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Tonight watching the Pittsburgh Penguins defeat the Colorado Avalanche I was struck by the similarities of the team’s home uniforms.  I thought I was watching the Jets many times during the game. 

I wasn’t that excited over the Jets uniforms when they were first introduced, but the look has grown on me, and now I think they are very cool.  The away uniforms also look great.  Go Jets, and lets lay off the penalties.










I am really enjoying watching the Jets battle it out this year, their first year back.  They play real hard and work their butts off.  They could almost have as many wins as they do losses, if it wasn’t for those continuous penalties.  The Jets are the most penalized team in the NHL.
Fourteen minors against the Buffalo Sabres alone.  Every game they are constantly trying to kill off penalties.
Coach Claude Noel has to bring down the law.  No more hooking between the legs, no more slashing in the chest area of opposing players, no more cross checking.  The referees in the NHL seem to have it out for the Jets.  The Jets players give an opposing player the wrong look and the refs call them for unsportsmanlike conduct.  So the Jets have to be very good law-abiding citizens. Don’t give those refs a reason.
We have been going through this for decades with the Blue Bombers.  The Bombers are the perpetual bad boys of the CFL.  Always the most penalized team in the league.  Sports referees and Winnipeg are diametrically opposed to each other.  So lets not give those zebras a reason to throw the flag or raise the arm.
Jets killing another penalty at Madison Square Garden in New York City


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