American fans P.O.’d as Grey Cup commercials are blocked in the States   Leave a comment

A few thousand American football fans PVR the Grey Cup championship game up in Canada so they can watch it on Tuesday night when there are no NFL, College or high school games.  However these die-hard football fanatics are complaining because the Canadian TV commercials are blocked by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC wants Americans to watch American commercials.  So the nifty Canadian commercials get bumped.

As Leerod Cowhoon said from his Birmingham, Alabama trailer park, “damn feds are taking away our human rights and freedom of choice. What’s next? A total ban on porn, greased hog wrestling and fully automatic machine guns?”

Leroy at his residence.



Leroy wants to see the commercials, they make him laugh so hard he almost splits his gut. He isn’t crazy about the game itself. “With that three down bullshit and twelve players on that giant gulldarn field a guy could get confused.”  But I need my football fix, and it beats Japanese football.

Some samples of the Canadian commercials that were blocked by the FCC:

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