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I am a news and current affairs junky.  I watch, listen and read at least 5-6 hours of news daily.  I am objective and quite skeptical.  I go after what I perceive to be the truth according to the evidence.  That is why I find the 9/11 truthers to be such idiots.  They have no skepticism.  They question the factual events of 9/11.  But they don’t question the outrageous conspiracy theories.  The theories have no empirical evidence.  It is all assumption.  The Truthers believe the non-believable.

I am open-minded.  UFO’s are a hard nut to crack.  They could be a multitude of things.  But on the other hand, the Sasquatch has some tenable characteristics about it.  Check out the good books on the subject and you will go holy F&$k, there is something to this.  I not kid, check the GOOD books.

Favourite movies are Apocalypse Now, Strange Days, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World  and Baraka.  I like hard core Punk Rock music such as The Misfits.

The world is basically a random series of absurdities.  So let’s go!

Posted December 6, 2009 by markosun

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  1. I am somewhat of a hedonistic iconoclast.

  2. I like your style Mark, good stuff here, keep it up.

  3. I,
    original born in Finland,brought up in Canada ( then Port Arthur = now Thunder-Bay, Ontario, Canada )
    now in TO ( Toronto, On, Canada )

    am also a thinker of all colours , religions, philosophies,
    economics in laisez-faire, capitalism, socialism even communism.
    social sciences, medical sciences, biology,
    and linguistics ( love of languages = philiology )

    english phonetics ( spelling)
    is crazy

    all sound same
    what confusion for a 6 year old student !!!!!!!

  4. are these guys all crazy as well?


  5. i want a pries list of your product and its speaction also photo if your intersed in india markiting they are to bayers in india

  6. Excellent blog. Liked the Lençois de Maranhão!

  7. Great blog man.

  8. Hi i would like to have more inf we are doing a documental in the jungles of Brazil and Guatemala also How much is the cost thank you ..

  9. Nice blog! I found a nice image of WTC on your blog. Can I use this image for an app I’m creating? https://markosun.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/freedom-tower.jpg

  10. Nice blog! I found this nice image I’d like to use, did you create this? Or possibly know where it came from? I’m wondering if there is any copyright for it that would be needed.

  11. Hi, I have a the same question as the fnando521 too! Id like to use the cartoon posted on the story about Samoa Air, do you know anything about it?

  12. Re Archive for the ‘Agriculture’ Category

    Look at the fifth picture from the top. What are those bubbles?

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  15. I love you!! from spain. Please carry on

  16. Hi Markosun, I have a request that I would like to submit by email. What is your contact?

  17. Mark, you should really get an email.

    Can you please remove this image from your blog?

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  20. I just can say thank you, I follow your website.

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  22. Nice blog! I totally agree with you on conspiracy theories. I used to be a skeptical non-believer in Sasquatch until my brother saw one. Now I’m not so sure. He’s not the type to just hallucinate, and I wasn’t there, so who am I to tell him what he saw.

  23. I am trying to contact you but do not see any contact information on your website. Could you please send me an email. It is regarding an important matter.

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