13 responses to “New fighter jet camouflage schemes

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  2. What distance do people observe aircraft from with their naked eyes? Probably not close enough for camouflage to even be visible I would think.
    I would suggest this camouflage is designed to foil digital cameras and image processing algorithms, which is really the way aircraft are observed currently.

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  7. The navy and f16 examples arnt spliter.. THE'”RE DIGITAL CAMO

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  9. New paint job, same ol’ anti-life machine.

  10. yeah, the Jordanian F16 image doesn’t seem real. I don’t know if thats just a preview image of what they will have soon/near future, but the image you have is something you can do on photoshop quite easily (I’ve done similar things countless times for my renders).
    Anyways that aside,
    are aircraft camos getting obsolete? Because these days its just neutral/sky grey and maybe dark grey (like the F15E). Makes sense if you think about their current operating altitude and mission conditions.

  11. Fantastic

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