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Here is a song with consistent rhyming.  It gives a whole new meaning to the word alliteration. The lyrics would also appeal to people who have the sky is the limit dreams.  Video below lyrics.

Big Time Operator by Keith Hampshire.

I started off a newsboy on a paper

 For a time I worked in an elevator

 But all the time I knew that later I would be a higher rater Finally, a big time operator
For a while I drove an excavator (yes I did)

 Then I became a wine and brandy waiter

 A builder, then a decorator

 Later on, an estimator

 I’m gonna be a big time operator
(Oh ya got to believe in me)
I took a job as an airline navigator

 Then I became a crime investigator (yes I did)

 For a time, a commentator

  Then I was an administrator

 I’m gonna be a big time operator (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Well dont you know I’m gonna be in the big time baby

 A big time operator

 I’ll have a whole lotta people workin’ for me

 Gonna have a chauffeur

 An upstairs maid

 Big limousine

 Racing sports car

  50 foot yacht

 Race horses
I’m gonna give new meaning to the word ‘big’ A big time operator now now


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2012 Doomsday Paranoids are going underground   1 comment


There are some people that just have too much time on their hands.  They let their imaginations run wild and start contemplating the End Times.  Then they communicate with other people of the same ilk who are also interested in the subject, and before long group reinforcement causes these paranoids to believe the end is coming, and coming fast.

They are not quite sure what is coming, but whatever it is, it’s going to be real badass.  It could be an asteroid, a tsunami, nuclear war, anarchy and the breakdown of society, famine, the rapture or an invasion by malevolent space aliens.  Whichever one of these calamities occurs, the paranoids are going underground.

In the United States there are many companies that have built underground survival shelters of all shapes and sizes.  From single family bunkers to massive ones that can hold a thousand people and support them for up to a year.  The single family private shelters cost millions of dollars.  If you are a blue collar worker you will have to rely on the sewer system when the space aliens start zapping the cities with death beams.  Getting a spot in the giant shelters is also going to put a hole in your wallet.  Getting a reservation in a big shelter costs in the range of $250,000.  But then there is high-definition big screen TV and tread mills provided.  As well as all the clean air, food and water you will need for up to a year.  But if the space aliens decide to occupy the earth, I wouldn’t want to come up anytime soon.

One of the bigger doomsday shelter companies is Vivos.  Below are some diagrams of the company’s shelters.




People that are introverts and like to be alone and have space to themselves should maybe find a cave instead.


The promotional images on the Vivos site intend to make people think Armageddon is a real and present danger.


Not all doomsday paranoids look as eccentric as this apocalyptic hillbilly.  But all of their belief systems must be as ridiculous and crazy as Mad Max pictured below.



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Psychedelic Rock Posters   1 comment


The rock posters below speak for themselves.  Many of the artists were more than likely influenced by the omnipresent mind stimulants of the 1960’s and 70’s like acid and mescaline.  The truth seekers (and just plain indulgent hedonists) of the period tried many psychedelics.  It influenced the music and the art of the era.  Undoubtedly the music and the poster art was greatly enhanced for the observers themselves when they were under the influence of the mind-blowing hallucinogens.
















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Humanity can keep its space-junk problem under control by removing about five big pieces of orbital debris every year from the huge cloud surrounding Earth, experts say.

Such an active remediation effort, combined with more passive measures like draining fuel from defunct satellites, would likely keep space-junk levels relatively constant for the next 200 years or so. And there’s more good news: We probably have a decade or two to figure out how to do it, researchers say.

“Orbital debris is a serious issue, but at the same time, the sky is not falling,” J.-C. Liou, of NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office in Houston, said during a presentation with the agency’s Future In-Space Operations working group Wednesday (Feb. 22).

“I think we can continue to manage the current environment for some time — maybe 10 years or 20 years — before we have to consider debris removal to better preserve the environment for future generations,” Liou added.



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Live And Let Die   Leave a comment



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Old Bigfoot photo   1 comment


It is not common that an important new Bigfoot photograph, such as that on the facing page, comes to our attention.
This photo deserves to be the object of study, for it is part of a complex case that has been playing out for decades.
An investigation of the photograph means a trip back to the birth of Bigfoot in 1958 and a brief glance into the most holy of Bigfoot artifacts — the Patterson Bigfoot film. The photograph was sent to Strange Magazine contributing editor Mark Opsasnick, accompanied by a letter from Raymond L. (Ray) Wallace of Toledo, Washington, dated September 21, 1993. Ray Wallace wrote the following about the photograph:

“Here is a picture of a female Big Foot… I bought it, the negative, from a photographer who was up near Mt. St. Helens in March taking pictures when he saw this giant sized female sitting on a log asleep as she was so heavy with a baby inside of her that she could not move very fast, he said she would have [been] easy to capture while sleeping on this log on an old abandon[ed] loading site where they loaded out logs several years ago. He said she was just sitting out in the warm sun and went to sleep.”

I have spoken to Ray Wallace and he will not divulge the name of the individual from who he claims to have purchased the photograph. Wallace has said in conversation with the author that he purchased all rights to the photograph for $10,000 1. In a letter dated “January” (postmarked January 13, 1994), however, Wallace writes: “I just sent [Ray Crowe]… a picture of a pregnant female sitting on a log asleep on a warm sunny day that I took in 1990 west of Mt. St. Helens on an old abandoned logging road…”

I contacted Ray Crowe, director for the Western Bigfoot Society based in Portland, Oregon, asking about the photograph that Ray Wallace sent him. As a result of my inquiries, Ray Crowe has provided Strange with the negative that Wallace sent him and it is indeed the negative of the photograph that Wallace sent to Mark Opsasnick. This is all the contextual information that we have at this time.







Telltale signs of optical or computer compositing are not apparent. Therefore it is most probably not a model, painting, or composite. This would mean that the photograph is of a full-size “creature” photographed in its surroundings. The question then becomes: is the “creature” in the photograph a “real Bigfoot” or a “guy-in-a-suit?”
In a dark shot like this one there is little detail to make it possible to determine from the photograph alone if the entity depicted is a creature or a person in a suit. Therefore, the context becomes particularly important. We do not know a great deal about the photograph and have little expectation of learning much more. From what can be seen in the photograph and from what we know of its source, however, it would be prudent to focus our lens on Ray Wallace.

There at the Birth

In August 1958, the Wallace Construction Company — owned and operated by Ray Wallace — subcontracted to clear roads near the borders of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, California. The company was creating a new road in Northern California, along the western wall of a valley that surrounds Bluff Creek, which was to be the location nine years later of the famous Patterson Bigfoot film.







A bulldozer operator named Gerald (Jerry) Crew claimed to have found a series of footprints that led to his tractor, circled it, and walked away from the machine. The 16-inch-long prints were of naked humanoid feet with a 46- to 60-inch stride — almost twice that of most people. Later print discoveries and other odd events led to the story being carried across the country via the wire services and Bigfoot was “born” and named.2,3

The connection between the case that gave birth to Bigfoot and Ray Wallace is largely ignored in Bigfoot circles. In his book Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life and his article on the case in True magazine, Ivan T. Sanderson mentions Wallace in connection with the original Bluff Creek case, portraying him as the skeptical, pragmatic contractor. John Green, in Sasquatch: the Apes Among Us, devotes hundreds of pages to obscure Bigfoot-like accounts, but manages to ignore Ray Wallace completely! In Dr. Grover Krantz’s book Big Footprints, Wallace is not even mentioned. Since 1958, however, Wallace has claimed to have seen Bigfoot — and many members of his clan — numerous times, and has allegedly filmed the creatures repeatedly. He also has a collection of footprint casts. Why would Wallace, the owner of so much Bigfoot footage and so many footprint casts — not to mention being an eyewitness to many alleged Bigfoot encounters — have been excluded from, or downplayed in, most of the official Bigfoot histories?

Ray Wallace: Bigfoot’s First Cinematographer?

John Napier, in Bigfoot: the Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality, devotes one paragraph to Wallace, noting that it is claimed that Bigfoot has been filmed three times, initially by Ray Wallace, who says that he took his film of the creature in 1957 (prior to the first “Bigfoot” case in 1958).4 Napier points out that Wallace’s claim to have filmed Bigfoot so early in the game was only announced to the press in late November 1970.

These films — if taken when claimed — predated the famous Patterson film by ten years. If some still exist, they are important visual documents in the cultural history of Bigfoot.

Ray Wallace says that he has shot thousands of feet of Bigfoot film footage. Figures have varied from 6,000 to 15,000 feet of 16mm film. This amounts to hours of footage, which includes Bigfoot throwing stones, eating frogs, and so forth. Wallace maintains that his films, photos and tapes are authentic.

The Patterson Connection

In Bluff Creek, California on the afternoon of October 20, 1967, a rodeo rider named Roger Patterson and his partner Bob Gimlin filmed a Bigfoot, an event hailed by many as the single most important event in Bigfoot history and proof that the creature exists. This footage is one of the pillars of belief for the existence of Bigfoot. Ray Wallace, in conversation with the author, has said that he told Roger Patterson exactly where to go to shoot his film on that fateful day. Did Wallace, who was held in high esteem by Roger Patterson, know of Patterson and Gimlin’s agreement that they would not shoot at a Bigfoot if they found one! 5

The superficial resemblance of the Bigfoot in the photograph to that in the Patterson film should be of some interest. Both the Patterson Bigfoot and the Bigfoot in the Wallace photograph are said to be females, both are rather bulky (as opposed to the “creatures” in most known hoax footage), and both have a head that is somewhat pointed.

A Role Worthy of Attention

Ray Wallace, now 75, prefers to stay behind-the-scenes these days. He is not out to make money on his photographs or films, or to get publicity. A successful and generous individual, he has given away hundreds of Bigfoot photographs and posters to students internationally and has owned a free petting zoo full of rare animals, for the benefit of children. Ray’s association with Bigfoot is a big part of his life — enough so that Bigfoot put in an appearance at his fiftieth wedding anniversary party. Raymond L. Wallace is an interesting and unusual individual who has been marginalized out of the generally accepted history of Bigfoot.6Yet he was not only “there at the birth” but also believes that he may have taken the first Bigfoot movie footage. The facts that “Bigfoot’s birth” and the taking of the Patterson film were both in Wallace’s “backyard” are worthy of our attention.

Bigfoot expert Mark Opsasnick, author of The Bigfoot Digest, opines that, “If one does objective research into the origin of Bigfoot, it is obvious that the role Wallace played in the creation and development of Bigfoot cannot be ignored. He was there when the term ‘Bigfoot’ originated in 1958 as an important player in the case surrounding Jerry Crew, and Roger Patterson consulted with him repeatedly. This is a fact ignored by the contemporary Bigfoot investigators.” Opsasnick concludes that, “It is quite conceivable that if there had been no Ray Wallace, there would be no Bigfoot as we know it today.

We look forward to seeing other Bigfoot photographs and films taken by Ray Wallace, a man who has had a pivotal behind-the scenes role in the unwritten history of America’s favorite hairy man- monster.



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Don’t throw out the Koran with the bath water!   2 comments


We all know by now how much Muslims worship their holy book The Koran.  So why was it that American soldiers tossed a bunch of copies into the garbage heap?  It happened at Bagram air Base northeast of Kabul in Afghanistan.  The Muslims can be very touchy.  After all Bin Laden declared war on the United States because it helped Kuwait evict an invasion force from Iraq.  Don’t add fuel to the fire.  Double check all titles on books before they get incinerated.  Don’t burn holy books, don’t urinate on dead holy warriors.

The best remedy for this type of thing is for all western forces to get out of Afghanistan.  Let the Afghans sort it out.  These people are living in the dark ages.  Don’t mess with them.






Thousands of enraged Afghans have taken to the streets for a fourth day, after US soldiers inadvertently set fire to copies of the Koran.

In the deadliest day of unrest so far, at least 12 people died across the country, as mobs charged at US bases and diplomatic missions.

More than 20 people have been killed since the unrest began, including two US soldiers who died on Thursday.

President Barack Obama has apologised for the Koran-burning incident.

In a letter to his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai, Mr Obama said the books had been “unintentionally mishandled”.

US personnel apparently put the books into a rubbish incinerator at Bagram air base, near Kabul.




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Death from above   Leave a comment









“We train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!”
Colonel Kurtz
Apocalypse Now

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Roger Miller




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Goatee the surfing goat isn’t the first animal to hop on a surfboard, but it is the latest to receive media attention. Two-year-old Goatee, the pet of Dana McGregor, became a local celebrity in Grover Beach, California.

Dana McGregor says: “I just think it’s all hilarious. It’s just funny. Going with her everywhere and friends calling me up everywhere and just going, your goats famous…  You know it hasn’t gotten to her head yet. She doesn’t even know it and that’s probably a good thing.”

Mr McGregor had bought Goatee to eat weeds in his garden but soon became fond of her and kept her as a pet. He discovered her hidden talent after taking her to the beach for a treat.

This guy definitely has a thing going on with this goat. Lets just hope surfing and hugging is as far as it goes.


























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