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Bob Cole still calling Hockey Night In Canada games at the ripe old age of 83   1 comment

If any of the septuagenarians and octogenarians (people in their 70’s and 80’s) out there need any encouragement, look no further than Bob Cole.

Robert Cecil “Bob” Cole (born (1933-06-24)June 24, 1933) is a Canadian sports television announcer and former competitive curler.  He is known primarily for his work on Hockey Night In Canada.


The guy is like the Energizer bunny, he just keeps going and going. Calling an NHL game is not easy, a person has to be fast and focused. They have to know all the player names and numbers, and they have to call the play with flair and gusto. Bob is still doing that.


Bob’s first game


I kid, this picture is from 1942. Bob was only 9 at the time.

Picture below is more like it.


During his early career in broadcasting, Cole was a successful curler, playing in the 1971 and 1975 Briers as the skip for the Newfoundland team. He also played in the 1965 and 1973 Canadian mixed championships.

Bob’s new sports league below:



Bob will never leave the broadcast booth, below is a imagined picture of Bob’s ghost calling a game in 2045. The game is between the Las Vegas Greenbacks and the Saskatoon Sasquatches.





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Vintage Social Media   Leave a comment





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Pulp Fiction Magazine Covers from Years Past, this post: Nazis and Skimpy Clad Broads   Leave a comment

Men’s adventure is a genre of magazine that was published from the 1940s until the early 1970s. Catering to a male audience, these magazines featured pin-up girls and lurid tales of adventure that typically featured wartime feats of daring, exotic travel or conflict with wild animals.

Isn’t anything off-limits for those evil Nazis?












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Western Media invade Paris   Leave a comment

The Paris massacre has become the news event of 2015.  And the western media is milking it for everything they can. It looks like CNN has sent half their news department to the French capital.  All the others have followed suit.  Even the Canadian news stations have dispatched all their anchors over to the Gay Paris.  Peter Mansbridge, Lisa Laflamme and even that little strange hen Heather Hiscox from the CBC morning news show is over there.  Everybody in the major North American news industry are taking free trips to Paris and likely staying in very expensive hotels.

The media always over does it.  They will stick to a news story until the ratings polls tell them viewership is receding. Then another horrible event occurs and they charge to it like a herd of hysterical bison.  Media organizations don’t need to send all of their most popular journalists to the scene of the crime.  We know what happened. There is no need to have reporters re-hashing the event over and over.  Talking heads speculating what’s next,and trying to predict what went wrong.  All meaningless babble.

American and Canadian news teams landing in Paris




The CNN big guns




The Paris attacks were unimaginably tragic.  Very low-blow massacre conducted by depraved and delusional reprobates.  The creeps in ISIS make Al Qaeda look like alter boys.  They have to be destroyed.  It will take time, but it will be achieved.  In the meantime, other attacks will probably happen, and the western media organizations will stampede to the sites, especially if the attacks are carried out in cities with great hotels, superb cuisine and lots of police.


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National Enquirer: the Queen of Newspaper Tabloids   Leave a comment

As I was waiting in line at a drug store the other day my eyes were drawn to the magazine stand. To my surprise there at the top of the stand was the National Enquirer.  I thought that old controversial tabloid had went out of business years ago. But the rag is still steaming off the presses. I guess certain people like to be entertained by reading made-up stories about the rich and famous. 

A reliable source this tabloid is not.  Funny, it is that.  The Enquirer is one step above Weekly World News, the WWN writes about women having Bigfoot’s babies.  The Enquirer doesn’t go that far, but as the headlines below demonstrate, it does go far. It did report with a straight face that Jack Black was pregnant.  Escapism in a very harmless way I suppose.

Ben Carson is running against Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination


I always had my doubts about Doctor Phil


aaaanat4                                                                                                 aaaanat5

In 1926, William Griffin, a protégé of William Randolph Hearst, founded the paper as The New York Evening Enquirer, a Sunday afternoon broadsheet newspaper distributed throughout New York City, using money lent to Griffin by Hearst. As partial payment of his loan, Hearst asked Griffin to use the Enquirer as a proving ground for new ideas. Hearst took the ideas that worked in his successful publications; the less successful ideas stayed with the Enquirer, and as a result the Enquirer‘s sales never soared.

Cover from the 1960’s


By 1952, the paper’s circulation had fallen to 17,000 copies a week and it was purchased by Generoso Pope Jr., the son of Generoso Pope, the founder of Il Progresso, New York’s Italian language daily newspaper. It has been alleged that Mafia boss Frank Costello provided Pope the money for the purchase in exchange for the Enquirer’s promise to list lottery numbers and to refrain from all mention of Mafia activities.


In 1953, Pope revamped the format from a broadsheet to a sensationalist tabloid focusing on sex and violence. The paper’s editorial content became so salacious that Griffin was forced by the Mayor to resign from the city’s Board of Higher Education in 1954. In 1957, Pope changed the name of the newspaper to The National Enquirer and changed its scope to national stories of sex and scandal. Pope worked tirelessly in the 1950s and 1960s to increase the circulation and broaden the tabloid’s appeal. In the late 1950s and through most of the 1960s, the Enquirer was known for its gory and unsettling headlines and stories such as: “I Cut Out Her Heart and Stomped on It” (Sept. 8, 1963) and “Mom Boiled Her Baby and Ate Her” (1962). At this time the paper was sold on newsstands and in drugstores only. Pope stated he got the idea for the format and these gory stories from seeing people congregate around auto accidents. By 1966, circulation had risen to one million.

The Enquirer must have secret agents in the heart of the medical establishment, as they always seem to know about the impending demise of celebrities.

aaaanat die

aaaanat die1

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CBC radio show Q new theme music sounds like broken machinery   Leave a comment

Say what you want about disgraced former Q host Jian Ghomeshi, but one thing is for sure, the pervert had very good musical taste. The theme music under Ghomeshi was fast and fun. Since new host Shad took over as host of the show they have been using a new theme music intro.

In my humble opinion this intro music is horrible. I have to turn the radio down when it comes on. It reminds me of a screaming weasel caught in a bear trap. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Excruciatingly painful to listen to. Oh well life goes on.

CBC promo for the new theme:

It’s energetic, intriguing, insistent without being overpowering and — as music geeks might detect — gently seasoned with a dash of Dr. Dre.

q‘s new theme music is a catchy jam created by Afie Jurvanen a.k.a. Bahamas.

Listen to this piece of crap

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Charles ‘Motor-Mouth’ Adler leaving Winnipeg radio station CJOB   3 comments

Charles ‘Chuck’ Adler, otherwise known as The ‘Big Boss with the Hot Sauce’, the ‘Pitbull’ and ‘Bulldog’, is leaving his talk radio pedestal at radio station CJOB in Winnipeg.  Adler arrived in Winnipeg in 1998 from parts unknown to replace the venerable former talk radio king Peter Warren. It soon became obvious that Chuck was one mean little fast talking street fighter. Guests on the show would hang-up on Chuck as he was lambasting them with unrelenting rabid diatribes.  He also never attempted to hide his political preferences. He is as right-wing as it gets. He hates Liberals and the NDP.

He says he is leaving to move to BC to be closer to family. He never once mentioned on his show that he had family on the west coast. His family was in Montreal he regularly mentioned.  Who knows what the real reason is.  Corus Radio, which owns CJOB, lost a few million dollars in its last financial statement for the 2nd quarter of 2015.  Maybe Chuck’s salary was just too high.  CJOB’s ratings have also been dipping recently.

Chuck has nothing but animosity towards Justin Trudeau, the federal Liberal leader. Always attacking Justin with aggressive vitriol. He would like nothing more than to get Justin’s head as a trophy.



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Rod ‘Blackie’ Black has his own street in his hometown of Winnipeg   Leave a comment

Rod Black (born 1962 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is a Canadian sports announcer for TSN and CTV Sports.

Back in the eighties Blackie did the local late night sports for the local CTV affiliate in Winnipeg.  Acerbic, somewhat witty, insightful and very mean, Blackie used to bully his fellow newscasters during the program. Clay Young, an almost Neanderthal-like galoot who did the news was often the recipient of Black’s ruthless chides. Clay, who looked twice as strong as Rod, could have beaten the tarnation out of Blackie. But he showed immense discipline and never threw a punch. Job security was surely the reason. Clay, who now manages a radio station in Brandon, Manitoba, must have nightmares of the unending onslaught of demeaning insults and constant sarcasm that he endured at the hands of Rod.  But that was Blackie.

Rod moved up the journalistic ladder and ultimately became famous. The city fathers of Winnipeg decided to name a street (crescent) after Blackie. It is located way out on the periphery of the eastern suburbs in Transcona. No matter, how many people get a crescent named after them?


Black calls games for the Canadian Football League CFL, CIS Canadian University Sport Football, & occasionally for the The NHL on TSN, and used to call games for the Toronto Blue Jays, ending in 2009. He also calls Canadian golf tournaments for the PGA, on occasion bowling tournaments, curling, boxing and figure skating. He anchored CTV’s coverage of the 1991 Canada Cup, 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway and the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also called games for the Toronto Raptors. He won the 2005 Sports Media Canada Award as Outstanding Sports Broadcaster and has earned five Gemini Award nominations for Best Sports Broadcaster.

Prior to coming onto the national scene, Black studied Creative Communications at Red River College. Black got his start as a sports announcer at the age of 19 at the local CTV affiliate CKY-TV where he soon became host of the Winnipeg Jets’ NHL broadcasts.

Rod Black Crescent



Rod checking out the typical middle-class houses on his namesake crescent.



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That Cowboy Look   Leave a comment

The Cowboy look has many variations.  From Roy Rogers to Paladin in ‘Have Gun Will Travel’, the colourful and very serious dark look and everything in-between.

Gene Autry


Roy Rogers


Great boots

John Wayne with his trademark light red shirt


The Cartwright’s


Mr. Paladin


The Earp’s and Doc Holliday


The Lone Ranger and Tonto


Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin


And of course the super cool and mysterious Clint Eastwood


Mini Me gets in on the action



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The Bizarre, Extraordinary and Fantastic subject matter out there that is put forward as Real!   2 comments

Creature spotted on wing of 747 landing in Los Angeles


gremlin xx

People love to believe in strange and unexplained phenomena, legends and the paranormal etc. And there is no shortage of authors, pseudo-scientists and charlatans who provide the stories.  Unbelievable stories of the paranormal that would make a skeptical and rational person shake their heads in incredulous amazement. But these authors have tens of thousands of loyal followers who spend millions of dollars purchasing their hard-to-prove books, DVD’s and other products.  Humans want to believe, and they strongly believe without any empirical evidence whatsoever. I don’t want to offend anybody, but does organized religions and cults come to mind?

The endless ghost hunting shows on TV that deliver no evidence, and when pseudo evidence is brought forth, it can always be debunked by any skeptic worth his salt. Monster stories like the Jersey Devil, werewolves in Wisconsin and underground space alien bases in Colorado, all have believers that are so convinced it is true they break into cold sweats when trying to sleep. Other monsters like lake creatures and Bigfoot are a different story, there are many witnesses, some video footage and in the case of Bigfoot, very hard to disprove footprint evidence. UFO’s are also a mysterious phenomenon that has some very compelling evidence associated with it. IE. radar images. 

The radio program Coast to Coast with George Noory covers every corner of the paranormal universe.  From time to time the show brings on real investigators that are looking for the truth. However, most of the time the ‘experts’ brought on the air have fantastical and outrageous propositions with no proof whatsoever. And they all have books and DVD’s to sell. Below are blurbs from the show describing the subject matter that will be discussed that night and from past shows.


In the first half, scientist and researcher Michael Tellinger discussed evidence for the Anunnaki, an ancient ET race he believes created humanity through genetic tinkering to serve as slaves for their gold mining operations. As evidence for the Annunaki’s presence, he cited the massive number of ancient stone circles found in South Africa, and Zimbabwe, which date back at least 300,000 years. The circles vary in size from 15 feet across to 450 ft. and Tellinger believes they originally functioned as energy generating devices, though in more recent times some of them have been converted into dwellings.

Why hasn’t National Geographic or Archeological Digest reported on this?


Professional game tester and proprietary software trainer Mark K. Sargent will discuss his breakthrough work on the Enclosed Earth Theory. He’ll outline the visible physical clues that point to the idea that Earth is actually a “Truman Show” type contained system stretching thousands of miles wide. He’ll also share data from Admiral Byrd’s expeditions which reveal evidence that Byrd discovered a hollow Earth which is actually a giant dome-like structure. 



In the first half, emotional clearing expert, practicing exorcist, and professional psychic Jeffrey Seelman discussed his work with negative and demonic spirits, how they manifest destructive forces and take residence in individuals and dwellings, and what it takes to purge them. Lately, he’s been focusing on teaching people to protect themselves from unseen accumulated negative energies which can be present in such places as homes, schools, and work environments. Negative energies are not alive in the way that spirits are, but they can still cast a dampening affect, he explained.


Retired U.S. Air Force pilot Donald M. Ware spoke about the shadow world government, Inner Earth, ET agendas, Atlantis, and secret histories. He cited that the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) among other agencies is behind the shadow government, and that they control and manage much that the public is unaware of such as bases on the moon, and Mars, as well as undersea and underground facilities here on Earth, that are inhabited by a hidden advanced society. 50,000 Germans escaped at the end of the WWII and many of them went to South America and hidden facilities, Ware contended.


In the latter half, psychic medium, teacher, and motivational speaker Sunny Dawn Johnston talked about her communications with angels, guides, and loved ones who have crossed over, and outlined the various ways to make contact with the Other Side including seances. Seance comes from a French word meaning to sit. The idea behind a seance is to call in or invite the energy of the spirit world, and receive messages in order to provide closure or understanding for the living, she detailed. Deceased spirits can make contact regardless of whether they’ve “crossed over,” as aspects of their soul do not dissipate, she added.


Erich von Däniken cited ancient texts from India that referred to three gigantic “cities” that surrounded our planet like stars. A war in the heavens took place and two of the cities were destroyed by massive weapons, he recounted. Regarding the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru– massive drawings whose designs can only be discerned by air, he pointed out that satellite technology has revealed other huge pictographs around the globe, in such locations as northeast Jordan, South Africa, and Russia.

John Herlosky defined remote viewing as a scientifically validated form of ESP which allows a viewer to extend his consciousness in space and time to observe persons, places, and events outside of normal modes of perception and undiminished by shielding or distance. Herlosky traced a brief history of how the CIA became involved in psychic spying. “They found after experimentation that there was something to this, that it could actually be used as an intelligence asset,” he explained. According to Herlosky, although no one knows why or how it works, remote viewing is a real human ability innate to everyone.


In the first half, guest host Dave Schrader welcomed voice natural direct sensitive, Joe Who, for a discussion on his lifelong ability to hear people’s voices, and see inside their lives and past history. According to Who, all that’s required to connect with a person is to hear his or her first name and birth month. “When I hear a person’s voice I start to see things behind my eyes… it’s kind of like reading a teleprompter [that shows words and colors],” he explained.

Who’s off first on this one, he’s out to left field.


In the first half, constitutional attorney and president of The Rutherford Institute, John Whitehead, talked about the rise of the police state in the United States. America has become plagued by bureaucracy, secrecy, perpetual wars, militarization, and surveillance, he declared. Essentially, we’ve become a nation of suspects, and the citizenry has very little recourse against any kind of action by the police, he said. By “police” he includes various kinds of law enforcement such as Homeland Security and FBI agents, who have SWAT teams, and use hollow point bullets (which explode on contact).


Appearing during the third hour, researcher Richard Sauder spoke about underwater bases associated with UFOs, as well as the secret government, and a coming economic implosion. The late investigator and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson concluded that underwater UFOs were real and operated by undersea inhabitants, said Sauder, who added that Lake Erie is a hotspot for such activity. There are underground salt deposits in the lake area, which are easier to drill into and create caverns than regular rock, he explained. Intriguingly, he also suggested that the underground bases may be connected with time travel, as water has many unusual properties and it may somehow facilitate the malleability of time.

Underwater UFO bases and time travel! Sign me up!!


Mixing together an examination of legends and fairy tales, as well as modern sightings, author and researcher Steve Quayle discussed his latest work on little people or elves, as well as giants. “It’s my contention that truly the gates of Hell are opening now, or have opened, and the supernatural phenomena that people are experiencing is only getting worse,” he commented, adding that he connected creatures such as the giants and little people to demonic sexualized entities such as the incubus and succubus. “Whether you’re dealing with the little creatures, or the tricksters, or the goblins… or the djinn, you’re dealing with some of the most malevolent entities,” and some very well-known authors have believed in them such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson, he cited.



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