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An Orb seen in San Antonio.  If this isn’t a hoax I wonder what this is.

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Ghost Haunting Locations in Manitoba   1 comment

Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon. Paranormal activities in this art museum are mysterious footsteps being heard by evening janitors when this building is empty and an eerie feeling of being watched by specters.

Barber House in Winnipeg. An American pioneer journalist and businessman whose name was Edmund Lorenzo Barber built this house in 1862. There is a legend about a father murdering his entire family before committing suicide. Paranormal activities include lights inside although there is no electricity going to this house, mysterious mists, light anomalies, disembodied voices and apparitional noises from within this house.

Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg. The paranormal activities are spectral applauding from empty seats, two hundred pound steel doors moving by themselves, disembodied voices and whispers, doors creak open and close including the kicked out of a wedge of wood that was used to block a door open, dogs barking at invisible material and light anomalies.

Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. The most notorious level of this hotel is the second floor which locates Room 202. Guests to the room have reported waking up to find the dark silhouette of a figure in a robe or cloak standing at the end of the bed, which vanished before their eyes. There are also stories of maids cleaning the room reporting blood seeping from the walls, as this was the location of the rumored suicide of a woman named Kate baecuse she learned that her newly wed husband lost his life in an automobile accident. Though something of a focal point for the reports of paranormal activity on the floor, the entire second floor has something of a ghostly reputation. Other reports have a woman in a ball gown appearing at the foot of a bed or wandering the hotel’s hallways. In 1989, an employee reported seeing an apparitional figure named Theodore sitting at a table in the dining room, busily consuming away at a ghostly meal and apparently unaware of the employee’s presence. This man visited many times because he was in love with the lounge singer. He was shot in the back of the head by his brother because they both loved the same woman. Employees also report strange moaning noises that seem to echo from nowhere and a phantom light is said to be sighted floating down the halls throughout the hotel. For the most part, the claims of haunted activity throughout the hotel seem to indicate a friendly presence of some bygone customer enjoying their stay in the afterlife.

The roof of the eerie old hotel.


Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. Apparitional former staff and patients wander this now-defunct general hospital. Sounds include spooky footsteps both in the halls and in the rooms. These footsteps cease immediately once someone living enters any location. There have been mysterious phone calls from the phone in the old elevator, but nobody is there when the call is answered and phone has been completely undisturbed and covered in dust. Other paranormal activities are unexplained bangs, crashes and other loud noises, electronic disturbances, light anomalies and the feeling of being watched by specters.

La Barriere Park in Ritchot. Spooky voices are heard in the woods by visitors, most commonly two little girls speaking. There are also sounds of something coming through the woods towards any patron when something is not there. These sounds are common as they come from all directions at once. Other paranormal reports include feelings of being watched by specters, unwanted and of extreme unease.

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum in Winnipeg. Apparitional sounds of monks chanting, children running and playing and a full choir of women singing. Taps turn on and off on their own, doors open and close by themselves as well as some reports of them resisting being opened. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, a feeling of being watched, and lights flickering.

Mallard Lodge in Delta Marsh. It is allegedly haunted by a construction worker who fell into the foundation while it was being built. Apparitional footsteps have been heard and he has been seen in the windows of the station in winter while the facility is closed. Lights also turn off and on on their own here. This location is also haunted by a former groundskeeper whose specter has been seen in the building and wandering the grounds and is said to ring a bell when no one is close to it.

Manitoba Legislative Building in Winnipeg. This site is reputedly haunted by many specters.

There have been many reports by security guards at the Legislature of a spectre dressed in a long white gown running through the building.



St. Norbert Monastery in St. Norbert. This former 19th Century Trappist monastery is now an arts and cultural centre. Vandals set the vacant chapel and monastery on fire reducing its historic buildings to shells in 1983. Visitors have reported to the media about a feeling if being watched by apparitional figures while on the grounds and well as hearing disembodied voices echoing in the building.

MTS Centre in Downtown Winnipeg. This building is the former location of Eaton’s department store. The paranormal activities are an apparitional woman dressed in black, spooky footsteps, disembodied voices and whispers (including hearing your name called), light anomalies and objects being moved by themselves.

Portage Place in Downtown Winnpeg. There are paranormal reports about items falling off shelves by themselves as well as objects moving around by themselves. There are also many paranormal reports about a spectral little girl in the backside of a store that was once “San Francisco”. That store’s current name is unknown.

St. Andrews on the Red in Selkirk. This church was built between 1845and 1849. St. Andrews was consecrated by a Church of England bishop named David Anderson on December 15, 1849. William Cockran, an English-born Scottish venerable, designed its vicinity. This church’s stonemason was a Scottish architect named Duncan McRae. Specters of a man in black and woman in white drift through the cemetery at night. A ghostly car coming out of nowhere has also been described by witnesses as well as the sighting of two red eyes staring out through the dark.

Vaughan Street Jail in Winnipeg. Hangings took place at this hellish old building. The ghosts of the executed murderers are reported to be seen from time to time floating around the now abandoned building.

And not to forget one of the most spectre infested buildings in Winnipeg: The Demon Hotel!


Located on Hargrave St between Broadway and Assiniboine Ave this building is scary with a capital S.  Journalists and ghost hunters have tried to confront the demonic forces in the building, but without avail.  These brave souls come out of the building with a definite discernible increase in grey hairs on their heads. Renowned Brandon demonologist Abraham Lipschitz went into the building with a bit of hair on the back of his head, he came out balder than a hairless African mole rat. Lipschitz reportedly has been a prisoner to the bottle ever since his audacious investigation of the building.

Images from the building:

demon 2

demon hotel

Check out more information on the horrid, possessed, cursed, unimaginably evil Demon Hotel at

Footage from years ago taken inside a suite at the Demon Hotel.

The Demon Hotel went up in flames in March of 2015.





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From Unclogging Toilets to Hunting Ghosts   Leave a comment


I try to watch Ghost Hunters from time to time. I’m an open-minded person who doesn’t readily dismiss anything.  But nothing ever happens on this show. The hunters claim they hear and see things, but nothing is ever captured on audio or video. Just wishful thinking.

Ghosts may exist, although I contend it is highly unlikely, and if they do, lets get some hardcore empirical evidence. Bring in Kreskin, whatever it takes.

Ghost Hunters is an American paranormal reality television series that premiered on October 6, 2004, on Syfy (previously the Sci Fi Channel). The program features paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who investigate places that are reported to be haunted. The two originally worked as plumbers for Roto-Rooter as a day job while investigating locations at night. Since the show’s success, the series now takes precedence in their lives, but they are still honorary employees with the company and continue to do jobs for them if time permits.

In a much maligned photo taken near Roswell, New Mexico, the Boys claim they experienced the presence of an Alien Ghost in Jim Brazil’s house.




The whole connection between ghosts and Roto-Rooter started when one of their co-workers sucked up a malevolent spectre from a sewer a few years ago.





Ghost Hunters has attracted various critics and skeptics, such as Joe Nickell of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Skeptical Inquirer author Lynne Kelly, James Randi, and Benjamin Radford. The Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society (SAPS) was founded with the intent to recreate and debunk segments of the show.

In June 2008, Ghost Hunters was awarded The Truly Terrible Television (TTTV) Award by Independent Investigations Group for peddling pseudoscience and superstition to its audience.


According to investigator Benjamin Radford, most ghost hunting groups including TAPS make many methodological mistakes. “After watching episodes of Ghost Hunters and other similar programs, it quickly becomes clear to anyone with a background in science that the methods used are both illogical and unscientific”. Anyone can be a ghost investigator, “failing to consider alternative explanations for anomalous … phenomena”, considering emotions and feelings as “evidence of ghostly encounters.” “Improper and unscientific investigation methods”, for example, “using unproven tools and equipment”, “sampling errors”, “ineffectively using recording devices” and “focusing on the history of the location…and not the phenomena.” In an article for Skeptical Inquirer, Radford concludes that ghost hunters should care about doing a truly scientific investigation: “I believe that if ghosts exist, they are important and deserve to be taken seriously. Most of the efforts to investigate ghosts so far have been badly flawed and unscientific — and not surprisingly, fruitless.” In a New York Times article about Ghost Hunters and TAPS, Radford contended that “the group and others like it lack scientific rigor and mislead people into thinking that their homes are haunted.”

The show’s editing has been questioned, such as activity that is not captured on tape and findings that are unsupported by evidence in the show specifically. Tools are used in ways that are not proven effective, or in ways in which they have been proven ineffective, such as infrared thermometers that are claimed to detect cold spots in the middle of rooms when such tools are able only to measure the surface temperature of objects unless equipped with a probe accessory. However, the show has been seen using a probe attached to the infrared thermometer that would then give the temperature of both the surface it is pointed at and the area around the probe.

Techniques with thermal imaging cameras, Geiger counters, electronic voice phenomenon, and EMF detectors are used with little or no explanation as to how the techniques have proven to provide evidence of ghosts or other entities. There are concerns that the devices are misused, such as the noting of Benjamin Radford’s article for Skeptical Inquirer: “you may own the world’s most sophisticated thermometer, but if you are using it as a barometer, your measurements are worthless. Just as using a calculator doesn’t make you a mathematician, using a scientific instrument doesn’t make you a scientist.”


Why can’t these plumbers/ghost hunters get something like this on camera?




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Ghostly Apparitions of Slim Pickens Photographed Riding Various Weapons Platforms   1 comment

Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. (June 29, 1919 – December 8, 1983), better known by his stage name Slim Pickens, was an American rodeo performer and film and television actor. During much of his career Pickens played mainly cowboy roles, and is perhaps best remembered today for his comic roles in Dr. Strangelove and Blazing Saddles.


Pickens played B-52 pilot Major T.J. “King” Kong. in Dr. Strangelove. Stanley Kubrick cast Pickens after Peter Sellers, who played three other roles in the film, sprained his ankle and was unable to perform in the role due to having to work in the cramped cockpit set. Pickens was chosen because his accent and comic sense were perfect for the role of Kong, a cartoonishly patriotic and gung-ho B-52 commander. He was not given the script to the entire film, but only those portions in which he played a part.

One of the best known scenes in Dr. Strangelove had Pickens riding a dropped H-bomb to a certain death, whooping and waving his cowboy hat (in the manner of a rodeo performer bronc riding or bull riding), not knowing its detonation will trigger a Russian doomsday device.

Recently it has come to light that photographs of what appears to be Slim Pickens spook riding various United States weapons platforms. It must be that Slim’s soul can’t follow the path to the bright light at the end of the tunnel that leads to the promised land. In other words, his soul is suspended between the earthly everyday reality and the afterlife.  Poor bastard.

Various military analysts were astounded to see the phantasm of Slim hooking rides on the high-flying weapons. Hopefully Slim will pick the right door and move towards the bright light and ultimately the heavenly realm.

Below are recently released U.S. Air Force photos of Slim’s lost soul in ghostly forms.


In the photo above Slim seems to be relaxing on the wing of a B-2 Stealth bomber that is pulling away from a refueling tanker.


In a rare color manifestation, Slim’s ghost is riding a Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, better known as a MOAB. Hopefully he bailed out before it impacted the target.


A bewildered looking Pickens apparition checks in for a ride on the wing of an F-16 fighter.


In the mind-boggling photo above Slim is performing a hair-raising balancing act on top of a Predator attack drone.


Here Slim’s ghost is in the famous riding the bomb pose on top of a AC-130 Spooky gunship.

Rest in peace Slim Pickens.

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Abe Vigoda Never Says Die!   Leave a comment




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Very Strange Anomalous Ocean Sound   Leave a comment




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Hinterland Who’s Who: the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Humanoid Beastie (more commonly known as the Green Gill-man)   Leave a comment

Today’s featured creature on Hinterland Who’s Who is the Manitoba Green Gill-man.  The creature is seen by many witnesses and has been observed by paranormal nature biologists working for Hinterland Who’s Who.  The biologists estimate the creature to stand at least 8 feet tall and weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 350- 500 pounds. The beasts’ diet seems to consist of tree leaves and other riverine plants, small mammals such as squirrels and cats, the odd dog and periodically a cow.  Farmers along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers have reported lost cows, only to find the skeleton of the cow a few days later.  The cows have been eaten completely, no flesh is found. Some think it could be space aliens, but Hinterland Who’s Who is sure the culprits are the Green Gill-man.

Main-stream science doesn’t touch the subject of the Green Gill-man, they want a body, as the main-streamers profess they need actual physical evidence.  The sightings, photos, video and webbed footprints just aren’t enough for these obstinate skeptics. Maybe a body will surface one of these days, but lets not hold our breath.

The sightings and reports go back hundreds of years to pre European contact in Manitoba.  The Cree Indian tribes had a name for the Gill-man, “Shushtanuckawucktoodeepwa,” which literally translates into “big green varmint that swims like fish but walks on the land and will attack our women.”  The Shushtanuckawucktoodeepwa is deeply ingrained in Native legend and stories.  One story is about the Gill-man having a major tussle with a Sasquatch.  The battle was observed near Pukatawagan in the 1920’s.  The beasts were laying heavy punches on each other until they all of a sudden stopped, shook hands and walked off in different directions.

Recent photos of the creature in the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg



It appears obvious that this thing doesn’t hibernate. How it survives Manitoba’s winter is anybody’s guess.

Another brute enjoying a dip near the Midtown Bridge..



Damn that must be cold!

The creature’s habitat seems to go beyond the river systems. Sightings have been reported on the big lakes north of Winnipeg.  Gill-man has also been sighted deep inland, miles from any water.  They are usually sighted near cow pastures.  And immediately after the pasture sightings, a farmer reports a missing cow.  Dinner time for the green water goblin?

Here is a sighting at Patricia Beach on the south end of Lake Winnipeg.



The photo was taken very close to the section of the beach that is reserved for nude beachgoers. The Green gill-man seems to have an interest in female humans.  Not sure why.

The famous Grand Beach Photo.  Taken 2 years ago by ghost hunter Mel Ryan. Mel was quoted as saying: “No ghosts this time, but sovanabitch this big green thing was even better than a ghost.  I wonder, when the gill-man dies, does it manifest into a gill-man ghost? Now that would be 2 birds with one stone my man.”



It appears to be stalking something.  Female human?


If anybody out there has reports, photos or video of the Manitoba Riverine Amphibious Human Beastie please forward them to Hinterland Who’s Who, PO Box 2300, Ottawa, Ontario, Q4J 1X9. Email:

For the record: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced that he will be increasing the HWW budget ten-fold over the next few months. Yaha!

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Flying Saucer Attack!!!   4 comments





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When strange things appear in the sky, many people can’t help but turn their thoughts to extraterrestrials. But there’s usually a more down-to-earth explanation.

That was the case when a bright light in the sky off the Southern California coast last weekend touched off a flurry of excitement about unidentified flying objects.

After news reports the Navy reluctantly confirmed it had been testing a Trident II (D5) missile fired from a submarine. A second and final missile was tested on Monday, The Los Angeles Times reported.

It was one of several recent sightings in the sky to cause talk about U.F.O.s. Others included a group of strangely shaped clouds over Cape Town, also over the weekend, and an Army veteran’s claim that he spotted a “solid, dark-gray triangle-shaped craft” in the sky over Portland, Tenn., last week.

Most of these sightings go unreported in the mainstream news media, though a variety of blogs and sites track them.“The mind abhors a vacuum of explanation,” said Michael Shermer, 61, the publisher of Skeptic magazine and a columnist for Scientific American. “Short of a good explanation, people just turn to the one that most immediately comes to mind which, in pop culture, is extraterrestrials.”

A poll of a random sample of 1,114 American adults conducted by National Geographic in 2012 found that 77 percent believed “there are signs that aliens have visited Earth.” (It also found that President Obama would “handle an alien invasion” better than Mitt Romney, who was running for president at the time.)


Peter Davenport, 67, is the director of a two-person organization called the National U.F.O. Reporting Center in Washington State. He compiles reports on sightings, like one in 2013 that came from a former astronaut, Byron Lichtenberg, who is based in North Texas.

Mr. Lichtenberg confirmed that he did call in the report, though he pointed out by email that a few months after his sighting, details began to emerge about the Lockheed Martin SR-72 aircraft.

“It would make sense if that’s what we saw,” he said.

Mr. Davenport, of the reporting center, was dismissive of the idea that the naval exercise near Los Angeles should even be discussed in the same breath with possible alien sightings.

“We’re struggling with a semantic issue here,” he told me. “The term U.F.O. from my vantage point alludes to a genuine alien craft that has exhibited flight characteristics that are altogether incompatible with terrestrial aircraft or any kind of object of terrestrial origin.”



The popular “X Files” series, due for a six-episode return in January, popularized the idea that the government was hiding secrets about alien technology. Many episodes of the show opened with the tagline, “The Truth Is Out There.”

More likely, the truth is in our heads. Mr. Shermer, who is also the author of a book called “The Believing Brain,” is of the opinion that the possibility of alien life speaks to a spiritual need, calling it ”almost a replacement for mainstream religion.”

“In a way, extraterrestrials are like deities for atheists,” he said. “They’re always described as these vastly superior, almost omnipotent beings coming down from on high, very much like the Christ story, the Mormon story or the Scientology story.”

Although he is about as professional a skeptic as it is possible to be, Mr. Shermer said that he remained interested in the “supernatural, the paranormal, science and religion, God, extraterrestrials, U.F.O.’s, ESP.”

He added, “It is all fascinating and, if it were true, it’d be fantastic.”

Submarine launched missiles could really confuse people. Imagine being on a yacht 500 miles out to sea, then all of a sudden something emerges from the depths and blasts into the sky. It would be exhilarating.

030606-N-0000X-005 Washington, D.C. (Jun. 6, 2003) -- Artist concept of the SSGN conversion program.  Four Ohio-class strategic missile submarines USS Ohio (SSBN 726), USS Michigan (SSBN 727) USS Florida (SSBN 728), and USS Georgia (SSBN 729) have been selected for transformation into a new platform, designated SSGN or Tactical Trident. The SSGNs will have the capability to support and launch up to 154 Tomahawk missiles, a significant increase in capacity as compared to other platforms. The 22 missile tubes will also provide the capability to carry other payloads, such as unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and special forces equipment.  This new platform will also have the capability to carry and support more than 66 Navy SEALs (Sea, Air and Land) and insert them clandestinely into potential conflict areas.  U.S. Navy graphic.  (RELEASED)

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Compelling Sasquatch Videos   Leave a comment

Midtown Paranormal Investigative Research Foundation (MPIRF)

I recently came across a few Bigfoot/Sasquatch videos that are quite amazing.  I am not 100 percent sure the big hairy beast is out there, but let me say I am 99.9 percent certain something is out there.  Something is making the vocalizations, the thousands of documented footprints and tracks, the weird bent tree structures and the hundreds if not thousands of sightings. Most researchers agree that possibly 10-20 percent of people who see these things report them or tell somebody.  Don’t want to be labelled a wingnut.  A rough estimate has 3,500 or so reported sightings in North America. If that is only 15 percent of the sightings, this means there could actually be 30,000 sightings!




There is also the videos.  The granddaddy of them all is of course the Patterson-Gimlin film shot back in 1967.  This footage has been analyzed and scrutinized by dozens of special effects experts, skeptics and experts in human anatomy. Nobody has conclusively debunked the film. And the anatomy experts tend to agree that there is no possible way this is a human walking in an ape suit.  The steps are far too long and the knee motion is completely unlike a human. Read up on the analysis by professors Grover Krantz and Jeff Meldrum to have these theories analysed.

But there are other videos that are just as provocative.

Harley Hoffman Bigfoot video. 

The video was uploaded to YouTube on April 8, 2006.

The subject, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, whatever, captured in the video looks very life-like, not like a man in a suit.

Claimed by some to be the best Bigfoot/Sasquatch footage other than the Patterson/Gimlin film.

The Harley Hoffman Bigfoot film shows detail uncommon in most fake Bigfoot hoax films. It was shot in British Columbia in 2001 under unknown circumstances. That seems to be the biggest problem with this film.

Hoffman has not spoken publicly since he shot the film and we know little about him. He and his brother seem to be more eccentric then Todd Standing. For example, Haley’s brother once had a website trying to prove the existence of Santa Claus! This is all strange, except this film.

The quality and resolution is outstanding, and not your garden variety blobsquatch. Features of hair length and color are visible on this video. Why would cheap hoaxers be concerned with such detail similar to the Patterson film.

This film has detail and it is very similar to the Patterson Gimlim Film. The major detail of the film that has always convinced me of it possibly being real is the width of the back with deltoids and triceps definition and a clear spine seen on the back. I will let the images and video demonstrate this.

This is not a cheap monkey suit. If all they wanted was a few seconds of video to hoax, there is way too much going on here for their basic needs.

This next one is even more mind-blowing.

Not only is there an adult Bigfoot in the video, but there is a baby Bigfoot that moves. The hoaxers here not only made an amazing suit for the adult, facial features move on close-up analyses, but they made a suit to put on what looks like a 2-4 year old kid.  How much would this have cost?  And the person that took the video hasn’t made any money on the thing, or so it goes. And the suits manufacturer has never leaked that he can make extremely real life-like Baby Bigfoot suits!

Something moving through snow like an Olympic athlete in the middle of nowhere?


Patterson-Gimlin film




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