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In Memory of Carrie Fisher: Leia on the Beach in the Gold Bikini   Leave a comment


In 1983’s Return of the Jedi, Princess Leia, played by then-27-year-old Carrie Fisher, is taken prisoner by Jabba the Hutt, made his slave and forced to wear a gold bikini.

So when Rolling Stone ran an article on Fisher and the film, a beach was the obvious place to showcase both the cast and Fisher’s interstellar swimwear (we’re guessing).

At California’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the shoot featured Fisher together with Leia’s dad (Darth Vader), plus an Ewok and a Gamorrean Guard. And a beatbox.

According to the bikini’s Wikipedia page (yes, that’s correct), Fisher’s breasts had to be taped into place to prevent them from escaping her costume.

Thirty years later, Fisher has returned as General Leia Organa in The Force Awakens. During the run up to the new film’s release, Fisher was asked whether she still had the bikini. “I wear it on special occasions. I’ve got it on underneath now. I wear it always, for luck.”

The Wall Street Journal also asked Fisher for her take on rumors that Disney will no longer market or sell “Leia as slave” merchandise. “I think it’s stupid,” she replied. “The father who flipped out about it, ‘What am I going to tell my kid about why she’s in that outfit?’ Tell them that a giant slug captured me and forced me to wear that stupid outfit, and then I killed him because I didn’t like it. And then I took it off. Backstage.”







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Kids from around the World with their favourite Toys   2 comments


By Kaushik

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti is always traveling the world in search of adventure, good stories, and interesting people. For his latest project entitled “Toy Stories”, Galimberti photographed children from around the world with their most prized possesion. He did not expect to uncover much we did not already know. “At their age, they are pretty all much the same,” is his conclusion after 18 months working on the project. “They just want to play.”

But it’s how they play that seemed to differ from country to country. Galimberti found that children in richer countries were more possessive with their toys. “At the beginning, they wouldn’t want me to touch their toys, and I would need more time before they would let me play with them,” says the Italian photographer. “In poor countries, it was much easier. Even if they only had two or three toys, they didn’t really care. In Africa, the kids would mostly play with their friends outside.”

However, there are many similarities in which the kids regard their toys, especially when it comes to their function. Galimberti met a six-year-old boy in Texas and a four-year-old girl in Malawi who both maintained their plastic dinosaurs would protect them from the dangers that await them at night. More common was how the toys reflected the world each child was born into – the girl from an affluent Mumbai family loves Monopoly, because she likes the idea of building houses and hotels, while the boy from rural Mexico loves trucks, because he sees them rumbling through his village to the nearby sugar plantation every day. A Lativian kid plays with miniature cars because his mother drove a taxi, while the daughter of an Italian farmer has an assortment of plastic rakes, hoes and spades.

Working for Toy Stories, Galimberti learned as much about the parents as he learned about the children. Parents from the Middle East and Asia, he found, would push their children to be photographed even if they were initially nervous or upset, while South American parents were “really relaxed, and said I could do whatever I wanted as long as their child didn’t mind”.



Watcharapom – Bangkok, Thailand



Stella – Montecchio, Italy



Ralf – Riga, Latvia



Botlhe – Maun, Botswana



Orly – Brownsville, Texas



Noel – Dallas, Texas



Maudy – Kalulushi, Zambia



Li Yi Chen – Shenyang, China



Chiwa – Mchinji, Malawi



Davide – La Valletta, Malta



Cun Zi Yi – Chongqing, China



Arafa & Aisha – Bububu, Zanzibar



Tyra – Stockholm, Sweden

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The Heights of Hollywood celebrities and World leaders, as if it matters.   Leave a comment

Tall, small, big, short, it makes no difference. Unless of course you are a middle linebacker or a jockey. Despite the trivial nature of this post, there are some surprising revelations here.  Never realized Snooky was 4’8″, and Seth Green was 5’4″.

There is a bit of redundancy here, it was necessary to include as many people as possible.








World leaders


Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is 6’2″.

Heights of leaders – past and present
Name Height, Cm Height, Feet and inches (rounded to nearest) Country (leader of )
Abdelaziz Bouteflika 159 5’2 Algeria
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner 164 5’4 Argentina
Julia Eileen Gillard 166 5’5 Australia
Stephen Harper 188 6’2 Canada
Fidel Castro 190 6’3 Cuba
Tarja Halonen 172 5’8 Finland
François Hollande 170 5’7 France
Nicolas Sarkozy 165 5’5 France
Napoleon 168 5’6 France
Jacques Chirac 189 6’2 France
François Mitterrand 172 5’7 France
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing 189 6’2 France
Georges Pompidou 181 5’11 France
Charles de Gaulle 196 6’5 France
Angela Merkel 165 5’5 Germany
Gerhard Schröder 174 5’8 Germany
Helmut Kohl 193 6’4 Germany


Adolf Hitler 173 5’8 Germany
Viktor Orban 174 5’8 Hungary
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 157 5’2 Iran
Saddam Hussein 188 6’2 Iraq
David Ben Gurion 152 5’0 Israel
Silvio Berlusconi 165 5’5 Italy
Benito Mussolini 169 5’6 Italy
Yasuo Fukuda 169 5’6 Japan
Kim Yong Ill 160 5’3 Korea (North)
Muammar Gaddafi 183 6’0 Libya
Benito Juarez 137 4’6 Mexico
Josef Stalin 165 5’5 Russia
Dmitry Medvedev 163 5’4 Russia
Vladimir Putin 170 5’7 Russia
Boris Yeltsin 187 6’1 Russia
Vladimir Lenin 165 5’5 Russia
Tony Blair 183 6’0 UK
David Cameron 185 6’1 UK
Winston Churchill 168 5’6 UK
Gordon Brown 180 5’11 UK
Margaret Thatcher 165 5’5 UK
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil 193 6’4 UK
Sir Alec Douglas-Home 185 6’1 UK
James Callaghan 185 6’1 UK
Edward Heath 183 6’0 UK
John Major 180 5’11 UK
Queen Elizabeth II 163 5’4 UK
Harold Wilson 173 5’8 UK
George W. Bush 182 5’11 USA
Barack Obama 185 6’1 USA
John F Kennedy 183 6’0 USA
George Washington 187 6’2 USA
Abraham Lincoln 193 6’4 USA
Ronald Reagan 185 6’1 USA
Bill Clinton 184 6’2 USA
George H.W Bush 188 6’2 USA
Gerald Ford 183 6’0 USA
Richard Nixon 182 5’11 USA
Hugo Chávez 173 5’8 Venezuela

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Very fast Zombies and extremely slow Zombies   Leave a comment


Why is it that in some horror films the Zombies can run like olympic sprinters, while in other movies the Zombies are slower than a turtle on a beach?  I guess it depends on the plague that infected the humans and turned them into Zombies. 

In the 2002 film 28 Days Later the Zombies can really burn rubber.  It is almost impossible to outrun one of these Zombies.  In the 2004 Dawn Of The Dead the gruesome Zombies can keep up with trucks.  You would need a high-powered pick-up or car on a straightaway to get away from these things.  The plague in the latter movie must stimulate the adrenalin in the creatures legs.



On the other side of the spectrum there are movies that have Zombies that are slower than 96-year-old senior citizens.  In the 1968 Night of the Living Dead the Zombies are horrendously slow.  All a person has to do is use some semi-quick lateral motion and you can get around these ghouls.  Shaun of the Dead also has sluggish mutants.  Getting past these Zombies takes very little athletic coordination. 

The problem for humans in the slow Zombie movies is that they always get surrounded or trapped in a house.  The key here would be to stay in a big open area, like in the middle of a golf course or wheat field.  This way you could see them coming and high-tail it in the opposite direction.  And having a bicycle or roller blades at the ready would be a very good idea.


Very fast zombies

Very slow zombies


There appears to be a new kind of Zombie that would be very difficult to keep a safe distance from.  Especially in extremely cold climates that have many large lakes and rivers that freeze over.  Ice skating Zombies that wear Winnipeg Jets uniforms.


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Ghostly Apparitions of Slim Pickens Photographed Riding Various Weapons Platforms   1 comment

Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. (June 29, 1919 – December 8, 1983), better known by his stage name Slim Pickens, was an American rodeo performer and film and television actor. During much of his career Pickens played mainly cowboy roles, and is perhaps best remembered today for his comic roles in Dr. Strangelove and Blazing Saddles.


Pickens played B-52 pilot Major T.J. “King” Kong. in Dr. Strangelove. Stanley Kubrick cast Pickens after Peter Sellers, who played three other roles in the film, sprained his ankle and was unable to perform in the role due to having to work in the cramped cockpit set. Pickens was chosen because his accent and comic sense were perfect for the role of Kong, a cartoonishly patriotic and gung-ho B-52 commander. He was not given the script to the entire film, but only those portions in which he played a part.

One of the best known scenes in Dr. Strangelove had Pickens riding a dropped H-bomb to a certain death, whooping and waving his cowboy hat (in the manner of a rodeo performer bronc riding or bull riding), not knowing its detonation will trigger a Russian doomsday device.

Recently it has come to light that photographs of what appears to be Slim Pickens spook riding various United States weapons platforms. It must be that Slim’s soul can’t follow the path to the bright light at the end of the tunnel that leads to the promised land. In other words, his soul is suspended between the earthly everyday reality and the afterlife.  Poor bastard.

Various military analysts were astounded to see the phantasm of Slim hooking rides on the high-flying weapons. Hopefully Slim will pick the right door and move towards the bright light and ultimately the heavenly realm.

Below are recently released U.S. Air Force photos of Slim’s lost soul in ghostly forms.


In the photo above Slim seems to be relaxing on the wing of a B-2 Stealth bomber that is pulling away from a refueling tanker.


In a rare color manifestation, Slim’s ghost is riding a Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, better known as a MOAB. Hopefully he bailed out before it impacted the target.


A bewildered looking Pickens apparition checks in for a ride on the wing of an F-16 fighter.


In the mind-boggling photo above Slim is performing a hair-raising balancing act on top of a Predator attack drone.


Here Slim’s ghost is in the famous riding the bomb pose on top of a AC-130 Spooky gunship.

Rest in peace Slim Pickens.

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The Amazing Visuals of the World’s Largest Floating Stage   Leave a comment


When the sun begins to hide under the waters of Lake Constance, Austria, the formidable Bregenz Festival show raises the imaginary curtain on the world largest floating stage. From that moment, the 7,000 spectators gathered in the auditorium will dive into an overwhelming visual and audio feast outdoors in opera format.

Throughout its long history, the Austrian festival has built some of the most amazing designs ever seen on stage. An artistic and logistical effort to create a new project every two years, set in the beautiful landscape around.



2011/2012: André Chénier (Umberto Giordano), was inspired by the famous painting of the French revolutionary Marat.



Twilight on the shores of the lake. An extraordinary setting that no theater can match.



2007/2008: Tosca (Giacomo Puccini). The colossal iris transformed in a mechanical mobile platform, becoming a new circular stage.



2001/2002: La Bohème (Giacomo Puccini), updated the absinthe with Ricard pastis in the Latin Quarter of Paris.



Bregenz Festival productions usually tries to give a twist to the traditional opera repertoire, staging original and even extravagant plays.



1999/2000: Un ballo in maschera (Giuseppe Verdi). The image of the grim skeleton watching the tiny figures moving on a book-stage, is definitely one of the most memorable icons of all time from the festival.



1997/1998: Porgy & Bess (George Gershwin) reproduced an apocalyptic scenography Mad Max style. Originally the opera was set in the Afro-American population of the United States. From this play comes the song Summertime popularized by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, among others.



1995/96: Fidelio modernized the sole opera composed by Ludwig van Beethoven in a setting that turned the streets of lower class households in overcrowded prison cells



1991/1992: Carmen (Georges Bizet). Occult on stage, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra plays the music that touches the spectators through a sophisticated audio system hidden in the amphitheater. Also, when interpreters are walking, their voices move with them too.



Back to 2013/2014: This is how awesome looked the new stage for Mozart’s Magic Flute.



Die Zauberflöte had dragons connected by catwalks and an underwater railway to carry some set elements, like this giant crystal turtle.



Bregenz 2015/2016 is performing the classic play of Giacomo Puccini set in Beijing, Turandot.

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Abe Vigoda Dies, hopefully for the Last Time   1 comment

Abraham Charles “AbeVigoda; (February 24, 1921 – January 26, 2016) was an American actor. He was known for a number of roles, especially his portrayals of Salvatore Tessio in the Francis Ford Coppola film The Godfather and Detective Sgt. Phil Fish on the ABC sitcom Barney Miller from 1975 to 1977 and its spinoff show Fish from 1977 to 1978.




In 1982 People magazine mistakenly referred to Vigoda as dead. At the time, Vigoda, age 60, was performing in a stage play in Calgary. He took the mistake with good humor, posing for a photograph published in Variety in which he was sitting up in a coffin, holding the erroneous issue of People. Jeff Jarvis, a People employee at the time, said that the magazine’s editors were known for “messing up” stories, and one of them repeatedly inserted the phrase “the late” in reference to Vigoda, even after a researcher correctly removed it. The edited (erroneous) version was what went to print.

The same mistake was made in 1987 when a reporter for television station WWOR, Channel 9 in Secaucus, New Jersey, mistakenly referred to him as “the late Abe Vigoda”. She realized and corrected her mistake the next day.




Vigoda had been the subject of many running gags pertaining to the mistaken reports of his death. In 1997, Vigoda appeared in the film Good Burger as the character Otis, a restaurant’s French fry man. Several jokes were made about his advanced age, including his character Otis saying “I should’ve died years ago.” That same year he was shopping at Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan when the salesman remarked, “You look like Abe Vigoda. But you can’t be Abe Vigoda because he’s dead.” A Late Night with David Letterman skit showed Letterman trying to summon Vigoda’s ghost, but Vigoda walked in and declared, “I’m not dead yet, you pinhead!” At a New York Friars Club roast of Rob Reiner which Vigoda attended, comedian Billy Crystal wise-cracked, “I have nothing to say about Abe. I was always taught to speak well of the dead.”

In May 2001, a website was mounted with only one purpose: to report whether Vigoda was dead or alive. In 2005, a “tongue-in-cheek” Firefox extension was released with the sole purpose of telling the browser user Vigoda’s status.

Continuing with the gag, Vigoda appeared frequently to make fun of his status on the television show Late Night with Conan O’Brien, including a guest appearance on the show’s final episode. In the 1998 New York Friars Club roast of Drew Carey, with Vigoda in the audience, comedian Jeff Ross joked, “my one regret is that Abe Vigoda isn’t alive to see this”. He followed that with “Drew, you’re a big gambler, what’s the Over–under on Abe Vigoda?”




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Photos from the 2015 Miss Camel Beauty Contest   Leave a comment


Miss Universe wasn’t the only beauty pageant to take place this week. In the hinterlands of the UAE, Bedouin tribes from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Emirates are currently gathering at Al Dhafra Festival—an annual meeting best known for its Camel Mazayna, or “beauty contest.”

Men parade their finest dromedaries at auctions, races, and best-in-show events, and prizes are given for the fastest, “milkiest,” and most beautiful creatures. Less fortunate camels are served for dinner at a nightly majlis.

The festival, which runs through December 30, is a celebration of the Empty Quarter’s traditional heritage and way of life—a far cry from the contemporary turbo-Gulf culture seen nearby in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. That said, there’s still big bucks to be made: Prizes totaling Dh55 million (around $14.9 million) are up for grabs.

Despite a last-minute hairspray of humps seen here and there, judges are on the lookout for natural beauties this year. “Camels that are found with drugs in the lips, shaved, dyed in any parts of the body, or with changes from natural form are not allowed [sic],” states the entrants’ handbook.
















This guy had enough of the camels and decided to take a selfie and upload it to Facebook.


And the Winner is:

From the Oblivion Desert, Miss Abu Omani, Two Hump Gazelda!




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Photos of the Freaks and Weirdos Riding the NYC Subway on Halloween   Leave a comment

By Chris Nieratko

For many, Halloween in New York City is a bigger deal than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanza, Easter, Fourth of July, and their own birthdays and anniversaries combined. Drawing some two million spectators and more than 60,000 costumed weirdos, Manhattan’s annual mile-long march is the world’s largest Halloween parade and it is, hand’s down, the greatest free Halloween experience anywhere.

My friend and Brooklyn-based photographer Jonathan Mehring lives and breathes Halloween. For the past couple years he’s been spending his All Hallows Eve riding the rails around the five boroughs, documenting all the subterranean costumed happenings for an annual zine called Sub Halloween. The results are a stunning mix of festive, awkward, hilarious, and eerie.


allow mil cartons

Crushed milk cartons?


New York attitude!



New York Giants fans.








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Eight Men and a Hole   Leave a comment

These construction workers seemed perplexed upon discovering this hole. They scratched their heads and stood around trying to figure what to do with the hole.




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