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Flint, Michigan Contaminated Water Crisis is Causing Strange Behaviour in the Citizens   Leave a comment

The Flint water crisis is a drinking water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan (United States), that started in April 2014.

After the change in source from treated Lake Huron water (via Detroit) to the Flint River, the city’s drinking water had a series of problems that culminated with lead and unknown virus contamination, creating a serious public health danger. The corrosive Flint River water caused lead from aging pipes to leach into the water supply, causing extremely elevated levels of lead. A strange and unspecified virus from Flint Tech University’s Biological Anomaly Laboratory had been dumped in the Flint River since 2012 it was revealed.  As a result, between 6,000 and 12,000 residents had severely high levels of lead in the blood and experienced a range of serious health problems. The water change is also a possible cause of an outbreak of Zombie-like symptoms in the county that has killed dozens of people and affected scores more.  The outbreak seems to be spiralling out of control.



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2015 in Political Cartoons   Leave a comment




Moudakis Cartoon




























Cartoon by Halifax Daily News cartoonist


Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator Ð Friday January 8, 2016 Ultra-low-cost carrier planning flights from Hamilton airport Canada's latest airline will unveil its plans for flights out of Hamilton airport on Wednesday. That's when Dean Dacko, chief commercial officer of NewLeaf Travel, the country's new ultra-low-cost air carrier, will unveil the company's plans for making Hamilton one of its hubs. Details of the announcement remain a closely guarded secret, but in a news release airport officials promise "NewLeaf plans to revolutionize the Canadian travel market." NewLeaf's bare-bones website promises its service will feature "No more extra costs for things you don't want" and "You pay for your seat and the rest is up to you." Wednesday's announcement will include details on non-stop routes, pricing and booking. NewLeaf announced its interest in the city in June, saying it would make its headquarters in Winnipeg with bases in Hamilton and Kelowna. Ultra-low-cost carriers Ñ also called no-frills or budget airlines Ñ offer lower fares, making up for lower ticket prices by charging for extras such as food, priority boarding and baggage. The largest such operator is United States-based Southwest Airlines. Aircraft and crews for the NewLeaf flights will be supplied by Kelowna-based Flair Airlines. Ultra-low-cost carriers are new to Canada's aviation industry and Hamilton airport executives have been keen to get at least one located here as a boost to their long-cherished dream of turning the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport into a passenger destination. While they have long argued that 2 million people live within an hour's drive of the airport, its passenger history has been one of soaring hopes followed by bitter disappointment as more than 20 airlines have come and gone through the facility. Passenger traffic peaked in 2003 at about 1 million when the airport was the eastern hub for WestJet, before the airline moved the


By Graeme MacKay, Editorial Cartoonist, The Hamilton Spectator - Thursday August 27, 2015 Declining dollar has Canadians rethinking cross-border shopping habits Many Canadians are wondering if they can cram some last-minute cross-border travel plans into the next few weeks while others are already deep into back-to-school shopping excursions. And money Ð more than ever before Ð is taking precedent in the planning. While it has not been definitively declared a recession, CanadaÕs shrinking economy certainly has some residents concerned. According to a recent survey from digital offers, 73% of Canadians are worried about the nationÕs economy. JulyÕs interest-rate cut was made in hopes of stimulating growth, but only 31% of survey respondents feel confident that the Canadian dollar will strengthen before the end of the year Ð making it more important than ever for Canadians to stretch their income further. The current state of the economy has Canadians paying more attention to their spending habits. Sixty-five per cent agree that itÕs important to stick to a budget no matter the personal sacrifice, with 62% stating that cutting back has them missing out on certain activities. Research shows other habits Canadians are adopting to save money include buying everything on sale (72%), limiting meals at restaurants (62%), searching for coupon and promo codes (49%) and taking public transportation or carpooling (18%). ÒNearly half of Canadians are worried about being able to afford everything they need this year,Ó says Kristen Larrea for RetailMeNot, Inc., operators of the world's largest marketplace for digital offers. ÒHowever, with a little savvy spending, consumers should be able to satisfy their needs and wants throughout 2015. Simple behavioural changes, such as utilizing price comparison tools and checking for online promo codes, will help Canadians maximize their purchasing power, so they can get more for their money.Ó (Source: Toronto Sun) http://


The World according to Donald Trump!










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Those Editorial Cartoonists: Edgy Commentary combined with Bright Drawing   1 comment



























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2016 Predictions: Worst Case Scenarios   Leave a comment


A Pessimist’s Guide to the World in 2016

Oil prices soar after Islamic State destroys facilities across the Middle East. Angela Merkel is forced to resign, throwing the European Union into disarray. The dollar slumps as Russian and Iranian hackers team up to launch cyber-attacks on U.S banks. Bloomberg News asked dozens of former and current diplomats, geopolitical strategists, security consultants, and economists to identify the possible worst-case scenarios, based on current global conflicts, that concern them most heading into 2016.

U.S. Banks Collapse

black banks1

black banks2

South America Erupts

black brazil

China’s Economy Nosedives

black china

Planet Heats Up

black climate

Great Britain Leaves The EU

black eu

More EU Trouble

black eu1

Israel Attacks Iranian Nuclear Facilities

black iran

black iran1

Oil Prices Rocket to a Hundred Dollars a Barrel

black oil

black oil1

Donald Trump Wins Presidential Election

black trump

black trump1


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Pumpkin out for a Roll   Leave a comment




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Funny Newspaper Names   Leave a comment

As newspapers loose their newsstand appeal, and try to make it online, the names of newspapers is actually very interesting. Not the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, the Kenora Daily Miner or the New York Post. This is a list of obscure papers from far-flung locations. But very creative names.


Fidel Castro and his Marxist followers landed in Cuba from a boat called Granma. Once the revolution had succeeded, the national daily paper was renamed Granma and remains so to this day. A friend is just back from a Cuban Holiday and confirmed that Granma is still on sale.

The Falmouth Packet is the very long-standing local newspaper in Falmouth, Cornwall. It gets its name from the packet ships – the fast mail-carrying sailing ships which used to arrive in Falmouth.

The Tombstone Epitaph (Tombstone, Arizona, US) is an unusual name.


In Japan there is an English-language newspaper called The Mainichi Daily. “Mainichi” in Japanese means daily so the paper is the Daily Daily.

Ohio has a number of wonderful newspaper titles, including Cleveland’s Plain Dealer [which featured in the 10 unusual newspaper names feature]. But can you beat either the Toledo Blade or the Youngstown Vindicator?

The Keswick Reminder the gentlest of newspapers, its few pages are packed with useful information! It is North Lakeland’s local newspaper; founded February 1896.

Here’s an American favourite newspaper title, in Colorado – Boulder Daily Camera.

The Bigfoot Witness out of Ape Canyon, Washington state.


The morning newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was named the Intelligencer Journal. To save money, it merged with the afternoon newspaper a couple of years ago and is now the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era.

Surely the Salvation Army newspaper the War Cry must be pretty high on an unusual name list. Still going after 100 years.


There is the Huddersfield Examiner. A great local paper serving the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire.

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Space Aliens have very bad intentions according to researcher   Leave a comment


An expert in UFO abduction cases suspects that alien-human hybrids may be living secretly among us, plotting a takeover right under our noses!

Former Temple University professor, alien abduction researcher and the author of “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity”, Dr. David M. Jacobs revealed the details of what may be a secret invasion.

Back in 1991, partnered with the late Budd Hopkins, and sociologist Dr. Ron Westrum, Dr. Jacobs conducted a landmark Roper Organization poll analyzing the growing abduction phenomena, bringing their results to national attention. Out of the initial 6,000 samples, 119 believed they may have been abducted, he said.

According to the analysis, Dr. Jacobs said that “two percent of the public – approximately 6 million people” had “indicated that they may might be abductees. You can’t really tell for sure because you’d have to investigate every single one of them.”

Answering skeptics’ critiques of the accrued data, Dr. Jacobs responded, “It was very high statistically and we ‘cooked’ the numbers down to two percent which was as low as we could get it. It was probably higher like five to seven percent.”

He revealed that he and his team “have received thousands and thousands of email and letters from abductees – not only from around the world – but especially obviously the United States – showing that there’s one helluva a lot of abductees out there. Because maybe 95 percent of abductees don’t even know they’re abductees and would never think to write to an abduction researcher… It would never occur to them.

“All they know is that they lead very odd lives which they think are normal.”

Dr. Jacobs said that many abductees don’t recall the events until undergoing hypnosis. These sessions are recorded live and then transcribed for study.

After writing three books on UFOs and the abduction phenomena, Dr. Jacobs revealed what he thinks the aliens might be up to.

“The trajectory has been, of course, of intergenerationality, continuing the growth of the abduction phenomena, expanding within the society, and, perhaps, even getting larger than normal family expansion.”

Dr. Jacobs said that many abductees have married non-abductees. When their children come to age, around 5 years old, they too are abducted. “The abduction phenomenon is increasing with the growth of the population,” he told George. “So it is literally getting bigger and bigger.”

According to Dr. Jacobs’ The International Center For Abduction Research website.

“Abductees have two commonalities: They are human, and either their mother, father or both were abductees. The abduction phenomenon appears to cut across all class, educational, geographic, intellectual, economic, racial, ethnic, and political lines. We have identified no apparent physiological traits which would determine whether a person is an abductee.”

During the abduction event, the victims are said to be medically probed by aliens using highly advanced technology. DNA and reproductive cells and tissue samples are extracted by the extraterrestrials during the abduction event, which abductees later recall under regressive hypnosis.

The ICFAR website states that the hybrids are genetically engineered using a mix of human and alien components.

Elaborating to C2C, Dr. Jacobs said, “They are created by taking human sperm, human eggs and putting them together – my theory is – and adding DNA from other hybrids or adding DNA from aliens – if aliens even have DNA. In some way, they are created from other beings.”


“They’re not really born,” he said. “They’re removed from the woman’s uterus at 10 -11 weeks and they’re placed in gestation tanks with nutrients. And they just gestate until they’re removed,” he said.

Even human infertility doesn’t stop the aliens. “Women with hysterectomies are still abducted and used as ‘hosts’ for the incubation of hybrid fetuses,” Dr. Jacobs posted online. Male abductees, who have undergone vasectomies, are not exempt. Their sperm is “extracted by a needle-like device directly from its area of production.”

“Born” of man, woman and alien, these purported alien-human hybrid offspring -– whom Dr. Jacobs calls “hubrids” – are then raised off-planet. The hubrids, for all intents and purposes, “look and act like us except that they can control real humans with their minds,” Dr. Jacobs told C2C. “They strive to be ordinary.”

Dr. Jacobs told George he’s not sure if the hybrids themselves are self-aware of who or what they really are. “They know that they are different from regular humans because they can control humans – and humans can’t control them. They know that they’ve grown up on a UFO. And they answer to, as they say, The Ones Above.”

Several extraterrestrial factions, including the slit-mouthed, telepathic Grey aliens, are said to be using human abductees to teach the hybrids “how to be American citizens – how to be normal people” to integrate fully into society, he disclosed.

Dr. Jacobs said that the extraterrestrials may be employing the abduction-hybridization scenario as a deliberate stratagem to reduce humanity to a second-class species on its own world.

Soon, if alien-human hybrids outnumber real humans in population, they may take over the Earth – not with force but from within.

Hitler with Alien UFO VRIL Haunebu WW2 Nazi


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The best Zombie killing tools   Leave a comment



zombie ninja forearm machete

Ninja forearm machete


Nothing like rebar

Not sure what the hell this zombie killing contraption is, but it sure looks like it works


I’ll take 2 of these


If totally desperate drive off a bridge


Nothing like the old trustworthy baseball bat



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World News In Pictures   Leave a comment

Mount Sinabung erupts in Indonesia late 2014





Sudden Siberian hail storm at the River Orb.

guardian4hailstorm on the beach at the river Ob in Siberia, Russia, on 12 July 2014


United Nations food distribution for war victims in Syria

guardian Yarmouk camp in Syria on 31 January 2014


Tribesman at dawn among the smoke and cattle, South Sudan



Russian gangsters give their fallen comrades ostentatious headstones in the city of Yekaterinburg (formerly Novosibirsk), Russia



Packed boat hauling African refugees across the Mediterranean. Many hundreds have died recently when the boats capsize in rough seas.

immigrants cross med


Two chicken riot police separate rabbit combatants in the Dallalong Sea resort city of Kumpphh.




Just a cow in a bus shelter in the Gaza Strip?

cow waiting for a bus golan heights


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Current Events Cartoons   Leave a comment






karikatur für tribüne- meteoritenschauer










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