Basketball player in TV show ‘Incorporated’ wearing Winnipeg jersey   2 comments


Flipping the channels around the other night I was surprised to see my hometown’s name all over the screen. On the show ‘Incorporated’ a guy is tossing basketballs around, what’s better his jersey has Winnipeg across the front. Winnipeg is not exactly a basketball hotbed. But what the hey.

Incorporated is an American television drama series. The show premiered November 30, 2016, on Syfy. Before its official premiere, Syfy released an advance preview of the first episode online on November 16, 2016. The story takes place in Milwaukee.

I checked the filming locations on IMDB and it’s shot in Toronto. So there must be a former Pegger with some influence regarding content on the show. Way to go!






In the vid below I dubbed music over the dialogue because of its use of obscene terms. This is a family blog, sort of.


Posted December 24, 2016 by markosun in Television, Winnipeg

2 responses to “Basketball player in TV show ‘Incorporated’ wearing Winnipeg jersey

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  1. I loved seeing the Winnipeg basketball jersey, too. Also, Winnipeg is mentioned in the December 28th episode of Incorporated, Profit and Loss. Aaron said to Reed, “When you said you were going to a better place, I thought you meant Winnipeg.” As a former Winnipegger, I’m wondering if Winnipeg is significant in the show.

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