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CNN brings together political panel of 100 politicos from all stripes of the political spectrum   Leave a comment


I wonder if they will all get a chance to spew their partisan rhetoric.


JustĀ in case the panel above degenerates into a cacophonous squabble fest of outrageous uproariousness, CNN has assembled a smaller more intimate back-up panel.


Businesswoman in a Red Suit Standing Out in a Crowd of Businesspeople in Black and Grey Suits

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CNN and their voluminous political panels   Leave a comment


CNN is the undisputed heavyweight champions of big television political panels. Most regular networks will get 3-5 pundits to discuss the current events of the day on their panels. This way each pundit can put out his thoughts 4-5 times during the segment. With CNN panels, each pundit may get to spew his or her propaganda once or twice. Maybe more if Wolf or Andersen like them.

This is the panel tonight from the Democratic National Convention:



A panel discussing another irrelevant political event a couple years ago. Okay I photo-shopped this one. Borger, middle bottom, is shown in the panel twice.


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