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Toddler helps his twin brother who is in trouble   Leave a comment


A two-year-old boy in Utah is being hailed as a hero after he somehow summoned the strength to move a dresser that had toppled over and trapped his twin brother.

The incredible incident occurred last week when the two rambunctious toddlers, Bodie and Brock Shoff, were climbing on top of the set of drawers and their combined weight caused it to fall to the floor.

In the process, Brock became dangerously wedged under the dresser, much to the consternation of his brother Bodie.

Rather than run and get help, the level-headed youngster simply regains his bearings from the fall, assesses the situation, and then sets about rescuing his brother.

Although the first few attempts prove futile, eventually Bodie seems to muster a miraculous level of force and actually moves the dresser from atop the struggling Brock, allowing him to squirrel out from the predicament.

Amazingly, the boys’ parents were completely unaware of what had happened until they spotted the downed dresser on the nanny cam monitor and rushed into the room.

Initially uneasy about sharing the video with the world, the Shoff’s ultimately concluded that the frightening scene should be seen so that other parents could be more aware of such dangers in the home.

Fortunately, in this instance, young Brock was up and running moments after being freed from the dresser, seemingly no worse for wear from the jaw-dropping misadventure.


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The Standing Rock Contradiction   Leave a comment


Pipelines have become the new target for environmental activists and Native protesters. They leak and break, no two ways around that. But they are the safest way to transport petroleum. Standing Rock is all about protecting water and a protest against energy corporations. The protesters have a lot of credible arguments regarding these concerns. Some of the protesters are actually calling for a world with no more oil. Great idea, but where are the electric cars that are practical? Some jurisdictions are almost there, Denmark should be 100% renewable by 2030. The vast majority of their renewable energy will be wind power. California is on the way to 100% renewable by 2050, mainly wind and solar energy. The Golden State has been building massive solar energy complexes over the past five years.

Wishful thinking at this point. The masses are in love with their automobiles. Society is physically structured around the car. The sprawling suburbs, people that commute to the city from satellite towns many kilometers outside the metro areas. People will not stop using their vehicles to the maximum. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I live in downtown Winnipeg and walk to work and shopping etc. I use public transit to get to the big malls and visit relatives in the burbs. Occasionally I rent a vehicle to get out of the city. But my situation is part of a tiny minority that live like this.

We are many decades away from a complete transformation to renewable energy. Petroleum is used by many eco/activists on a daily basis and they don’t even realize it. Plastics, clothes, upholstery, asphalt to name a few.

Getting back to Standing Rock. Look closely at the photos below of the protest site.






For crying out loud it looks like a car dealership auto mall!!

You Standing Rock idealists, you like to protest, but you are no different that the next person. You love your car!

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