The Crash of National Airlines Flight 102 in Afghanistan   Leave a comment


National Airlines Flight 102 was a cargo flight operated by National Airlines between the British military base Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai, with a refueling stop at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. On 29 April 2013, a Boeing 747-400 operating the flight crashed moments after taking off from Bagram, killing all seven people on board.

The aircraft involved was a Boeing 747-428BCF, registration N949CA, S/N 25630. It was manufactured in 1993 as a passenger aircraft and later modified for service as a freighter. At the time of the crash, the aircraft was flying on behalf of the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command.



National Air Cargo, also operating as National Airlines, is an American airline based in Orlando, Florida. It operates on-demand cargo and passenger charter services. Its main base is Orlando International Airport, Orlando.


At the time of the crash the airline had been operating between Camp Bastion and Dubai for a month. The airline said that the accident aircraft had originated in Camp Bastion, and then refueled at Bagram. The aircraft had taken off from Bagram’s runway 03 at 15:30 local time (11:00 UTC) and was climbing through 1,200 feet (370 m) when its nose rose sharply. According to an unconfirmed claim, a crew member was heard on VHF air-band radio reporting that some of the load of five heavy military vehicles in the cargo hold had shifted; the aircraft then stalled and crashed. The crash site was off the end of runway 03, within the perimeter of the airfield. All seven crew, all of whom were U.S. citizens, died: four pilots, two mechanics and a loadmaster.


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