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Smokey the cat has the loudest purr in the history of recorded purrs   1 comment

Smokey the cat’s loud purr has been likened to a lawnmower, a hair dryer and a “Boeing 747 coming in to land from a mile away.”

The cat’s owner, Ruth Adams of Pitsford, England, was so convinced the animal’s purr was the loudest in the world, she asked researchers from Northampton College to take a reading of it to try to set a new record.

The college said a team it sent with specialized sound equipment discovered the cat’s purr reached 73 decibels – 16 times louder than the average house cat.

Cats often purr when being petted, becoming relaxed,  or when eating. Female cats are known to sometimes purr while giving birth. Domestic cats have been reported to purr when injured, sick, in pain or dying.  Purring may have developed as a signaling mechanism between mother cats and nursing kittens. One theory is that it is not a sign of showing relaxation or content, but an attempt at “friendship” or a signal of “specific intent”. For example, when a cat is nervous and cannot escape the situation (at a veterinarian perhaps), its purr may serve as an attempt to avoid being hurt.  German ethologist and cat behaviorist Paul Leyhausen interprets it as a signal that the animal is not posing a threat.

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Why is CJOB a superstation?   1 comment

The morning talk show host for CJOB radio in Winnipeg Richard Cloutier keeps calling his station a superstation.  I’m not sure why he does this. The definition of a superstation is as follows:  a superstation is defined as “A television broadcast station, other than a network station, licensed by the CRTC that is secondarily transmitted by a satellite carrier.”

As far as I know CJOB is not carried by satellite.  Contrary to the term super CJOB cuts its 50 thousand watt signal after 7 pm.  Anywhere 100 kilometres outside the city and you cannot pick up CJOB.  I imagine it is strictly a revenue issue.  Back in the day I had to drive 40 kilometres east to listen to the Jets games. 

The only thing super about CJOB is the amount of commercials it spews out.  The referral to CJOB as a superstation by its staff is a promotional stunt.  The station basically has no competition in the Winnipeg market.  It is one of a kind talk radio.  That is why its ratings are so high.  There is no other similarly formatted station for a listener to turn to. 

So this superstation stuff is meaningless.  Nothing super about the station at all.  Unless one figures the amazing revenue a little station like this makes from incessant non-stop commercials.


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Steve Harper is infatuated with W.   Leave a comment

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The Misfits are fun   Leave a comment

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Taiwan’s Next Media at it again   Leave a comment

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Sale of Doomsday bunkers soaring   Leave a comment

More people than what you would expect are thinking the end of the world is coming in December 2012 when the Mayan calendar runs out. 

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A devastating earthquake strikes Japan. A massive tsunami kills thousands. Fears of a nuclear meltdown run rampant. Bloodshed and violence escalate in Libya.

And U.S. companies selling doomsday bunkers are seeing sales skyrocket anywhere from 20% to 1,000%.

Northwest Shelter Systems, which offers shelters ranging in price from $200,000 to $20 million, has seen sales surge 70% since the uprisings in the Middle East, with the Japanese earthquake only spurring further interest. In hard numbers, that’s 12 shelters already booked when the company normally sells four shelters per year.

“Sales have gone through the roof, to the point where we are having trouble keeping up,” said Northwest Shelter Systems owner Kevin Thompson.

A rendering of the 950-person bunker that the Vivos bunker company is planning to build under the grasslands of Nebraska.

Imagine living in very close proximity with a bunch of crazy religious doomsday believers for a year. 

A smaller version.

“People are afraid of the earth-changing events and ripple effects of the earthquake, which led to tsunamis, the nuclear meltdown, and which will lead to radiation and health concerns,” said Vivos CEO Robert Vicino. “Where it ends, I don’t know. Does it lead to economic collapse? A true economic collapse would lead to anarchy, which could lead to 90% of the population being killed off.”

The last time people flocked to purchase bunkers in such droves was right before the Y2K scare, according to Stephen O’Leary, an associate professor at University of Southern California and an expert on apocalyptic thinking.

“Tens of millions of people believe in a literal apocalypse, which involves earthquakes, storms, disasters of global proportions and especially disasters related to the Middle East,” O’Leary said.

Elan Yadan, a clothing store owner in Los Angeles, is one of the many customers who rushed to find a bunker last week. Yadan secured a spot for his family in a Vivos’ shelter, putting down four deposits totaling $20,000 — $20,000 that had been earmarked for a down payment on a new house.

“I honestly didn’t want to do it, but unfortunately it looks like the worst expectations about the world are starting to come true,” said Yadan, who had been reading about Mayan predictions of a global meltdown in 2012. “With the things happening this week, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And what good is a house if you don’t feel safe?”

When the survivors come up for air after the Rapture or Apocalypse isn’t the world suppose to be overrun with devil hounds, werewolves and fire-breathing giant rabid worms?  What in the hell kind of place is that going to be to bring up your kids!?

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Frank Drebin should have thrown Muammar al-Gaddafi out the window   1 comment

Back in 1988 Police Squad detective Frank Drebin infiltrated a meeting of terrorists and other bad anti-American people in Beirut, Lebannon.  They included  Ayatollah Khomeini, Mikhail Gorbachev, Yasser Arafat, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Fidel Castro, and Idi Amin.  During the brawl that ensued Drebin threw Idi Amin out a window after whacking him on the back of the head with a large metal object.  Drebin could have done the same with Gaddafi, but he only punched him hard in the face.  In retrospect Gaddafi should have went flying out the window.  And the problems the world faces today would not have happened.  In the hidden camera video below Gaddafi is wearing the officer’s cap with the red ribbon and the sunglasses.

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