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Nose Art   2 comments


Nose art is a decorative painting or design on the fuselage of a military aircraft, usually located near the nose, and is a form of aircraft graffiti.

While begun for practical reasons of identifying friendly units, the practice evolved to express the individuality often constrained by the uniformity of the military, to evoke memories of home and peacetime life, and as a kind of psychological protection against the stresses of war and the probability of death.

The practice of putting personalized decorations on fighting aircraft originated with Italian and German pilots. The first recorded piece of nose art was a sea monster painted on the nose of an Italian flying boat in 1913. This was followed by the popular practice of painting mouths underneath the propeller spinner, initiated by German pilots in World War I. The cavallino rampante (prancing horse) of the Italian ace Francesco Baracca was another well-known symbol, as was the red-painted aircraft of Manfred von Richthofen. However, nose art of this era was often conceived and produced by the aircraft ground crews, not by the pilots.

The Americans took Nose Art to a whole new level during World War II.  Nose art especially appeared on B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-25 Mitchells.  All bomber aircraft and many fighter aircraft had Nose Art.  At the height of the war, nose-artists were in very high demand in the USAAF and were paid quite well for their services while AAF commanders tolerated nose art in an effort to boost aircrew morale. The U.S. Navy, by contrast, prohibited nose art, while nose art was uncommon in the RAF or RCAF.

Some examples:








Bockscar was the B-29 bomber that dropped the “Fat Man” atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan on 9 August 1945.

Drawings of very attractive women improved morale.  Especially when these pilots had been away from home for months on end.  Sometimes years.




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Royal Wedding pompous extravaganza   1 comment


The Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is consuming more air time on the news networks than anything else out there.  All major news anchors are in London living high off the hog and trying to show enthusiasm for the blustery event.  Quite the pompous extravaganza. 




The excitement of the event seems to have caused Prince Phillip and the Queen herself to transform slightly in the head area.

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Birther wingnuts may have to shut-up now

A crazy right-wing conspiracy author by the name of Jerome Corsi was on the verge of releasing a book titled:  Where’s the Birth Certificate.  Another birther attack on Barack Obama. 

Corsi is quite whacked out. 

Jerome Robert Corsi (born August 31, 1946) is an American author, best-known for his two New York Times bestselling books: The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command (with co-author John O’Neill). Both books, the former written in 2008 and the latter in 2004, attacked Democratic presidential candidates and were strongly criticized for including numerous factual errors.

In other books and columns for conservative websites such as WorldNetDaily and Human Events, Corsi has discussed topics that are considered conspiracy theories in some circles, such as the alleged plans for a North American Government, criticism of the United States government for allegedly covering up information about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,  promoting the Abiogenic theory of the origin of oil (arguing that oil is produced from chemical reactions in the Earth, in contrast to the general consensus of the scientific community that oil is produced from organic materials, such as zooplankton and algae), and alleged United States support of Iran in its attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

But today, under unrelenting controversy over the issue, the Obama administration finally released the President’s long-form birth certificate.  So stop the presses, Corsi may have wasted a lot of his useless time.

Washington (CNN) — The White House released copies of President Barack Obama’s original long-form birth certificate Wednesday, seeking to put an end to persistent rumors that he was not born in the United States.

The certificate states, as Obama’s advisers have repeatedly said, that the president was born at Honolulu’s Kapiolani Hospital on August 4, 1961. Doubters insist Obama was born overseas — possibly in his father’s home country of Kenya — and may be constitutionally ineligible to serve as president.

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” Obama told reporters at the White House. “I’ve been puzzled at the degree to which this (story) just kept on going.”

“Normally I would not comment on something like this,” the president said. But the country has “some enormous challenges out there” that it will not be able to effectively meet “if we’re distracted.”

But this will not stop the radical anti-Obama quacks.  World Net Daily (a website for the rabid anti-Obama mentally challenged) is already talking about Obama having dual citizenship.  Because his father was Kenyan these nuts contend that Obama may have dual citizenship.  This makes Obama ineligible to be president.  Grasping at straws.  For some it will never end.

But for the idiot Jerome Corsi.  That book contract may have to be paid back to the publisher.  Bloody idiot.

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Leaders   Leave a comment

                                                                         When they were young.

                                                                                      2012 looming.

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Will Trump and these other nutcases finally give up on this Obama birther nonsense?   2 comments

 This birther nonsense keeps raising its ugly head again and again.  It is all a political ploy.  And to anybody with half a brain its time has run its course.  Palin was even back into this BS the other day.  It just shows how out to left field some of these Republican candidates are.

And the Donald Trump is using it as his main issue!  But maybe this is understandable.  Trump may be a financial wizard and blood thirsty wheeler dealer, but when it comes to many political issues he is on Mars.  The other day he said that if the U.S. commits troops to invading Libya the pay off should be that the U.S. keeps all the Libyan oil!  And he was serious.

And here is the refutation to the Obama birther nonsense again.

This is from  It is a really good site that investigates issues and digs for the truth.  It seems to be objective and unbiased.

Donald, You’re Fired!

Trump repeats false claims about Obama’s birthplace.

 If Donald Trump worked for us, we’d have to say: “Donald, you’re fired — for incompetence.” The successful developer and TV celebrity says he’d make a good president, and maybe he would — we take no stand either way about that. But when it comes to getting facts straight, he fouls up again and again on the basics of President Barack Obama’s birth. As a rookie reporter, he just wouldn’t make it.
  • He claims the president’s grandmother says Obama was born in Kenya. In fact, the recording to which he refers shows Sarah Obama repeatedly saying through a translator: “He was born in America.”
  • He claims that no hospital in Hawaii has a record of Obama’s birth. Hospital records are confidential under federal law, but Honolulu’s Kapi’olani Medical Center has published a letter from Obama calling it “the place of my birth,” thus publicly confirming it as his birthplace.
  • He insists that the official “Certification of Live Birth” that Obama produced in 2008 is “not a birth certificate.”  That’s wrong. The U.S. Department of State uses “birth certificate” as a generic term to include the official Hawaii document, which satisfies legal requirements for proving citizenship and obtaining a passport.
  • He claims that there’s no signature or certification number on the document released by Obama. Wrong again. Photos of the document, which we posted in 2008, clearly show those details.
  • He says newspaper announcements of Obama’s birth that appeared in Hawaii newspapers in 1961 “probably” were placed there fraudulently by his now-deceased American grandparents. Actually, a state health department official and a former managing editor of one of the newspapers said the information came straight from the state health department.
  • He claims “nobody knew” Obama when he was growing up and “nobody ever comes forward” who knew him as a child. “If I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten,” Trump said. Well, two retired kindergarten teachers in a 2009 news story fondly recall teaching a young Barack Obama.


The evidence that Obama was born in the U.S.A. is so overwhelming that we haven’t had much to say lately about the sort of bogus claims that Trump repeats. Hawaii’s top official in charge of vital records stated long ago, for example, that the confidential records underlying Obama’s official birth certificate show that he was born in Hawaii and is “a natural born American citizen.”

But when a leading prospect for the Republican presidential nomination embraces and repeats these spurious claims and groundless conspiracy theories on national television, we are forced to wade into this swamp once again. For details of where Trump goes wrong, and full documentation of the facts, please read on to our Analysis section.



Trump made several incorrect statements of fact in an April 7 appearance on NBC’s “Today Show,” and later in a call-in to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” In each instance he echoed claims that are often repeated by those who wish to believe Obama is not a natural-born American citizen and thus not qualified under the Constitution to be president.

The proof of Obama’s citizenship has long been apparent to us and, we think, to any reasonable person with a mind open to evidence, regardless of his or her party. The conservative National Review agreed as long ago as July 2009, when it wrote that “a few misguided souls among the Right” had bought into the sort of “foolishness” that Trump now embraces. “Like Bruce Springsteen, he [Obama] has a lot of bad political ideas; but he was born in the U.S.A.,” the Review’s editors said.

The proof is not just the official birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii, and made public by the Obama campaign in 2008. As we wrote when we published detailed photographs of that document in our “Born in the U.S.A.” article, that document constitutes legal proof of citizenship sufficient to meet all U.S. Department of State requirements for issuance of a passport.

There also were public announcements of Obama’s birth published in Hawaii newspapers shortly after his birth in 1961 (placed there not by his family, as Trump suggests, but based on official state records.) And the state’s top vital records official, Dr. Chiyome Leinaala Fukino, director of the Hawaii Department of Health, issued a statement in 2009 stating that she had “seen the original vital records maintained on file” and that those records, which are confidential under state law, verify that “Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawai‘i and is a natural-born American citizen.”

Donald and Sarah baby, put it to rest and get on with the real issues!

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The last of the Good Samaritans   Leave a comment

The Samaritans are an ethnoreligious group of the Levant. Religiously, they are the adherents to Samaritanism, an Abrahamic religion closely related to Judaism. Based on the Samaritan Torah, Samaritans claim their worship is the true religion of the ancient Israelites prior to the Babylonian Exile, preserved by those who remained in the Land of Israel, as opposed to Judaism, which they assert is a related but altered and amended religion brought back by those returning from exile.

Ancestrally, they claim descent from a group of Israelite inhabitants from the tribes of Joseph and Levi (another Benjamin tribe branch), who have connections to ancient Samaria from the beginning of the Babylonian Exile up to the Samaritan Kingdom of Baba Rabba. The Samaritans, however, derive their name not from this geographical designation, but rather from the Hebrew term Shamerim שַמֶרִים, “Keepers [of the Law]”.

In the Talmud, a central post-exilic religious text of Judaism, their claim of ancestral origin is disputed, and in those texts they are called Cutheans, allegedly from the ancient city of Cuthah (Kutha), geographically located in what is today Iraq. Modern genetics has suggested some truth to both the claims of the Samaritans and Jewish accounts in the Talmud.

Although historically they were a large community — up to more than a million in late Roman times, then gradually reduced to several tens of thousands up to a few centuries ago — their unprecedented demographic shrinkage has been a result of various historical events, including most notably the bloody repression of the Third Samaritan Revolt (529 AD) against the Byzantine Christian rulers and the mass conversion to Islam in the Early Muslim period of Palestine.

According to their tally, as of November 1, 2007, there were 712 Samaritans living almost exclusively in two localities, one in Kiryat Luza on Mount Gerizim near the city of Nablus in the West Bank, and the other in the Israeli city of Holon.  There are, however, followers of various backgrounds adhering to Samaritan traditions outside of Israel especially in the United States.

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Manitoba flood photos 2011   2 comments

Courtesy Winnipeg Free Press

The towns shown are St. Jean Baptiste and Morris.  Both located south of Winnipeg.






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Human Planet BBC trailer   Leave a comment

Go to full screen for this.

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Never transport paint in the back seat of the family car   1 comment

Appears to be from New Zealand.

Pictures of accident on St Johns Bridge …   
The people in the blue car had a 25-litre bucket of paint on the back seat. 




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Air Force One and its entourage   3 comments

When the President of The United States flies around the world he travels in Air Force One.  There are 2 aircraft that are designated VC-25 Air Force One.  They are 747 jumbo jets.


The Boeing VC-25 is the designation of a United States Air Force passenger transportation aircraft, a military version of the Boeing 747 airliner. The A-model (VC-25A) is the only variant of the VC-25.

The VC-25 is most famous for its role as Air Force One, the callsign of any U.S. Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States. The two aircraft currently in U.S. service are highly modified versions of Boeing’s 747-200B, with tail numbers 28000 and 29000. Although the Air Force One designation technically applies to the aircraft only while the President is aboard, the term is commonly applied to the VC-25s more generally. They often operate in conjunction with Marine One helicopters that ferry the President to airports in circumstances where a vehicle motorcade would be inappropriate.






When the President goes overseas in Air Force One a large support contingent goes with him.  Many aides and security personnel etc.  Many vehicles such as armoured limousines also go with him.  Even helicopters.


To haul all this material and equipment around the world the U.S. Air Force provides support C-17 transport aircraft.  As was seen in Chile last month, no less than 4 of these massive aircraft were in support.  4 of the beasts were parked in a row at Santiago airport.

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