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Winnipeg NHL team name-game   10 comments

It now appears imminent that the return of the NHL to Winnipeg, Manitoba is only days if not hours away.  There are reports that the big news conference everybody in The Peg has feverishly been waiting for will happen this week.  About time, true sports fans in Winnipeg have been sitting on pins and needles long enough.

Let it happen!

And when it does happen, what will the new NHL franchise in our true northern city be named?  It is starting to sound like the name Jets may be left by the wayside.  The new owners, Mark Chipman and David Thomson want to start fresh with a new name.  Well I am putting forward my ideas on a new Nickname for our city and provinces new NHL squad.

The Jets was a great name, as I am an aviation buff.   And the name just sounds better than Maple Leafs or Canucks.

The Jets last WHA championship in 1979.



On with the new suggestions.

As this spring has proved again, Manitoba has unruly rivers.  So how about this name?

The Manitoba Rivers Wild

A great senior hockey team played in this city years ago named The Winnipeg Warriors.  The problem with this name is there is a very large Aboriginal street gang in the North End with the same name.  They may sue for copyright infringement.

The Winnipeg Warriors



There have been sightings of cougars in Manitoba over the past few years.  And it is cold and snowy in Manitoba.

The Manitoba SnowCats
 Sticking to the cold weather theme for Manitoba.
Winnipeg WindChill Factor



There have been alleged sightings of a beast in Lake Manitoba over the years.

Lake Manitoba Manipogo Monsters


The name Falcons has been bandied about recently.  The Winnipeg Falcons from years past won an Olympic Gold in ice hockey back in 1920.  It was Canada’s first ice hockey gold.  But lets enhance that name a bit.

Winnipeg Fighting Falcons




Manitoba has a major problem with suicidal deer charging into vehicles on the roads.

Winnipeg Psycho-Bucks


Manitoba has more hogs than people.  Giant hog farms everywhere.  Lately a lot of them have been burning down though.  But to celebrate our loud swine this would be a good name.  To anybody who has ever walked in a hog barn at feeding time, these critters can scream.

Manitoba Screaming Hogs


Being one of the smaller cities in the NHL, Winnipeg will have to be audacious and fearless to be successful.  In other words Cocky!

Winnipeg Cocks


A storied militia calls Winnipeg home.  Great historical reserve army unit.  They played a decisive factor in the Riel Rebellion.

The Winnipeg Rifles


Manitoba is one of the few places in the world where the Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear can cross paths.  Grizzlies have been reported on the Manitoba Nunavut border.  If these 2 species of bear would copulate and have hybrid offspring.  A very nasty bear would be the result.

The Winnipeg Grizzolar Bears


There have been dozens of Sasquatch reports in Manitoba over the years.  And the Manitoba Squatches are described by the hopefully sober eyewitnesses, as being very big.  And if these Bigfeet would get ornery it could be a bad scene.

Manitoba Sasquatch Attack

Okay Mr. Chipman and Mr. Thomason, lets pick a fine name that everybody will be proud of.

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Area 51 research and development   1 comment

Some of the most sophisticated aircraft and weapons systems ever developed by the United States were tested at Area 51 in Nevada.  The top-secret base is located about 90 miles north of Las Vegas.  A couple new photos have emerged recently showing tests conducted on a prototype of the A-12 reconnaissance aircraft. 

This strange set-up was constructed to test the radar signature of the A-12.


When the Russian spy satellites took pictures of this upside down aircraft the Soviet generals must have wondered, “what in the hell are those Americans up to now?”


After some major tinkering the A-12 eventually evolved into the SR-71 Blackbird.




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Hitler announces hockey game   Leave a comment

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Think Winnipeg has a street gang problem, get a load of this outfit out of Chicago!   2 comments


The Almighty Black P. Stone Nation (often abbreviated BPSN or BPS) is a Chicago-based street gang estimated to have more than 30,000 members. The gang was originally formed in the late 1950s as a civil rights organization called the “Blackstone Rangers.” In later years, an Islamic faction of the gang emerged, naming themselves the “El Rukn tribe of the Moorish Science Temple of America” (or simply El Rukn). The Blackstone Rangers’ founder and ‘religious leader’ is Abdullah-Malik (born Jeff Fort).   The BPSN finances itself through a wide array of criminal activities and are part of the large Chicago gang alliance known as the People Nation.

The Black P. Stones originated, and is based, in the South Side of Chicago in the Woodlawn neighborhood.   Their main rivals are the Gangster Disciples (GD), and to a lesser degree, the Black Disciples (BD).

Rivals include the entire Folk Nation alliance and white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Brotherhood. Their allies are the Vice Lords, Latin Kings and other People Nation gangs, Black Separatist groups, Zulu Nation, the Five Percenters, and Los Zetas. There are 7 BPS branches in Chicago: Gangster Stones, Jet Black Stones, Rubinite Stones, Familia Stones,Corner Stones, and Black P. Stones.  All these branches have many factions.

The Blackstone Rangers were founded at the St. Charles Institution for Troubled Youth by Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston as a community organization for black youth in the Woodlawn area of South Chicago. In the 1960s they evolved into one of the most dangerous and powerful gangs in Chicago.  Fort seized upon the gang’s changed mission, renaming it the Black P. Stone Nation. He transformed the BPS into a black nationalistic group, and continued to involve the gang in street crime and drug trafficking.

BPSN founding member Eugene Hairston was incarcerated on drug charges on June 6, 1966,  and Fort was arrested for mismanagement of government grants totaling $927,000 from the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity in March 1972. Fort was released in the early 1980s, but was later re-incarcerated on drug charges. At some time in the 1980s, Fort converted to Islam and imbued the BPS with Islamic overtones. It was then that he adopted the name of Abdullah-Malik and the rank of “caliph.” Following meetings during 1986 with Libyan operatives from Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s government, Fort was charged with buying weapons to commit terrorist acts on behalf of the Libyan government.

While Abdullah-Malik continues to exercise considerable influence over the BPSN from prison, the various Black Stones splinter groups suffer from rampant infighting without a clear leader. There are two major groups that have split with the BPSN. The Mickey Cobras were supporters of Mickey Cogwell, a co-founder of BPS killed by Jeff Fort. The Titanic Stones were supporters of Eugene Hairston who had a falling-out with Fort.

The Black P. Stone Nation now has a strong Islamic character, which can be attributed to the Moorish Science Temple of America. BPS first started to embrace Islam in the late 1970s when Jeff Fort was released from prison and changed his name. He also renamed the Black P. Stones as El Rukn. El Rukn adopted their Islamic principles from the Moorish Science Temple – also the forerunner of black Muslim groups such as the Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters. They take inspiration from the historic black African Moors who came from north and west Africa and conquered Iberia in the Middle Ages, and who were fundamentalist Muslims.

Even though Abdullah-Malik created an Islamic identity for BPS, nowadays that ideological underpinning is not solid. Although a significant number of Stones are Muslims, Islam now has little to do with the organization’s day-to-day operations. The vast spreading of chapters throughout the United States has served to dilute any Islamic identity. Many Chicago based and influenced BPS in the Midwest, East Coast, and in the South embrace Islam, but just as many do not (especially BPS Bloods/Black Stone West). BPS Bloods/Black Stone West does not embrace Islam as it emerged in 1969, before Fort overhauled the mainstream BPS organization.

The Fort-Hairston schism left a significant number of groups adhering to Hairston’s principles, and thus have no religious character. Belief in Islam is in many cases a prerogative of individual members. Most ‘Stones’ in the South don’t personally acknowledge Islam, but many on the East Coast do, and in Chicago more than a quarter of BPS is Muslim. Islam has also brought negative attention from federal law enforcement because of BPS’s ties to domestic and international Islamic terrorism. There were declared a threat to homeland security after the September 11 attacks. El Rukn has virtually no street presence any longer, with the religious/political body of the BPSN now existing as the Masjid Al Kabah under Abdullah-Malik and his Islamic clergy.

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Tornado underground shelters   Leave a comment

The tragic deaths in the states of Missouri and Oklahoma again bring to the forefront the deadly power of tornadoes.  120 fatalities in Joplin, Missouri alone is one of the worst tornado disasters in U.S. history.  Being prepared for these twisting devils is a major priority in the states that get hit hardest. 


The mayor of Oklahoma City was on the radio today and said building codes in his city make it mandatory for new homes to build underground tornado shelters in garages.  So if there is ample warning and the tornado sirens are howling, people will have time to get into the shelters.










If there are marital problems a guy could grab a little TV and some refreshments and head down there to wait until peace terms are offered.

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Mother catches foul ball while holding baby   Leave a comment

This Mom came to the ball game prepared.  She had the glove and she had a helmet on the baby, just in case.

Wife catches a foul ball right in front of her husband while holding a baby.


The hottest baseball picture in the world right now wasn’t taken at a big league game.

It wasn’t shot at Wrigley Field, Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium, but at the Diamond in Richmond, Va., where the Double-A Flying Squirrels play.

The woman in the photo is Tiffany Goodwin, who honed her skills playing first base for the softball team at Rosemont High School in Rosemont, California.

“So I’m used to stretching for the ball,” Tiffany said from her home in Fredericksburg. Her husband, Allen, works at the Pentagon for the Air Force.

Sharing a passion for America’s pastime, Tiffany and Allen played together on a co-ed team at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

Their whole family is in that photograph because they love baseball as a family. They’re season ticket holders at the Diamond, sitting in Section 116, right off the third base bag. Their oldest daughter, Elizabeth, plays ball already. All the children, save baby Jerry, wear gloves to the games.

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Macho Man Randy Savage killed in auto crash   1 comment

Macho Man had many great interviews, could really never quite make out what he was saying though.


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