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The Free Press had a story today where is was purported by a spokesperson from the Winnipeg Police Service that the downtown has become safer.  Part of the story below:

Winnipeg Police say they are making progress on developing a downtown safety strategy.

Staff Sgt. Andy Golebioski said that while the strategy, which was announced in November 2011, remains a work-in-progress, the WPS has implemented some initiatives towards that goal, including:

– A 16-person foot patrol unit.

– Expansion of the Closed Circuit Television network (CCTV).

The downtown safety initiative was part of an overall crime-reduction strategy that Chief Keith McCaskill promised to implement last November.

Golebioski said the downtown safety component has not been fully completed but added the WPS wanted the public to know that they are continuing to work on it and have some components, while not all the pieces.

“What this is is the first public education effort of what’s going to be a number of components that are going to be tasked with over time,” Golebioski said. “We could have waited until everything was all done, but we thought why not start with getting the message out to the public now.”

Downtown is undergoing a dramatic change, Golebioski said, adding it’s important that the area be considered safe and be safe if business is going to continue to invest there and if people are going to visit and live there.

I live, work and for the most part play downtown.  It most definitely has become safer over the last 2 years.  The major reason for this I contend was the introduction of the police Cadets into the mix.  The Downtown Biz Redshirt security patrols do a good job but they don’t have the teeth the Cadet Blueshirts have.  The Blueshirts have police arrest powers, and they use them.  Any obnoxious drunken individual spotted downtown is immediately cuffed, thrown in the Cadetmobile, they also have a paddy wagon, and hauled off to the notoriously infamous Drunk Tank on Henry Ave.






Before the Cadets arrived on the scene there was a constant problem with a Disadvantaged Troublesome Ethnic Group, we all know who I am referring to here, so I will just refer to this group as the DTEG.  Ninety percent of the problems downtown come from individual DTEG’s.  Two years ago I would be constantly approached by intoxicated DTEG’s who wanted a smoke, were panhandling, would be urinating on the side of a building, screaming at each other in the middle of the street and were just basically hell raising all over the place.  You do not see these types of people anymore.

A few weeks back I saw two extremely drunk DTEG’s urinating in the bushes across Graham Ave. from the Millenium Library.  After they finished their nature call they trogged off towards CityPlace.  Within minutes the Blueshirts had them up against the wall and were handcuffing them.  Off to the drunk tank for those mid-day party boys.  I have never been in the drunk tank myself, but I know people who have.  And to call it a hell hole is an understatement.  Soiled mattresses on a cement floor with a sewer hole in the middle of the room.  A great deterrent to keep the drunken bums from committing indiscretions downtown.

I have also noticed more police officers on foot patrol, which is another good deterrent.  During the day downtown is more relaxing to walk around in.  You don’t have to worry about being hassled by the drunk DTEG’s who used to wonder aimlessly from potential victim to potential victim.  Nighttime in the downtown still needs work.  The wrong place at the wrong time and trouble could ensue.  But overall I give the new downtown safety reality a 4 out of 5 star rating.



The downtown can be a very enjoyable place to be.  It has many plants and flower beds strewn across the area, good restaurants and bars, nice patios and many very attractive ladies walking around.  And with the Cadets at the helm it is now a much safer place to be.










Winnipeg Crime Stat Update


After a blistering start the homicide rate in Winnipeg has levelled off.  It looked like Winnipeg was going to surpass last years record 41 homicides hands down.  But many of the stabbing victims from the DTEG’s drinking parties did not have life threatening wounds.  Either that or they are so tough and have hides like leather that a knife stab that would take down a wild hog only maims them.  And life in The Peg goes on.


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  1. That’s great news! I doubt the problem of DTEGs will ever be completely solved, and downtown will still be a scary place after dark, but any improvement is good news! The danger may be that the DTEGs will only be pushed out of downtown, and into other parts of the city, e.g. Osborne Village – which is another set of problems (like the corner of River and Osborne!) Hopefully the day will come when you can feel as safe in downtown Winnipeg as you felt in downtown Halifax!

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