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Rest their souls. Tight Brits try to save money by going to an Arab country for a vacation. The Arab world is in complete turmoil. They like to behead, torture, and eviscerate at random. Arabs are Crazy, beyond description. So the Brits go there and get shot down. Fools!!

As many as 30 Britons are now feared to be among the dead from the slaughter at a Tunisian holiday resort.

Though the figure of confirmed dead is still at 15, unofficial reports have warned the eventual total is likely to double once all the bodies lying in morgues in Sousse are properly identified.

Officials have had a nightmarish time trying to make identifications of people mown down while they were sunbathing in their swimming costumes, without anything on them to say who they were. But the hotel closest to where the attacks took place was used principally by British holiday makers. The numbers of Irish, German, Belgian and Ukrainians caught up in the slaughter is thought to be small. Two of those alive but critically injured, in the worst terrorist attack against British citizens since the London bombings in July 2005, are in a coma.

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