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100 Women did Yoga on that Vertigo-Inducing Glass Bridge in China   Leave a comment







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Mobility Scooters and Dementia   Leave a comment



I recently came into contact with an elderly lady who lived in a large seniors complex in Winnipeg.  She came across as a sort of activist in her complex.  Her concern was the problems created by residents in the complex driving mobility scooters in the building.  Especially speeding down the hallways and taking corners way too fast and clipping walls, furniture and even other residents.  The lady did say that the scooters, that can reach speeds of 20 kilometers an hour (13 or so miles per hour) are often operated by people suffering from various degrees of dementia. People with not all the proper mental faculties speeding around with fast 200 pound metal machines.

There are also major problems occurring on the outside.



In the province of Manitoba scooters are not required to be insured, they are classified as pedestrians, however they must give other pedestrians the right of way. Scooter drivers are not required to be tested, therefore anybody can jump in the saddle and start zooming around.  Possibly very dangerous situations.

But is driver testing reasonable? Probably not, most drivers are pretty good, but a minority would never past a driving skills test. There goes their mobility if they are restricted from operating a scooter. Like the lady at the seniors complex said, when scooter rush hour starts we have to keep our heads on a swivel and run for cover.




Driver training course.  Maybe this should become mandatory.


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Abe Vigoda Never Says Die!   Leave a comment




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Flint, Michigan Contaminated Water Crisis is Causing Strange Behaviour in the Citizens   Leave a comment

The Flint water crisis is a drinking water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan (United States), that started in April 2014.

After the change in source from treated Lake Huron water (via Detroit) to the Flint River, the city’s drinking water had a series of problems that culminated with lead and unknown virus contamination, creating a serious public health danger. The corrosive Flint River water caused lead from aging pipes to leach into the water supply, causing extremely elevated levels of lead. A strange and unspecified virus from Flint Tech University’s Biological Anomaly Laboratory had been dumped in the Flint River since 2012 it was revealed.  As a result, between 6,000 and 12,000 residents had severely high levels of lead in the blood and experienced a range of serious health problems. The water change is also a possible cause of an outbreak of Zombie-like symptoms in the county that has killed dozens of people and affected scores more.  The outbreak seems to be spiralling out of control.



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New Barbie Dolls available in ‘curvy, tall and petite’ sizes   Leave a comment




Barbie, the iconic plastic toy doll model, is getting three new body types this year.

The US company behind the famous toy, Mattel, is adding “tall, curvy and petite” body shapes to its line-up of the fashion dolls.

Several skin tones, eye colours and hair styles will also be added to the collection, the company said.

Barbie’s figure has come under fire for years, with critics arguing it set an unrealistic body image for girls.  With the new body shapes, the toy makers say they are “offering girls choices that are more reflective of the world they see today”.

Last year, the company introduced 23 new dolls to its so-called Fashionistas line with varied skin and hair colours, and a much touted flat foot – replacing Barbie’s signature heels.

With this year’s update, the Barbie Fashionistas line will feature:

  • 33 new dolls
  • 30 hair colours
  • 24 hairstyles
  • 22 eye colours
  • 14 face shapes
  • 7 skin tones
  • 4 body shapes – original, plus tall, curvy and petite




Barbie is finally sort of all-inclusive: almost all shapes, heights and races. Way to go Mattel.




However, some people think Mattel hasn’t gone far enough. Since Mattel is trying to include young females from all possible life scenarios, here are some life situations that Barbie experiences that are real and unabashed.



Hot sensuous Barbie



Couch-potato dope smoking plump Barbie.



Sedentary and lethargic Barbie.



Addicted to crack street Ho Barbie.


Barbie and Ken EXPLOSION!


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Massive Montreal Dumping of Raw Sewage into St. Lawrence River   Leave a comment


Aerial view of Downtown Montreal

Montreal has begun a controversial dump of 8bn litres (2.1bn gallons) of raw sewage into the St Lawrence River.

Officials in the Canadian city say that the project is necessary in order to replace old infrastructure in the sewage treatment system. The operation has drawn the ire of people in Canada and in the US who have concerns that the river will be polluted with condoms and nappies.

The dump was delayed during the recent Canadian election.

Officials began releasing the raw sewage into the river just after midnight local time (05:00 GMT) on Wednesday, and say it could last about a week.  Citizens are being asked not to flush medication, condoms or tampons down the toilet while the operation goes on.


The diversion of the raw waste is needed so that workers can replace a snow chute – a large opening that funnels water from melting snow to a facility used to treat the sewage.

Officials at the city of Montreal have said the dump will have little effect on the fish population and will not affect the quality of drinking water for citizens.

No US authority

The plan was approved by Canada’s new environment minister on the condition that a host of conditions including extensive monitoring were abided by.

However, the plan has drawn ire on both sides of the US-Canada border.

Mathieu Traversy, a provincial legislator of Parti Quebecois, said cities were concerned that riverbanks would be marred by “diapers, condoms and syringes”.

Across the border, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York has asked the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to intervene.

For its part, the EPA has said it has no regulatory authority over the river, which lies entirely in sovereign Canadian territory.



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Very Heavy Smoking in China among Men   Leave a comment


One in three young Chinese men will die from smoking, study says


A new study has warned that a third of all men currently under the age of 20 in China will eventually die prematurely if they do not give up smoking.

The research, published in The Lancet medical journal, says two-thirds of men in China now start to smoke before 20.  Around half of those men will die from the habit, it concludes.

The scientists conducted two nationwide studies, 15 years apart, covering hundreds of thousands of people.

In 2010, around one million people in China died from tobacco usage. But researchers say that if current trends continue, that will double to two million people – mostly men – dying every year by 2030, making it a “growing epidemic of premature death”.

While more than half of Chinese men smoke, only 2.4% of Chinese women do.


The study was conducted by scientists from Oxford University, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Chinese Center for Disease Control.

But co-author Richard Peto said there was hope – if people can be persuaded to quit. “The key to avoid this huge wave of deaths is cessation, and if you are a young man, don’t start,” he said.

In many parts of China, meals often fit a comfortable pattern. After putting down their chopsticks, men commonly push their chairs back from the table and light cigarettes. No wonder China has struggled to impose a smoking ban in public places. Here, relationships are often built amid clouds of smoke.

Expensive brands of cigarettes, often decorated with gold detailing on the cartons, are given as gifts. And ordinary brands are affordable to all but the very poor, costing just 2.5 yuan ($0.4; £0.25) a pack.

In a country where smoking is so ingrained in daily life, few understand the harmful effects of tobacco use. According to the World Health Organization, only 25% of Chinese adults can list the specific health hazards of smoking, from lung cancer to heart disease.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that only 10% of Chinese smokers quit by choice. Instead, most are forced to give up their cigarettes because they’re too sick to continue.

While smoking rates have fallen in developed countries – to less than one in five in the US – they have risen in China, as cigarettes have become more available and consumers richer.

China is the world’s biggest consumer of cigarettes – one in three cigarettes smoked globally is in China – as well as the world’s biggest tobacco producer.



More than 300 million people – about a quarter of the population – smoke, with the average smoker consuming 22 cigarettes a day.

Authorities have shown concern over the rise, with Beijing even introducing a public smoking ban. But efforts have been hampered by the habit’s popularity, and its usefulness as a source of tax revenue – the government collects about 428bn yuan (£44bn, $67bn) in tobacco taxes each year.

Combining rampant smoking with the terrible air quality due to pollution, there is lung problems in China.




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What kind of guru personal trainer and anti-aging bio-scientist does Bernadette Peters have on her payroll?   Leave a comment

I was stuck in a dental office the other day where you couldn’t change the channels on the overhead TV. I was forced to watch something called Live! with Kelly and Michael. Some morning female oriented talk show. Who comes on? Bernadette Peters from The Jerk movie which also starred the great Steve Martin. The movie came out in 1979. Thirty-six years ago. I figured when she came on the set of the show the sexy 1979 Bernadette would be like your typical older Hollywood actresses, stretched face and an overall artificial look.  But oh no! Ms. Peters looks mid to late forties, or even younger. She is 67. And a body like a 33 year old bombshell.

I don’t know what her health assistants feed and do to her, but it’s miraculous. Maybe they have found the fountain of youth. Check out the vid below, it is astounding.

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Mysterious Sleeping Illness leaves men Sex-Crazed in Kazakhstan’s ‘Village of the Dammed’   Leave a comment

Dangerous Minds


They call it “Sleepy Hollow,” the small village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan, where a strange sleeping sickness leaves inhabitants unconscious for days at a time. The mytsery illness first struck four years ago, and as of September last year, 126 people of the 600 inhabitants had succumbed to the disease. It is like a plague, some villagers say; others believe the illness is caused by radiation blown from the former uranium mines in the now deserted town of Krasnogorsk. Smoke can still be seen billowing from the abandoned mine shafts, where radiation levels at the entrance to the mines are “16 times higher than would be expected from background radiation.”

Yet, this mystery disease appears to have no consistent pathology, and affects people randomly. One might expect the ex-uranium mine workers to be the most likely to be infected, but the majority have no symptoms. Those that have suffered the sleeping sickness, like ex-miner Alexander Ratz, who collapsed after a day-out fishing, have no real explanation for it:

I cast out the fishing rod and felt shaky and dizzy. I caught a fish and started unhooking it. It felt as if I was being pulled into the river, as if evil spirits wanted to topple me. Then I caught another fish. The river started swinging in front of me. I realised something was wrong with me. I felt nauseous. I got in the car, but don’t remember driving at all. I woke up in a ward, surrounded by my mates. The five of us were taken to hospital on the same day. Three days in intensive care.

At first, doctors thought the men had suffered strokes, but as they could walk and talk, doctors were left baffled. Some doctors diagnosed the sufferers with encephalopathy, a disorder of the brain, of unclear origin. After taking scans it was revealed that many of the sufferers had an excessive accumulation of fluid in their brains—known as oedema. While others said it was narcolepsy. But this still did not answer a more troubling question about the men’s strange behavior.

After waking up, the men suffered debilitating cravings for sex.

‘The doctors laugh and the nurses blush when they see our men,’ explained one Kalachi woman.

‘Other women were saying the same. As soon as men were were recovering after waking, they needed sex right there and then, and this feeling lasted for at least a month.’

One man just out of hospital ‘still couldn’t eat properly let alone walk, but he was all over his wife,’ she revealed. ‘He really needed it.’

Some of the men swear, call women “whores” and “prostitutes,” and demand sex. Others rant and rave, shouting obscenities and call out “Heil Hitler.” And there are those who wander about as if “zombies”—in a daze, oblivious to everything around them.

Sex Crazed

Because of the terrifying after-effects of the illness, Kalachi is now called “Village of the Damned.”

Kazakhstan was once the testing ground for Soviet Russia’s nuclear weapons. Sixty-five years ago, the Soviets detonated its first nuclear weapon, nicknamed “First Lightning”, at a test site “Semipalatinsk Polygon” in northeast Kazakhstan. Over the following forty years 456 atomic explosions were detonated at the site. Many believe these weapons together with the radiation from the Krasnogorsk uranium mines are responsible for the current sickness—citing the generations of children born with defects, cancer and deformities since 1950.

Investigators from the National Nuclear Researching centre of Kazakhstan arrived in Kalachi in 2010 to test the ground and air for radiation. They claim levels are normal, and are at loss to explain what is happening. Carbon monoxide poisoning has been suggested as a factor.


Children afflicted with the disease suffer monstrous hallucinations—see demons or hideous growths sprouting from their mother’s faces. One mother was “dead scared” after being unable to rouse her ten-year-old son Almaz from sleep:

‘I thought at first that he was sick and it was better to let him rest, then I began shaking him, but he would not wake up. It’s really, really scary when your child is suddenly in a coma-like state. Also when they wake up, they behave like sickly babies, they cry without reason just bursting into tears.

‘Like my son, he wanted to get off the bed, but fell down because his legs were too weak. Another burst into tears. And another one when he needs to go to the loo, and he is too weak to make it to the toilet, so he needs to use a hospital potty – and he feels shy and embarrassed by it. How can a mother take it calmly and not be left brokenhearted over this anguish?’



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Ebola Everywhere, not to worry, it isn’t transmitted through the air.   Leave a comment


Enough already. CNN is doing it again, 24/7 Ebola coverage. Just like they did with the missing Malaysia flight. These guys take the ball and run with it forever.




This is what Obama had to deal with on his watch. The world went crazy.

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