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Planet of the Apes versus U.S. Postal Service   Leave a comment

Escaped monkey damages police car after eating woman’s mail

Monkey goes bananas and gives police the runaround in Florida street



Meet the shameless monkey who likes to eat your mail and damage police cars.  Police in Orlando, Florida, had a Monday morning to remember after receiving a call about an escaped monkey making trouble in a suburban neighbourhood.

A concerned resident contacted the Stanford Police Department when she spotted the macaque monkey, named Zeek, running riot in her street.

Zeek, who belongs to a private owner, sat brazenly on the woman’s post box and began chewing on her letters before police hastily arrived at the scene.

“Our officers are ready for anything – literally,” explained Public information Officer Shannon Cordingly to CBS News.

“Our officers respond to some pretty serious, sad and horrific calls,” she added. “It’s nice to be able to respond to something of this nature, a little more light-hearted and have a happy ending.”

The mad monkey showed a clear distaste for the officers who responded to the call when he jumped on top of their police car.


Just chilling: Zeek finally calms down  

The mad monkey gave police the runaround for 20 minutes before Zeek’s owner managed to get him under control. 

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Three Little Pigs   Leave a comment



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Is Bigfoot Possibly an Alien Entity?   Leave a comment

Are Sasquatches related to Wookies? The possibilities are mind-boggling.


Sasquatch having a crap at left, Wookie relaxing after a crap at right.

Rather than being a missing link between man and the apes, Bigfoot may possibly be an alien entity. This intriguing possibility is derived from evidence in several solid UFO cases.

The earliest clues date back to 1888, when a cattleman described an encounter with friendly Indians in Humboldt County, California. They led him to a cave where he saw a hefty humanoid creature covered in long, shiny black hair, with no neck, sitting cross-legged.

One Indian told him three of these “Crazy Bears” had been cast out of a small moon that dropped from the sky and landed.The “moon” then ascended back into the air. So it’s highly likely the “Crazy Bears” were really Bigfoots, and the “moon,” a spacecraft.

Now fast-forward almost 100 years to 1973… and Mrs. Reafa Heitfield. She and her 13-year-old son were sleeping in a trailer in Cincinnati, Ohio on the morning of October 21. Reafa arose at 2:30 a.m. to quench her thirst, and noticed strange lights in the adjoining parking lot. Looking out the window, her attention was drawn, in particular, to an inexplicable cone of light, shaped like a huge bubble umbrella — about seven feet in diameter.

Nearby she spotted a grayish, ape-like creature with a large, downward angled snout, no neck and a sizable waist. Moving slowly, it then entered into the light. About five minutes later, both apeman and UFO disappeared.

Another dramatic incident occurred a few days later on October 25, 1973. A group of farmers in Fayette County, Pennsylvania caught sight of a dome-shaped UFO that was brightly lit and about 100 feet in diameter. As the locals drove toward it, they saw a pair of gargantuan creatures covered with thick, matted hair, luminescent green eyes and long arms that dangled below their knees.


A farmer’s son fired a gun shot at the creatures, one of which raised its right hand in the air. At that very moment, the UFO disappeared. Then, the two Bigfoots escaped into the woods and were never seen again.

Dairy farmer William Bosak of Frederic, Wisconsin was returning from a co-op meeting about 10:30 p.m. on December 9, 1974, when he nearly slammed into a globular UFO on the road in front of him, its bottom half enshrouded in fog.

Inside the visible transparent dome was a six-foot-tall ape-like creature with reddish-brown fur covering its body (except for the face) and distinctive pointed ears. It appeared to be operating a control panel. As Bosak passed by, the object suddenly arose and disappeared.

In August,1976, after a series of UFO sightings around Rutland, British Columbia, Canada, several men and their children saw a hairy ape-like entity, six to seven feet tall roaming about a mountainside. They also found a clump of hair that was sent to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for identification. Laboratory analysis confirmed it was primate hair, but, significantly, it could not be matched to any known species on earth!

Perhaps the Bigfoot creatures are UFO pilots, landing on earth for exploratory purposes. Or, conceivably, higher level ETs are leaving behind some specimens as “guinea pigs” to test our environment for long-term survival. Or, possibly,these Bigfoots are criminal entities being deposited on Earth as a form of cosmic deportation!

A hybrid cyborg?


Romulan hybrid?





Somebody has to set up a big net out in the forest and get one of these sneaky critters!

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Funny Newspaper Names   Leave a comment

As newspapers loose their newsstand appeal, and try to make it online, the names of newspapers is actually very interesting. Not the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press, the Kenora Daily Miner or the New York Post. This is a list of obscure papers from far-flung locations. But very creative names.


Fidel Castro and his Marxist followers landed in Cuba from a boat called Granma. Once the revolution had succeeded, the national daily paper was renamed Granma and remains so to this day. A friend is just back from a Cuban Holiday and confirmed that Granma is still on sale.

The Falmouth Packet is the very long-standing local newspaper in Falmouth, Cornwall. It gets its name from the packet ships – the fast mail-carrying sailing ships which used to arrive in Falmouth.

The Tombstone Epitaph (Tombstone, Arizona, US) is an unusual name.


In Japan there is an English-language newspaper called The Mainichi Daily. “Mainichi” in Japanese means daily so the paper is the Daily Daily.

Ohio has a number of wonderful newspaper titles, including Cleveland’s Plain Dealer [which featured in the 10 unusual newspaper names feature]. But can you beat either the Toledo Blade or the Youngstown Vindicator?

The Keswick Reminder the gentlest of newspapers, its few pages are packed with useful information! It is North Lakeland’s local newspaper; founded February 1896.

Here’s an American favourite newspaper title, in Colorado – Boulder Daily Camera.

The Bigfoot Witness out of Ape Canyon, Washington state.


The morning newspaper in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was named the Intelligencer Journal. To save money, it merged with the afternoon newspaper a couple of years ago and is now the Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era.

Surely the Salvation Army newspaper the War Cry must be pretty high on an unusual name list. Still going after 100 years.


There is the Huddersfield Examiner. A great local paper serving the Kirklees area of West Yorkshire.

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Space Aliens have very bad intentions according to researcher   Leave a comment


An expert in UFO abduction cases suspects that alien-human hybrids may be living secretly among us, plotting a takeover right under our noses!

Former Temple University professor, alien abduction researcher and the author of “Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity”, Dr. David M. Jacobs revealed the details of what may be a secret invasion.

Back in 1991, partnered with the late Budd Hopkins, and sociologist Dr. Ron Westrum, Dr. Jacobs conducted a landmark Roper Organization poll analyzing the growing abduction phenomena, bringing their results to national attention. Out of the initial 6,000 samples, 119 believed they may have been abducted, he said.

According to the analysis, Dr. Jacobs said that “two percent of the public – approximately 6 million people” had “indicated that they may might be abductees. You can’t really tell for sure because you’d have to investigate every single one of them.”

Answering skeptics’ critiques of the accrued data, Dr. Jacobs responded, “It was very high statistically and we ‘cooked’ the numbers down to two percent which was as low as we could get it. It was probably higher like five to seven percent.”

He revealed that he and his team “have received thousands and thousands of email and letters from abductees – not only from around the world – but especially obviously the United States – showing that there’s one helluva a lot of abductees out there. Because maybe 95 percent of abductees don’t even know they’re abductees and would never think to write to an abduction researcher… It would never occur to them.

“All they know is that they lead very odd lives which they think are normal.”

Dr. Jacobs said that many abductees don’t recall the events until undergoing hypnosis. These sessions are recorded live and then transcribed for study.

After writing three books on UFOs and the abduction phenomena, Dr. Jacobs revealed what he thinks the aliens might be up to.

“The trajectory has been, of course, of intergenerationality, continuing the growth of the abduction phenomena, expanding within the society, and, perhaps, even getting larger than normal family expansion.”

Dr. Jacobs said that many abductees have married non-abductees. When their children come to age, around 5 years old, they too are abducted. “The abduction phenomenon is increasing with the growth of the population,” he told George. “So it is literally getting bigger and bigger.”

According to Dr. Jacobs’ The International Center For Abduction Research website.

“Abductees have two commonalities: They are human, and either their mother, father or both were abductees. The abduction phenomenon appears to cut across all class, educational, geographic, intellectual, economic, racial, ethnic, and political lines. We have identified no apparent physiological traits which would determine whether a person is an abductee.”

During the abduction event, the victims are said to be medically probed by aliens using highly advanced technology. DNA and reproductive cells and tissue samples are extracted by the extraterrestrials during the abduction event, which abductees later recall under regressive hypnosis.

The ICFAR website states that the hybrids are genetically engineered using a mix of human and alien components.

Elaborating to C2C, Dr. Jacobs said, “They are created by taking human sperm, human eggs and putting them together – my theory is – and adding DNA from other hybrids or adding DNA from aliens – if aliens even have DNA. In some way, they are created from other beings.”


“They’re not really born,” he said. “They’re removed from the woman’s uterus at 10 -11 weeks and they’re placed in gestation tanks with nutrients. And they just gestate until they’re removed,” he said.

Even human infertility doesn’t stop the aliens. “Women with hysterectomies are still abducted and used as ‘hosts’ for the incubation of hybrid fetuses,” Dr. Jacobs posted online. Male abductees, who have undergone vasectomies, are not exempt. Their sperm is “extracted by a needle-like device directly from its area of production.”

“Born” of man, woman and alien, these purported alien-human hybrid offspring -– whom Dr. Jacobs calls “hubrids” – are then raised off-planet. The hubrids, for all intents and purposes, “look and act like us except that they can control real humans with their minds,” Dr. Jacobs told C2C. “They strive to be ordinary.”

Dr. Jacobs told George he’s not sure if the hybrids themselves are self-aware of who or what they really are. “They know that they are different from regular humans because they can control humans – and humans can’t control them. They know that they’ve grown up on a UFO. And they answer to, as they say, The Ones Above.”

Several extraterrestrial factions, including the slit-mouthed, telepathic Grey aliens, are said to be using human abductees to teach the hybrids “how to be American citizens – how to be normal people” to integrate fully into society, he disclosed.

Dr. Jacobs said that the extraterrestrials may be employing the abduction-hybridization scenario as a deliberate stratagem to reduce humanity to a second-class species on its own world.

Soon, if alien-human hybrids outnumber real humans in population, they may take over the Earth – not with force but from within.

Hitler with Alien UFO VRIL Haunebu WW2 Nazi


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Can Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump position himself as the candidate of the evangelical right?

It would seem to be a bit of a challenge.

The New York billionaire said he doesn’t know if he’s ever asked God for forgiveness and referred to a communion wafer as “my little cracker” during a religious-affiliated presidential forum in Iowa. He won’t cite a favourite Bible verse. He’s been married three times. He was once avowedly pro-choice on abortion. And when an interviewer recently asked him about God, he spent more time talking about an oceanfront real-estate deal.


It’s a far cry from the more detailed profession of faith made by competing candidates like retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Arkansas Governor (and Southern Baptist minister) Mike Huckabee and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Even former Florida Governor Jeb Bush – a no-show at Friday’s event – speaks openly of his adult conversion to Roman Catholicism.

And yet there was Donald Trump, childhood Bible in hand, making a play for the support of right-wing religious activists at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington DC on Friday.

“I brought my Bible,” he said, noting it was from the First Presbyterian Church in New York City and pointing to an inscription on the inside cover. “This was written by my mother, with my name, with my address, with everything.”

It took him a while to get back to religion in his speech – he first felt obliged to take swipes at departing House Speaker John Boehner (for which he was cheered) and fellow candidate Marco Rubio (for which he was booed), but he eventually tried to speak his audience’s language.

“I believe in God,” he told the crowd of over a thousand. “I believe in the Bible. I’m a Christian.”

He followed it up by taking a firm stand in favour of Christmas.

“I love Christmas. You go to stores now, you don’t see the word ‘Christmas’,” he said. “Remember the expression ‘Merry Christmas’? You don’t see it anymore. You’re going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now.”

And that was mostly it – the sum total of his appeal to his audience’s evangelism in his nearly 30 minute address.


Many in the crowd weren’t buying it.

“Only God knows his true relationship with God, but as the Bible says, ‘you will know them by their fruit’,” says Pam Orebaugh of Liberty Lake, Washington. “He’s not a bad person, but he’s definitely not one championing and being very verbal about being a Christian, religious freedom, being pro-life.”

“Where was he 10 years ago?” she asks.

Damon Boyle of Eldersburg, Maryland, calls Mr Trump “very entertaining”, but it would take more than that to win his support.

“He’s an excellent businessman. He’s an excellent executive,” he says. “But in terms of a Christian, what has the man done?”

These sentiments were backed up by a straw poll of Values Voter Summit attendees released on Saturday, which put Mr Trump in fifth place with 5% – well behind Mr Cruz, who garnered 35%.

Mr Trump likes to boast that national opinion polls show him with strong backing from religious voters. A recent Fox News Survey had the New Yorker in first place among white evangelicals with 29%.

A Gallup poll from mid-September, however, found evidence of weakness in Mr Trump’s support. He had a net favourability rating of 22% among “highly religious” voters, putting him 12th- well behind Mr Carson (56%), Mr Huckabee (49%) and Mr Rubio (49%).

“No sign here of any special appeal on the part of Trump to highly religious Republicans,” writes Gallup’s Frank Newport.

So does Donald Trump have a God problem?

White evangelicals made up 57% of the electorate in Republican Iowa Caucuses in 2012 and were essential to the former Senator Rick Santorum’s surprise victory there. They’re also a key voting bloc in the eight Southern states that are joining together to hold their primaries on 1 March 2016.

For a while, it appeared that Mr Trump was going to give the Values Voter Summit a pass, prompting Family Research Council President Tony Perkins to question his commitment to religious voters.

“I think that is going to send a message to evangelicals and values voters that he wants their support, but he is not really interested in having a conversation with them,” Mr Perkins told the Christian Post.

When Mr Trump changed his plans, Mr Perkins changed his tune.

“It is part of beginning a conversation if he wants to build a relationship with evangelicals,” Mr Perkins said in a Washington Times interview, adding that a fifth-place showing in the straw poll “is actually pretty good”.

Mr Trump may not be a natural fit for this Republican constituency, but it appears he’s not going to cede these voters to another candidate without a fight.



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The Mecca Stampede   Leave a comment

Midtown Plaza News Flash Bureau Wide World of Sports

On 24 September 2015, a stampede resulted in the deaths of at least 769 people and injuries to 934 others during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. It is the deadliest accident to occur in the Hajj since the 1990 stampede that killed 1,426 people. The incident was the second event with fatalities at Mecca in less than two weeks. Earlier, on 11 September, a crane collapsed, killing 111 people and injuring 394.

Hopefully there was a handful of Terrorists gone to free wine and virgin heaven


Idiot Muslim is sitting backwards, how does he expect to stay on?

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Alberta Oil   Leave a comment


The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says there have already been 35,000 jobs lost in the province due to the slumping oil price and subsequent downturn in the economy.

And experts anticipate more pain to come this fall in the province’s labour market as Scotiabank reported Monday it expects the price of oil to remain under US$50 for the next 12 months.

CAPP said those job losses this year include 25,000 in the oil services sector and another 10,000 in exploration and production.

Chelsie Klassen, spokesperson for CAPP, said the numbers come from a recent report by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors as well as a CAPP tabulation of companies that have publicly announced layoffs.

“It’s not a time where we can speculate how many job losses but companies are evaluating their competitive position right now and just doing their budget cycles for next year. So in that budget cycle they will take into account how competitive they are in the market and each company is different,” she said. “It depends how they want to position themselves competitively.

“I wouldn’t want to speculate and say there will be more job losses but I would say that companies are definitely taking a finer look at their budgets going forward for the next year.”

Todd Hirsch, chief economist with ATB Financial, said a bigger hit to the labour market in Alberta will come in September, October and November.

“After everybody gets back from holidays and after the Labour Day holiday is behind us, I think companies in Calgary are going to have to make really uncomfortable decisions about their staffing,” said Hirsch. “It hurts me to say that but you know me I’ve been the glass is half full guy. But I do think there is a reality setting in that we are in for a longer term period of low oil prices.

“A lot of these companies in Calgary, they’ve been able to hold on because of their hedging program and they’ve hedged their oil sales on that future price, but their hedging programs are expiring in the fall and that’s the problem with hedging programs. At a certain point they expire and you have to make some tough choices around that. And word is that a lot of these companies, their hedging programs are running out. We’re sitting at $45 oil and very, very volatile prices. There is a darker reality setting in for these producers and they’re going to have to lay off people.”



The environmentalist lobby says Alberta oil sands are dirty. But theses people keep driving giant pick-up trucks. Go figure!

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Manitoba Farm Country   1 comment


farm hartney1

Hartney, Manitoba




















Black soil is the best


Altamont Hotel

Severe downpour


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Anything but extinct: Rhinoceros Party back for 2015 federal election   Leave a comment

Midtown Plaza News Flash Bureau

While listening to CBC radio the other day the scheduled federal election promos came over the airwaves. The first political partisan was from the Conservatives. He spewed the regular right-wing bias rhetoric. Then the next party had their turn, to my bewilderment it was the Rhinoceros Party of Canada. The Rhino candidate went on about something or other, his French accent was so thick I didn’t make out the political satire he was trying to communicate. Or was it satire? Who the hell knows. But the party with the rugged ungulate as its symbol is back!


Members of the Rhinoceros party explain their campaign platforms in Montreal on Aug. 17, 2015.

The Rhinoceros Party of Canada is back with a major policy plank — a promise to nationalize Tim Hortons.

The absurd nature of the announcement was probably unsurprising to fans of the party, which has been adding humour to Canadian politics since the 1960s. At one point, the Rhinos’ pledge was “a promise to keep none of our promises.”

As their federal campaign gets underway, here are five things to know about Canada’s most famous satirical political party:

Fringe history

They may be considered a joke, but the Rhinoceros Party has some serious roots in Canada, having put candidates on the ballot in various elections since the 1960s.

The party apparently expects to be in the political sphere for a whole lot longer: on their website, they promise to commit to a 100-year plan “for the future of Canada.”

In 1980, the Rhinos hit their political stride, with 120 candidates nationwide and a total of 110,000 votes.

Some of their past election promises include renaming the country “Nantucket,” abolishing the law of gravity and uniting Quebec with Cuba to form a new country called Cubec.

In a 2011 interview with CTV Montreal, eight-time Rhino candidate Francois Gourd admitted the Rhinos don’t take themselves too seriously.

“We are a Marxist-Lennonist party you see here,” Gourd said. “From Groucho Marx to John Lennon.”

However, Gould also acknowledged that the party aimed to keep politics fun and relevant, by encouraging more people to get out and vote.

Probably the most high profile former Rhinoceros Party candidate is Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, who ran for the party in the Quebec riding of Charlevoix in the 1980 federal election. Laliberte brought a Rhino badge with him when he went into space in 2009.

Today, Sebastien “CoRhino” Corriveau of Limoilou, Que., is leading the party. While Corriveau is active on social media, Canadians from coast to coast are expected to get to know him a little bit better when the party conducts a cross-country tour in October.

Corriveau told The Province that he has candidates running in all provinces but Prince Edward Island because he doesn’t “know anybody” there.

State-run Tim Hortons, Senate lottery

Among their more ambitious promises for 2015 is a pledge to nationalize Tim Hortons, Canada’s ubiquitous coffee shop chain.

Announcing the pledge in Montreal last week, Corriveau said that the “best way to improve and defend Canadian values and the Canadian dream” is to nationalize the coffee chain.

“We’ll look at the results after five years, after 10 years, after 50 years and with the results of these studies we’ll be able to determine if other economic sectors should also be nationalized and be privatized.”

If elected, the party is also vowing to launch Loto Senate, a lottery game where Canadians can win seats in the Senate.

Capital with a K

If elected, the Rhinos are also vowing to move Canada’s capital from Ottawa to Kapuskasing, Ont. Their logic? Geography.

“We find that it’s better-placed strategically in the centre of Canada,” Montreal candidate Ben 97 Benoit said. “It’s in the middle of Canada — it’s the centre of the Earth.”

Quirky candidates

Corriveau has been touting some of his candidates online, including Donovan Eckstrom, who is running in Edmonton-Strathcona.

In July, Eckstrom put out a spoof campaign launch video. <; On his website, Eckstrom has promised to build a tower “higher and farther” than any tower, saying by 2019, “it will be taller than the CN Tower.”

He also pledged to get members of the Royal Family to “stop by” Alberta.

“With regards to Alberta’s Oil Royalty Review, I feel that the federal government has a duty to aid in the review so I promise to get Prince Charles, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of England to stop by Alberta and be reviewed quite promptly and efficiently,” Eckstrom said.

Eve Adams

Corriveau put out a public recruitment call to Eve Adams, who lost a Liberal nomination contest just months after crossing the floor from the Conservatives.

The Rhino Party is offering her the “riding of her choice,” a statement on their website said.

“We think that after running for the Conservatives and the Liberals, the only possible next step in Canadian politics is to run for the Rhinoceros Party of Canada.”

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