Top Secret United States flying saucers?   4 comments

Are some of the strange circular UFOs sighted actually craft developed by the U.S. military?


The Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar was a VTOL aircraft developed by Avro Aircraft Ltd. (Canada) as part of a secret U.S. military project carried out in the early years of the Cold War.  The Avrocar intended to exploit the Coandă effect to provide lift and thrust from a single “turborotor” blowing exhaust out the rim of the disk-shaped aircraft to provide anticipated VTOL-like performance. In the air, it would have resembled a flying saucer. Two prototypes were built as “proof-of-concept” test vehicles for a more advanced USAF fighter and also for a U.S. Army tactical combat aircraft requirement.  In flight testing, the Avrocar proved to have unresolved thrust and stability problems that limited it to a degraded, low-performance flight envelope; subsequently, the project was cancelled in September 1961.

Through the history of the program, the project was referred to by a number of different names. Avro referred to the efforts as Project Y, with individual vehicles known as Spade and Omega. Project Y-2 was later funded by the US Air Force, who referred to it as WS-606A, Project 1794 and Project Silver Bug. When the US Army joined the efforts it took on its final name “Avrocar”, and the designation “VZ-9”, part of the US Army’s VTOL projects in the VZ series.

They say the project was cancelled.  But was it really?  These projects can operate in total secrecy as the F-117 stealth fighter and B-2 Spirit stealth bomber programs demonstrated.  These aircraft were war ready when they were finally revealed to the public.

Did the U.S. military misinform the public about the cancellation of the project?  Did they then continue on with the development of United States flying saucers?  The pictures below makes one wonder.













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4 responses to “Top Secret United States flying saucers?

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  1. I like the two “aliens” in the suits.

  2. Is the United States,keeping secret;the flying sauser ,away from the the public,and may I know why?because goverment is using our tax dollars;we the public has the right to know?it is not their private property,in the first place,billions had been spent on these secret projects,,which was meant for ,schools and hospitals,but some how channeled away,to the Flying Sauser project,we need an explanation or else we the people can sue the goverment ;for negligence,in using public money ,on these nonsensical,secret project,it its for the benefit of the public?it is ok,but hiding away from the public is illegal,null and void;because tax money is being used,and besides goverment enact their own laws so that the public cannot touch them or sue them.the goverment always say for National security purpose the public have no say what so ever;HELLO it is our hard earned tax money.

  3. The United States ?Has amass a whole lot of “Flying Sausers, Documents, from Germany;after ww-2,even the Laser-Beam weapon,is a Nazi german invention,America Russia ,and the British, as of now ?what we see in the skies ? around the world? are Back -engineered Nazi Flying Sausers ,Called the “Haunebu,there are three models of this Flying Disk: The Hanebu one,and the updated :Haunebu two, and an ;Improvise model;The Haunebu three,all three versions ?are “Plasma -powered” ,and uses electrodes ,under the skin of these German ,Flying disk;it ionized the air into plasma,and it is fit for Propulsion inside our Atmospheres ;only,Voltages of Electricity is provided by a Nuclear Reactor,to power these Disk at a range of 50,000 voltages,and its Speed is: 18 to 20,000 M.P.H. inside these crafts are?artificial atmosphere, and water desalination plants;and that is why we often see those Sausers over oceans and rivers!pumping water into the sausers. all food is dehydrated,to prevent spoilage!it can travel to San Francisco at 1 hour or less ;because of its immense speed.and the crew ?wears Anti radiation suits ,to protect themselves from the Nuclear Reactor on board.

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