Hillary Clinton gaining strong momentum in Democratic race for White House; Bill Clinton Beginning to have vivid dreams   Leave a comment


With Hillary starting to gain momentum in the Democratic race for president, there is beginning to be a very good chance she could become the next president of the United States.  So where will Bill fit in?  Will he be called the “First Man?”  And what will Bill do all day as he becomes a permanent resident in the White House again?  There will be lots of young attractive interns and other women running around throughout the building.

Bill is getting older, if Hillary wins in 2016, Bill would be 71 when he moves back into the White House.  Will Bill’s purported powerful libido still be as intense as it was when he was president? After all, it has been determined that Bill really likes the ladies, and has a hard time controlling himself if a woman shows interest in him sexually.  Monica Lewinsky understands this first hand.

Is Bill hoping for Deja Vu?  Is he foaming at the mouth about the thought of being surrounded all day by voluptuous young interns?  His dreams must be getting more vivid!



Bill better watch his behind, he doesn’t want to unleash the Hillary fury! A couple books recently contend that Hillary has slapped Bill around on a few occasions.  So if he is going to Tomcat around the White House, he better be very discreet.



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