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Today the Winnipeg Police received an apology from some idiot who decided to make up a story that he was brought on a “starlight” ride by city cops.  Evan Maude, a young Aboriginal male, claimed he was driven in a police car in the middle of winter outside city limits and told by the officers to walk back.  It was just a made up stupid lie.  Why this cretin decided to make up the lie is anybody’s guess.  Maybe he had family, who in his mind, had been mistreated by the police.  Or maybe he was acting out a fantasy based on the true “starlight” rides the Saskatoon police take intoxicated and troublesome Aboriginals on.

In my opinion the Winnipeg Police Service does an excellent job.  Winnipeg is a rough and tumble city.  Tough people from working class neighbourhoods who grow up not liking cops.  Many immigrants from Africa and Asia who from experience in their homelands see police as corrupt thugs.  And the huge Aboriginal population of Winnipeg.  Almost every Aboriginal person knows some family member or friend who has had a run in with the cops or been arrested.  Aboriginals make up 10 percent of the Manitoba population, but they make up 60 percent of the jail and prison population.  Therefore Winnipeg police and Aboriginal people are very well acquainted indeed.

But except for a few rare cases that span decades, there has never really been animosity in Winnipeg between the Aboriginal community and the police.  The Winnipeg police are never accused of blatant racism.  Not so in the fair city of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  On a CBC documentary the other night it was astounding how the large Aboriginal community in that city is terrified of the Thunder Bay cops.  They don’t trust the cops, they are scared at the sight of police cars and they claimed that police physical abuse is rampant. Why is there this difference between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay?  There could be hundreds of reasons.  Suffice it to say Winnipeg police seem to have very sound tactics and strategies when dealing with minority groups.  They appear to show respect and patience, thereby gaining confidence.

The Winnipeg police are also very good at solving crimes, especially homicides.  There are very few cold cases in Winnipeg.  The detectives find the killers.  But the Winnipeg police get a lot of criticism.

On a local radio station talk show this morning the host was talking about the “starlight” accusation and subsequent apology.  Many callers accused the police of abusing their power and being unfair in regard to charges being laid.  For the record most of these callers sounded like rooming house low lifes who likely deserved to be roughed up by the cops when they were arrested for public drunkenness or some other petty nuisance crime.  The criticism of the police also included speed traps, getting pulled over for a dirty license plate and other trivial nonsense.  The ingrates who were making the criticisms should realize without the police there would be unmitigated chaos!

One buffoon who called into the radio station said the police should try doing what he does for a living, a garbage man.  He says he really has to work, tossing those cans of garbage filled with very nasty things into the garbage truck.  But what the idiot didn’t realize is that garbage is quiet.  It may be heavy and smelly, but it doesn’t cuss at you, spit or vomit at you or take a blind sided swing at you.  I would like to see that garbage cement head break up a house party in the North End of the city when five sisters from one family attack five sisters from another family during a an out of control booze fest.  Now that must be fun!

A Winnipeg police officer makes a good salary when he gets to the five-year mark on the force.  But for the first four years the newbies get all the bottom of the barrel assignments and likely work the worst shifts, I.E the Friday and Saturday night bring the inebriates to the drunk tank dance.  Keep up the good solid work Winnipeg police.  You keep the bad guys in their place and make Winnipeg a decent place to live.


Salary Level

The Winnipeg Police Service offers a competitive salary in comparison to other Canadian Police Services. Once an employee begins their career and training at the Police Academy, they start earning an annual salary of $46,835.38 as a Fourth Class Constable.

As a Constable progresses through his or her career and providing they have met all standards, their salary increases as follow:

4th Class Starting $22.52 $1,801.36 $46,835.38
4th Class After 1 Year $24.56 $1,965.12 $51,093.14
3rd Class After 2 Years $26.61 $2,128.88 $55,350.90
3rd Class After 3 Years $28.65 $2,292.64 $59,608.66
2nd Class After 4 Years $32.75 $2,620.16 $68,124.19
1st Class After 5 Years $40.94 $3,275.20 $85,155.24

*Above salary schedule is as of July 1, 2012.

Note: Fourth Class Constables are on probation for a two year period.


Winnipeg police tactical unit during a situation where a gunman was holed up in an apartment suite.




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  1. I will second the motion. By and large, the force faces an enormous task. It is very fashionable to bash the service and the press seems to take every opportunity to do so. One aspect that seems to affect everyone concerns the traffic laws. Speeding and sloppy driving habits are epidemic in the city but stones are cast at the force whenever enforcement is ratcheted up. For example, asking each shift to enforce one traffic law is controversial and seen as a money grab. Drive anywhere in The Peg for twenty minutes and you are bound to come up with one, and don’t forget your own driving. The chief of police has a daunting task but he seems to be on the right track.

  2. I’ve been scouring the internet for stories on Evan Maude & any opportunity to publicly humiliate him. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This just adds validity to the supposed “Idle No More” thingamajig. The police handled it with a lot of decorum. I would not have been so kind to a bold faced LIAR. Again…. BWAHAHAHAHA!

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