World Trade Center Site Steadily Acquiring Tenants   1 comment

It has been a year since the new One World Trade Center tower in lower Manhattan officially opened.  Four World Trade Center is also taking in tenants. Seven World Trade Center was built immediately after 9/11 and is already 10 years old.

One World Trade Center (nickname Freedom Tower) is the star of the site. Rising to a total height of 1,776 feet it is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It has 104 floors with the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors consisting of the observation deck and 2 restaurant levels. This is one super cool building.


Roughly 80 percent of the building has tenants.


wtc oct 2015b

The thousand foot plus Three World Trade Center under construction on the left. Seven World Trade to the right.

Completed Four World Trade as seen from One.


wtc oct 2015f

64th floor Sky Lobby

wtc oct 2015h

wtc oct 2015i

Office space on the 89th floor.

wtc oct 2015l

wtc oct 2015j

View of Four from One.

wtc oct 2015k

The Observatory and restaurant at approximately 1,250 feet above the street.

wtc oct 2015n


wtc oct 2015q

45th floor plans

wtc oct 2015 Floor-45-Financial

The dark areas with the crossing lines are public elevators.  The bigger ones are express elevators. A total of 72 elevators in the building.

Floor plans 65th floor.

wtc oct 2015 Floor-60-Creative-Agency



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  1. It’s not cool to use my photos without permission. Please remove them from your blog. Michael Lee

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