U.S. Drone sends ISIS Barbarian Thugs to Virgin Paradise   Leave a comment

60 Minutes




60 Minutes reporter in the Joint Command Center in Baghdad that directs airstrikes against ISIS.

General Gersten is the American commander.

On their screens, live feeds from drones that record every minute of the war and scenes from inside Islamic State-held territory, like this one in a town in western Iraq that Gersten and the Iraqis were watching on September 11th this year.

These are ISIS photographs that General Gersten confirmed were from the same scene. In the town square, 12 Islamic State fighters were preparing to execute this man.

Gen. Gersten: They brought small children and brought ’em to the very front of the crowd. And we sat there helplessly. Calls are coming for a strike. We strike now. Let’s go after these 12 individuals. They’re going to assassinate this person in front of these children. But we can’t because they’re children. And we had to watch that.

Moments later the execution took place and the victim lay dead, shot by this man, once in the head, then once more in the body. The American drone stayed with the 12 terrorists.

Gen. Gersten: We followed them as they got into three vehicles and drove out of town. And then they made a mistake, because they always make mistakes. And they, all 12, went into a building on the side of a river. And none of those 12 came out.

Gersten told us this is the airstrike that destroyed that building. It’s one of more than 5,000 strikes to support the Iraqi army and Kurdish Forces on the ground over the past year. Yet the Islamic State remains entrenched in its strongholds.


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