How intelligent is the average House Cat?   2 comments


I love cats.  They just have such cute faces.  But sometimes I wonder about their intelligence.  I own a eighteen pound old tomcat and at times he seems to demonstrate Einstein like intelligence.  He can weave and jump off walls and drink out of the tap. But lordy can he be stupid.  Everything he does seems to revolve around his stomach.  His reality is food, especially human food.  This cat eats and watches TV, he only watches certain shows, all food shows.

Get a load of this Fat Cat




The brain of the domesticated cat is about 5 centimeters (2 inches) long and weighs 25-30 grams (0.9 to 1.1 ounces).  If a theoretical cat is taken to be 60 cm long with a weight of 3.3 kg, then the brain would be at 0.90% (0.91%) of its total body mass, compared to 2.00% (2.33%) of total body mass in the average human. Within the encephalization quotient proposed by Jerison in 1973, values above 1 are classified big brained, lower than 1 are small brained.  The domestic cat is attributed a value of between 1 – 1.71 relative to human value that is 7.44 – 7.8  The largest brain in the cat kingdom are those of the tigers in Java and Bali, of which the largest relative brain size within the pantera is the tigris.  It is debated whether there exists a causal relationship between brain size and intelligence in vertebrates. Correlations have been shown between these factors in a number of experiments, however correlation does not imply causation. Most experiments involving the relevance of brain size to intelligence hinge on the assumption that complex behavior requires a complex (and therefore intelligent) brain, however, this connection has not been consistently demonstrated.

The surface area of a cat’s cerebral cortex is approximately 83 cm² whereas the human brain has a surface area of about 2500 cm².  A theoretical cat weighing 3,500 grams has a cerebellum weighing 5.3 grams, this 0.17% of the total weight comparible to 4.22% in the human.






Although the House Cat can be really dumb at times, they are just so bloody good looking that I forgive their transgressions and just want to cuddle with the little bugger.




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  1. Come on, Mark! You know there’s nothing dumb about a cat!!! They just do dumb things at times, and I’m convinced they do it just to get a reaction from us humans! My Cleo watches TV too, especially if there’s an animal of some sort, and she likes some music. She prefers jazz or classical, as long as the sounds aren’t harsh – but isn’t fond of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Too bad! I’m the Alpha Female, and I decide what music is on in my . . . . er . . . . Cleo’s house.

  2. My cat attempts to eat herself. Ten times a day! She’s a real sharp one.

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