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A building in Winnipeg purported to be haunted is the Demon Hotel on Hargrave between Assiniboine and Broadway.

Esteemed demonology historian Nad Deene gives this description of the history of the Demon Hotel:

It is believed to be haunted by the damned souls who died within it’s walls. They say they had to close it down when tenants were driven to madness by paranormal activities.

There are stories of homeless squatters who have gone in and never been seen again. Sometimes when you walk by, you can see the faces of tortured souls at the windows pleading for salvation. But they say nothing, because their tongues have been cut out.
It all began when the Victorians built that Dalnavert house on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground.  The natives buried their insane there, who had been possessed by evil spirits. The house became haunted, and many of the family died under mysterious circumstances. Because of this the house was empty for almost a century. Then they built that museum around the house. The demonic spirits can’t stay in a place that is active and alive, so they fled to the nearest “dead” structure they could find: The Demon Hotel. Now they wait, for the unwary person who foolishly enters this abode of the damned.
Haunted block

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