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Funny Movie Deaths that only Warped Film Writers could Think up   Leave a comment


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CF-18 Hornet Demonstration Jets with Super-Cool Paint Jobs   Leave a comment


The CF-18 Hornets Demonstration Team of the Royal Canadian Air Force use different striking liveries year to year as they make stops at various airshows across North America. The paint schemes celebrate different anniversaries and milestones such as the 75th anniversary of the RCAF and the Battle of Britain. The paint jobs are extremely eye-catching.


Here the CF-18 is shadowed by a NATO AWACS and CT-133 Silver Star.














English/Anglais 409 squadron Demonstration Team pilot, Capt Adam “Manik” Runge, in the 2014 Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Canadian Fighter (CF) 188 Hornet demo jet on the 4th of April 2014 at 4 Wing Cold Lake. .  This years’ demonstration jet marks 2 milestones for the RCAF. It is the 60th anniversary of 4 Wing, Cold Lake, and the 90th anniversary of the RCAF.  The jet paint scheme was designed by Mr. Jim Belliveau, and unveiled at a ceremony in 409 squadron on the 27th of March.  Photo: Cpl Stuparyk, Image Data Systems (IDS), AETE AE2014-086-02










Replica camouflage used by Spitfires during the Battle of Britain





Boeing officials delivered the first production aircraft from the Canadian Forces CF-18 Modernization Program, Phase 1, to the Department of National Defense in a ceremony at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. The Phase 1 program will modernize the fleet of 80 CF-18 aircraft to the specifications of newer models through avionics configuration upgrades.






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Modern Fighter Pilot Flight Helmets   Leave a comment

A flight helmet, sometimes nicknamed a “bone dome”, is a special type of helmet primarily worn by military aircrew.

A flight helmet can provide:

  • Impact protection to reduce the risk of head injury (e.g. in the event of a parachute landing) and protection from wind blast (e.g. in the event of ejection).
  • A visor to shield the eyes from sunlight, flash and laser beams.
  • Noise attenuation, headphones and a microphone (except when included in a mask).
  • A helmet mounted display, mounting for night vision goggles and/or a helmet tracking system (so the aircraft knows where the pilot is looking).

helmet nasa

SR-71 Blackbird pilot helmet. The plane flew so fast and high that the helmet resembles a space helmet.


helmet blackbird

helmet blackbird1

The Soviet (Russian) MIG-25 Foxbat also flew very high and fast.


helmet soviet mig 25

Chinese helmet variations

helmet chinese

U.S. Navy helmet

helmet us navy


F/A-18 Super Hornet carrier pilots

070525-N-0890S-021 PERSIAN GULF (May 25, 2007) - Lt. Cmdr. John Depree and Lt. j.g. David Dufault, both assigned to the "Black Aces" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 41, go over pre-flight checks prior to launch aboard nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Nimitz Carrier Strike Group and embarked Carrier Air Wing 11 are deployed to 5th Fleet conducting maritime operations and supporting the global war on terrorism. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice David L. Smart (RELEASED)


F-22 Raptor pilot helmet

helmet usaf


U.S. Marine Corp Harrier pilots always wear camo helmets

helmet us marines


helmets marines

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demo team

Mixed martial artist champion, Ronda Rousey, adjusts her flight mask in preparation for her Thunderbird F-16 Fighting Falcon flight at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., Nov. 9, 2012. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Larry E. Reid Jr., Released)


Royal Canadian Air Force

helmets canada


F-35 Lightning II

helmet f-35

Each helmet costs $400,000!


Vision Systems International (VSI; the Elbit Systems/Rockwell Collins joint venture) along with Helmet Integrated Systems, Ltd. developed the Helmet-Mounted Display System (HMDS) for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. In addition to standard Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) capabilities offered by other systems, HMDS fully utilizes the advanced avionics architecture of the F-35 and provides the pilot video with imagery in day or night conditions. Consequently, the F-35 is the first tactical fighter jet in 50 years to fly without a HUD. A BAE Systems helmet was considered when HMDS development was experiencing significant problems, but these issues were eventually worked out. The Helmet-Mounted Display System was fully operational and ready for delivery in July 2014.

The F-35 does not need to be physically pointing at its target for weapons to be successful. Sensors can track and target a nearby aircraft from any orientation, provide the information to the pilot through their helmet (and therefore visible no matter which way the pilot is looking), and provide the seeker-head of a missile with sufficient information. Recent missile types provide a much greater ability to pursue a target regardless of the launch orientation, called “High Off-Boresight” capability. Sensors use combined radio frequency and infra red (SAIRST) to continually track nearby aircraft while the pilot’s helmet-mounted display system (HMDS) displays and selects targets; the helmet system replaces the display-suite-mounted head-up display used in earlier fighters. Each helmet costs $400,000.

The F-35’s systems provide the edge in the “observe, orient, decide, and act” OODA loop; stealth and advanced sensors aid in observation (while being difficult to observe), automated target tracking helps in orientation, sensor fusion simplifies decision making, and the aircraft’s controls allow the pilot to keep their focus on the targets, rather than the controls of their aircraft.


And Lastly

ajets (2)


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Waco, Texas Biker Gang Shootout video footage released   Leave a comment

This is why Norwegians refer to the term Texas as wild and unruly.



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Strange Brews   Leave a comment

Very strange brews indeed!


grunge interior

























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If you want to convey a sense of lawlessness in Persian, Turkish or Norwegian, just say ‘Texas’   Leave a comment

By Ashley Cleek

In Norwegian, if you want to say something is totally out of control, you would say, helt Texas.




“It means like it was ‘completely Texas,’” explains Emilie Klovning, a student at Columbia University in New York. Klovning says Norwegians use the phrase to describe a situation that is wild and chaotic, like a party or if people go crazy after a soccer match. ‘Completely Texas’ doesn’t have a negative connotation, it’s just the description of a situation that is the opposite of life in Norway.

“[In Norway] everything is very calm. People strive to control themselves, their emotions, not get carried away,” says Klovning. “And if that ever happens, if something feels chaotic or there are emotions spiraling out of control, or people are talking loudly, then we would say, it’s ‘completely Texas.’”

Texas is not just an adjective in Norwegian. The first time I noticed it was in Persian.

Inja Texas nist,” says my husband, Reza Jamayran, which translate as “it’s not Texas here.”

For Reza, and other Iranians, Texas symbolizes a chaotic place.

“A cowboy town, where there are no rules,” says Reza. “You could be dead anytime. You should be careful. You should not mess with scary, dangerous people.”

Iranian use the phrase, for example, if someone is driving erratically, “it’s not Texas here…” means ‘there are rules here, and you should follow them.’

If something violent happens in some neighborhood, Iranians might refer that part of town as “Texas.”

In Turkish there’s a similar phrase, burası Teksas değil, which means the exact same thing “It’s not Texas here…”



While it’s easier to notice these turns of phrase in foreign languages, they occur in English too. It’s called metonymy —  using a word as a symbol for a bigger idea. When I was a kid, my mom would drive my brother to a lacrosse game across town, and she would complain that she had to,  “drive to Timbuktu and back.” I swear, for years, I thought Timbuktu was a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama.

So why specifically Texas?

“Texas is like the uber-United States,” explains Deborah Tannen, a linguistics professor at Georgetown University. Tannen thinks Texas acts as a stand in for an out of control place, because it’s both famous all over the world and still so foreign.

“I think the more exotic the source, the more flexible it’s meaning would be,” says Tannen.

And since Texas is foreign to Iranians or Norwegians, Tannen explains, it can stand in for things that are totally unacceptable in those cultures.



“Maybe this very famous cartoon Lucky Luke,” he wonders. “He might be from Texas. Have you seen that one?”

I have never seen Lucky Luke. In fact, I doubt many Americans have. Lucky Luke was originally a comic strip written in French by a Belgian cartoonist way back in the 1940s.

Lucky Luke’s a good natured cowboy who keeps the riffraff off the streets of his Texas town. The comic was super popular across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for decades. In the 1980s and 1990s Hanna Barbera, the producers of the Flintstones and the Jetsons, made an animated TV series. And that series was a centerpiece of my husband’s weekend cartoon-watching in Iran.

We found the Persian language version on YouTube, just like he used to watch.



Lucky Luke is riding his horse across a pretty basic background of repeating cacti, a mesa. It’s all desert and saloon doors swinging. This was what Reza figured Texas looked like, until we went there.

We drove to Austin, Texas last year for a friend’s wedding. Of course, Reza didn’t expect shootouts or bandits, but still, he was surprised. “Because it’s something that you heard about your whole life and then you are there,” Reza says. “It’s surprising certainly, but I wasn’t nervous.”

When we arrived, he called his mom in Tehran to say he was in Texas. “I wanted to see what’s their reaction,” Reza laughs.”Would they say, ‘Be careful!’”

His mom wasn’t worried; I could hear her laugh through the phone. The same way my mom would probably laugh … if I called her from Timbuktu.



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Australian Accent Is All Down To Early Settlers ‘Getting DRUNK Every Day’   Leave a comment

Aussies slur their words and use only two-thirds of their mouth to speak because early settlers spent most of their days DRUNK, academic says

  • The Australian language developed because early settlers were often drunk
  • Academic claims the constant slurring of words distorted the accent
  • The average Australian speaks to just two thirds capacity
  • The drunken speech has been passed down from generation to generation

The Australian accent developed because so many early settlers were drunk and slurring, an Australian academic has claimed.

The first British arrivals to the country were such big drinkers that the distortion to their speech caused a verbal hangover that persists to this day, according to Dean Frenkel, a communications expert at Victoria University in Melbourne.

Proud Australians may be offended by the claim, which comes on top of the unavoidable truth that Australia began its modern life as a penal colony for our criminals.




But academic Mr Frenkel unashamedly wrote in Australian newspaper The Age: ‘Let’s get things straight about the origins of the Australian accent.

‘The Australian alphabet cocktail was spiked by alcohol.

‘Our forefathers regularly got drunk together and through their frequent interactions unknowingly added an alcoholic slur to our national speech patterns.

‘For the past two centuries, from generation to generation, drunken Aussie-speak continues to be taught by sober parents to their children.’

Bemoaning the still ‘slurred’ Australian accent, Mr Frenkel continued: ‘The average Australian speaks to just two thirds capacity – with one third of our articulator muscles always sedentary as if lying on the couch; and that’s just concerning articulation.

‘Missing consonants can include missing “t”s (Impordant), “l”s (Austraya) and “s”s (yesh), while many of our vowels are lazily transformed into other vowels, especially “a”s to “e”s (stending) and “i”s (New South Wyles) and “i”s to “oi”s (noight).’

Concluding with a call for Australians to improve their diction, the academic added: ‘It is time to take our beer goggles off.

‘Australia, it is no longer acceptable to be smarter than we sound.’



The Australian alphabet that ‘was spiked by alcohol’ and that the distortion to their speech caused a verbal hangover that persists to this day


1788 – Colonial settlement established. A new dialect of English begins to take shape

1830 – By the end of the early Colonial settlement era major features of the accent, called ‘General Australian’, had developed, wi the country’s love of abbreviated words became part of everyday language

1850 – The Gold Rush leads to internal migration, spreading the general dialect around the continent

1880 – Extensive migration from England led to an emphasis on elocution and British vowels, which formed the Broad Australian dialect

1914 to 1918 – Australia’s national identity was galvanized during WWI with the creation of terms like Anzac and digger. Australians start to become proud of their accent.

1950 – In the second half of the 20th century, any emphasis on Broad Australian dwindled because of weakening ties with Britain and the General Australian accent became widely accepted as the national norm

1964 – The term Strine was coined to describe the country’s accent, which the majority of people continue to speak today   

  • Information from Macquarie University and Oxford English Dictionary



Previous accent theories have included suggestions that the Australian accent is a true reflection of the 18th and 19th century accents of British arrivals, while the American accent reflects the way 17th century early settlers from Britain spoke.

The suggestion has been that it is native English accents which have changed, while former colonies have clung to old ways of speaking.

Winston Churchill described the Australian accent as ‘the most brutal maltreatment ever inflicted upon the mother tongue.’

Aussie Drinking Slang

Words for “beer”:

  • grog (can mean any alcohol)
  • piss

Words for “drunk”:

  • legless
  • off one’s face
  • maggot (really drunk)
  • pissed

Different sized drinks:

  • schooner – 425ml glass of beer, except in SA where it is a 285ml glass
  • middy – half-pint of beer / same as a pot
  • pot – 285ml glass of beer in QLD or VIC
  • pint – 570ml glass of beer
  • long-neck – 750ml bottle of beer
  • tinnie – can of beer
  • stubby – bottle of beer
  • slab – 24 pack of beer


More drinking terms:

  • esky – a cooler
  • goon – cask or box wine
  • shout – to buy someone a drink
  • bottle shop / bottle-o – a liquor store
  • chunder – vomit
  • drink with the flies – drink alone
  • rage – party
  • skull/skol a beer – drink a whole beer without stopping

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Excessively Opulent Beverly Hills Mansion   Leave a comment

In the United States, and the western world for the most part, if a person is very intelligent, ambitious, is a workaholic and has a burning desire to make tons of money, opulence can be achieved.  A person can make many millions of dollars, or for that matter billions of dollars.  What to do with all that wealth.  The sky is the limit, i.e. private jets. But back on earth one can build or buy outrageously ostentatious mansions.

The mansion below is listed at 41 million dollars. It is 13,200 square feet and has everything a Saudi prince would desire.


beverly hills


beverly hills1


beverly hills2


beverly hills3

A lap pool that runs around half of the house.


beverly hills4


beverly hills5

beverly hills7

beverly hills6

beverly hills8

beverly hills9

Glass walled garage

beverly hills10

This is nuts!

The ramp leading up to a courtyard and the garage.

beverly hills11

beverly house 13,200 square feet

Beverly Hills, Oh my!


beverly hills12


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World Trade Center Site Steadily Acquiring Tenants   1 comment

It has been a year since the new One World Trade Center tower in lower Manhattan officially opened.  Four World Trade Center is also taking in tenants. Seven World Trade Center was built immediately after 9/11 and is already 10 years old.

One World Trade Center (nickname Freedom Tower) is the star of the site. Rising to a total height of 1,776 feet it is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It has 104 floors with the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors consisting of the observation deck and 2 restaurant levels. This is one super cool building.


Roughly 80 percent of the building has tenants.


wtc oct 2015b

The thousand foot plus Three World Trade Center under construction on the left. Seven World Trade to the right.

Completed Four World Trade as seen from One.


wtc oct 2015f

64th floor Sky Lobby

wtc oct 2015h

wtc oct 2015i

Office space on the 89th floor.

wtc oct 2015l

wtc oct 2015j

View of Four from One.

wtc oct 2015k

The Observatory and restaurant at approximately 1,250 feet above the street.

wtc oct 2015n


wtc oct 2015q

45th floor plans

wtc oct 2015 Floor-45-Financial

The dark areas with the crossing lines are public elevators.  The bigger ones are express elevators. A total of 72 elevators in the building.

Floor plans 65th floor.

wtc oct 2015 Floor-60-Creative-Agency



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Hillary Clinton gaining strong momentum in Democratic race for White House; Bill Clinton Beginning to have vivid dreams   Leave a comment


With Hillary starting to gain momentum in the Democratic race for president, there is beginning to be a very good chance she could become the next president of the United States.  So where will Bill fit in?  Will he be called the “First Man?”  And what will Bill do all day as he becomes a permanent resident in the White House again?  There will be lots of young attractive interns and other women running around throughout the building.

Bill is getting older, if Hillary wins in 2016, Bill would be 71 when he moves back into the White House.  Will Bill’s purported powerful libido still be as intense as it was when he was president? After all, it has been determined that Bill really likes the ladies, and has a hard time controlling himself if a woman shows interest in him sexually.  Monica Lewinsky understands this first hand.

Is Bill hoping for Deja Vu?  Is he foaming at the mouth about the thought of being surrounded all day by voluptuous young interns?  His dreams must be getting more vivid!



Bill better watch his behind, he doesn’t want to unleash the Hillary fury! A couple books recently contend that Hillary has slapped Bill around on a few occasions.  So if he is going to Tomcat around the White House, he better be very discreet.



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