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Popular Science magazine had many articles devoted to automobile safety back in the 1930’s, 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.  The car explosion in those decades revealed many problems and concerns as cars became bigger and faster.  Many of the tips Pop Sci brings up from back in the day could be utilized in today’s world of mass automobile use.





Keep your eyes on the road!






If this cover image doesn’t terrify you into driving safely, we don’t know what will. According to the illustrator, driving 30 miles and hour is as dangerous as driving on the roof of a building.

Manitoba Public Insurance should start preaching these same basic rules.  I don’t know about the one of suspecting every pedestrian of suicide.

1. Learn to judge the conditions of the road and the drivers. 2. It isn’t how fast you can go, it’s how fast you can stop. 3. Keep one car length between you and the car in front of you for every 10 miles on your speedometer. 4. Suspect every pedestrian of suicide. 5. Every intersection is a crash point, so slow down. 6. Signal properly. 7. Expect the worst from the other car.


Get those brakes checked regularly


Speed limits in certain States back in 1960 was 30 mph.  That would be about 52 kph.


Keep those tires up to date and checked out regularly

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  1. My first thought, seeing that car going off the top of a building, was: “Now there’s something that hasn’t happened in Winnipeg. At least, not yet.”

    Love the Norman Rockwell-esque ’50s art, too. I wonder if everyone really did wear suits and hats while going about their daily business back then. A fascinating decade, even though some who lived through those years remember them as having been a bit dull.

  2. In those decades up until the 1970’s the vast majority of men wore suits and often hats. I have seen pictures of hockey games in the old Montreal forum and Maple Leaf Gardens and all the men are in suits. The stands are filled with 95% men.

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